Alex Harris – Aerial Photo Pro

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Alex Harris – Aerial Photo Pro

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Alex Harris – Aerial Photo Pro

Alex Harris – Aerial Photo Pro


Your Fast Track to Professional Drone Photography

What Is Covered In the Course?

You might be thinking… “This all sounds great, but what exactly is included in the course? I know I’ll be able to make awesome looking drone photos, but whats the process? What will you be teaching me?”

In Aerial Photo Pro, you will learn…

  • The EXACT step by step process Alex uses to get incredible drone shots
  • From takeoff to capturing the photo to landing to editing, Alex walks you through each element you need to master in order to get drone photos worthy of sharing and getting paid
  • How Alex shares and promotes his work so that clients are begging him for his drone photography services
  • A detailed and simplified walk through of the photo editing software
  • When and where you do and don’t need to use filters on your drone’s camera
  • How to research and scope out your location BEFORE you even drive there, so you don’t waste time
  • How the PROs frame up shots and the guidelines they use to help them have consistency
  • The secret to cleaning up unsightly objects that mess up your photos (wish that car wasn’t in the parking lot? Done.)
  • How to take photos in low-light that have that “glowing” look
  • Best practice for real estate photography… how high to shoot and what angles you need
  • How to shoot panoramic photos with your drone

Course Curriculum

Intro to Aerial Photography Pro

  • Index – What is covered – How you should approach this course (5:31)
  • Downloads, Links, FaceBook Group (3:15)
  • How much drone do I actually NEED?
  • Become an Aerial Photo Pro Affiliate!
  • Video Webinar + Other Courses + Discount

Pre-Flight Photography Need-to-Knows

  • Before your First Photo Shoot (3:18)
  • ​Easy ways to improve your shots FAST – Dos and Don’ts for good photos (2:15)
  • Finding Framing to Balance the Shot (3:01)

Drone Photography & Adobe Lightroom

  • Camera Settings During Flight (2:00)
  • (Optional) Fixing the Mavic’s Soft Image (1:37)
  • Adobe Lightroom – Intro to your Gamechanger (3:39)
  • Adobe Lightroom – Balancing Settings like a Master (4:23)

Fixing Photos in Lightroom

  • Fixing and Enhancing areas with Masks (4:50)
  • Removing objects and Cleaning Any Landscape (2:59)
  • Shooting a Simple Sunset from Start to Finish (5:27)
  • Bracketing (AEB) in Extreme Lighting Conditions for full range of visibility (3:40)

Photos/Lightroom in Application

  • Shooting Long Exposures to REALLY blow away clients (2:05)
  • Luxury Condo Start to Finish: Shooting (5:23)
  • Luxury Condo Start to Finish: Editing (5:14)
  • Construction and Developers: What do they want? (1:44)
  • Real Estate: How many photos and angles? (2:12)

The REALLY Juicy Stuff – Making photos turn heads

  • Instagram Edits – What the Trendy Blogs are doing – Split Toning, Artsy Color adjustments (LIVE Edit 15min) (14:49)
  • How I shot my award=winning photo – Night Photos for Panoramas (11:00)
  • Cinderella Castle Edit (Neuschwanstein, Germany) Long, Advanced, Live Edit (31:48)
  • Panorama – Take Drone Photos like its 2025 – SHOOTING (8:15)
  • Panorama – Take Drone Photos like its 2025 – EDITING (20:22)
  • Why I stopped shooting things and focus on shooting Conditions (1:39)


  • Equipment – Do I need any Filters? (2:20)
  • 3D Panoramic Photography for Web or Virtual Reality with DJI Drones (3:08)
  • Color Profiles if you can only shoot JPEG (0:44)
  • Hyperlapse – Aerial Timelapse using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Premiere together (19:47)

Go Forth and Prosper

  • You’re all Finished (5:41)

Photography VLOG Posts and Webinar

  • Aerial Photo Crash Course – 1 hour top to bottom Drone Photography Webinar + Marketing

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