Decisivetrading – Round Forex Trader – 1 Hour Time frame

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Decisivetrading – Round Forex Trader – 1 Hour Time frame

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Decisivetrading – Round Forex Trader – 1 Hour Time frame

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In this course, I give you my proven strategy for trading Forex pairs on the 1 hour time frame.

This course is perfect for beginners. I not only show you how to set everything up step-by-step, making it much easier if you’re new to trading, but I also give detailed information into every aspect of the methods outlined. There is more than enough information in this course to get you onto the charts and following the detailed trading plan.

When I first came to trading, I was disillusioned with all of the information out there. What time frame should I trade? How do I know when to enter? How do I know when to exit? How do I know what I’m doing is right? The list was endless. And more than that, I never seemed able to find the answers in the trading books I was buying, or in the courses I was taking. They all seemed to offer the same rehashed story – find your support and resistance levels, enter trade, become millionaire. It wasn’t good enough.

When I really started making progress in trading is when I began to look at things for myself. I spent countless thousands of hours on charts and then live trading, determined to improve. One of the ways I did that was on the 1 hour timeframe, trading Forex pairs. My strategy became known as The Round Trader and is the method that allowed me to become profitable for the first time.

I trade the 5 minute time frame every day, using my Zone Trader methods. For me, the lower time frame suits my trading personality. However I have been asked countless times to help people with higher timeframes. It was with that in mind that I set about sharing my proven strategy.

This course is aimed at both beginner and intermediate alike. I simplify everything I teach so that you can get the best from it.


– Unlimited access. Review this course as often as you like.

– How to set everything up, step by step, on Pro Real Time charts

– How to plot highly effective reversal levels on Forex pairs (This is NOT simply daily support and resistance levels)

– Proven Candlestick Setups

– Stops and Money Management

– The best way to maximise profits

– A section on trading psychology and how to Manage your emotions

You have arrived at Decisive Trading because you are sick of hearing about 200% returns per month and ‘trading educators’ posting about making £7,000 in a trade (but never covering their losses).

The aim of Decisive Trading is to produce independent, successful traders. To do that, we only teach professional, tested and sustainable trading methods.

We are also fully aware that being able to trade effectively does not automatically make you a good trading educator. Because of this, we constantly aim to improve not only our trading and the methods we use, but also the way we teach. That is why we receive such great feedback, and why a huge portion of our students are still in regular contact with us.

At Decisive Trading we are only interested in those who approach trading with a long term view, ready to put in the work and understand that if you can’t learn to master a guitar in six months or walk away with a University Degree in one year, you aren’t going to master an incredibly difficult industry that quickly.

Are you ready to commit to your trading goals and trading future?

If so, I look forward to welcoming you to the Decisive Trading community.

Please note: This course and all associated Decisive Trading content is protected by copyright. Unauthorised copying or sharing will be prosecuted. Copyright © 2015 James Orr



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