APEIRON ZOH – Clinical Application of Peptide Therapies | Instant Download !

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APEIRON ZOH – Clinical Application of Peptide Therapies | Instant Download !

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APEIRON ZOH – Clinical Application of Peptide Therapies | Instant Download !


The Apeiron Academy Advanced Peptide Course 

Learn How Peptide Therapy is Changing the Face of Health, Healing and Human Flourishing.

Learn from Dr. Daniel Stickler, one of the leading experts in the field of precision health, complex systems and longevity. As a sought out industry leader, instructor and provider, you will gain both the practical and clinical significance of Peptides. 

Peptides are gaining ground in everything from athletic performance optimization to advanced anti-aging therapies, but do you understand them and know how to apply this knowledge to your own life and those of your clients? The Advanced Peptide Course will be covering many of the currently available peptides and cutting-edge non-peptide molecules that are fast becoming the go to for balancing and enhancing human system function. 

This course will help you unlock the next level of health and performance optimization by enhancing your understanding of how the human body functions. You’ll learn the role peptides play in interactions with the environment as well as their impact on bodily systems for sleep, chronic illness, injury recovery, weight loss, longevity and athletic performance.

We Provide Expert Training To:

Healthcare Professionals, Wellness Coaches, Personal Trainers, and more to help them unlock the next step in their own health and their careers.

An In-Depth Curriculum

Our curriculum is THE cutting edge when it comes to this new forefront in human performance optimization and will build your knowledge step-by-step.

Understanding Peptides 

Peptides are the new targeted, precision modulators of human system homeostasis, optimization and enhancement. In this module we introduce the concept of peptides; provide an overview of how they work, explain how they create precise and targeted responses, and point out potential limitations.

Growth Hormone, GHRH and GHRPs 

The growth hormone system is quite complex and essential for thriving health and well- being. In this module we provide you with a deeper understanding of the growth hormone system and the nature of peptide therapies to optimize growth hormone, GHRH, and GHRP’s.

Unbalanced to Homeostasis 

Moving from an unbalanced state into foundational homeostasis is the first step on the journey to achieving full expression of your personal potential. In this module we address the use of peptides to facilitate correction of the underlying imbalance in order to restore the human system to a state of homeostasis. 

Homeostasis to Optimized

Once the systems foundation of homeostasis has been restored to its natural design, we can leverage the opportunity to achieve a more optimized state of being. performance. , In this module we focus on the intermediate stage of the journey to strategically promote an environment that achieves greater levels of optimization.

Optimized to Enhanced 

Enhancement is where the real fun of the journey begins. In this module, we maneuver the the terrain from an optimized to an enhanced state of being by boosting capacity with modern modern technology and scientific advancements. These powerful synergies allow us to achieve achieve states of performance previously considered unattainable.


Our Mission

We created the Apeiron Academy to be the educational platform for a new paradigm in human performance and potential, one that places us as the Master of our destiny and the architects of evolution. A precision, whole systems genomic and epigenetic approach to designing the human system has enormous clinical applications in the emerging field of human potential optimization.

We now have the power to evaluate all aspects of an individual’s life; their medical and family history, occupation, lifestyle and the environments they function in. By leveraging individual systems diagnostics to include genetics along with real-time markers from sensor and mobile data we can provide personalized lifestyle interventions to optimize and enhance gene expression within the human system. This new precision offers high specificity on health, tracks how individual choices affect health now and how that translates to the future. It also provides new insights about how we are interacting with our environment, in real time and in real detail.

The interplay of our genes and our experiences, of nature and how it interacts with nurture, has now moved from the mysterious to the knowable.The game-changing Science of Epigenetics assists us to create personalized and precise optimization strategies by taking the reins of gene expression to adapt and thrive under modern environmental pressures.

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