J Keitsu – Dropship Legacy 2.0 Course

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J Keitsu – Dropship Legacy 2.0 Course


J Keitsu – Dropship Legacy 2.0 Course

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Learn How To Dropship TO THE MAX!
By reading… Or if opted in only to be EXTRA Defiant I insist you do not read this below. But WARNING: we might become friends in this sales funnel.

What Do You Need To Run A Dropship Store?
Assuming you’re a human visiting this page. Robots love me.
You Will Not Need
 A large load of capital or startup money
 Your own products
 Supplier “connections”
 Coding experience
 Previous Internet marketing experience
Get J Keitsu – Dropship Legacy 2.0 Course on right now!

You Will Demand
 The absolute drive to run your own company and be profitable
 A minimum of 2-3 hours a week AFTER you built momentum and outsourced (you’ll probably end up WANTING to actually spend more time)
 Internet access (you probably have this if you’re reading this)
 Computer & Smartphone with the previously mentioned requirement 😉
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Ever Thought You Were Rad Enough To Open Up A Brick And Mortar Store?
If you’ve dared to look into starting up a brick and mortar (physical store) like your local mom and pop shops down the street, you know that…
 REQUIRES a HUGE capital upfront investment or a Loan from the bank which is a NO NO. McDonalds for example requires a minimum of 950k to 2.3 Million to START and… Franchise fees AND 4% of gross sales.
 There are ASTRONOMICAL challenges and RISKS.
 Don’t even get me started on this… but GIANT OVERHEAD COSTS!
 You’re tied down to the store as long as it’s open! (most businesses fail in 2 years)
*HINT* You’re probably not ready for that ^
That sounds not fun. I’d rather be eating sushi from robots in Japan. DOMO ARIGATOU!
Here Are My Non Typical Results
Get J Keitsu – Dropship Legacy 2.0 Course right now!

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