Blake Stevens – Word 4 Word Seduction

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Blake Stevens – Word 4 Word Seduction

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Blake Stevens – Word 4 Word Seduction

Blake Stevens – Word 4 Word Seduction

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Now, for the first time, Blake is revealing his system in a video training program that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before!

In it, you’ll get Blake’s exact lines and techniques to.

Approach a girl and start a conversation without rejection
Get her interested. and even HORNY for you. within just minutes of meeting her
Get her number, get a date with her, and get her into bed
. and that’s just the start.

3 “works every time” lines to approach a woman without rejection in any situation!
How to go from conversation to DATE right there on the spot! (Use this trick to get her to drop whatever she’s doing and come with YOU!)
A way to let her know you are a STUD in the bedroom without actually saying it
The best way to meet a woman at a grocery store!
The 5-Minute Makeout – A trick to use with women in a bar or club that gets you KISSING THEM within just 5 minutes of meeting!
The text message that gets her to agree to a date – every time
A line to approach a woman in a group that gets her friends to HELP YOU seduce her!
How to meet a girl in yoga or workout class without looking like a douche!
The 7 things all “naturals” do with women that guys who get put in the “friend zone” TOTALLY MISS
How to get a woman ADDICTED to you within minutes of meeting her. Use these simple lines to create massive curiosity about yourself so she is asking YOU questions and making moves on YOU!
2 ways to initiate physical contact with a woman that fly “under the radar” and get her wanting you to touch her MORE
The exact distance you should stand from a woman when you first approach (it’s NOT what you think. and changing just this ONE THING *doubles* the positive responses you get from women)
How to kiss a woman in a way that makes her HORNY for you
How to dress like PRO on any budget (wear these 3 things women LOVE and you don’t have to worry about anything else!)
How to meet a girl you see in a waiting room without it being awkward
A way to get a woman’s phone number in the first 5 minutes of conversation that works every time. and EVEN BETTER with those super hot girls who get on a lot!
How to use humor to look like a STUD and not a CLOWN (if you’re getting “friend-zone’d” a lot it’s probably because you’re using humor WRONG!)
The best way to approach a woman at a party without getting denied
The 2 things you must do to let a woman know you are IN HER LEAGUE (if you want to date hotter women than you do now you MUST do these 2 things to let her know YOU are as big of a catch as she is!)
The “Best Ever” line – A line to use anywhere they sell food or drinks that gets a smile and INSTANT CONVERSATION every time!
How to control the interaction with “magic questions” that get her talking her way into your bed!
A simple 2-inch shift in body language that subtly shows a woman you’re the ALPHA MALE of your group (do this and her instincts force her to want YOU over every other guy in the room!)
The 5 body language cues that tell you a girl WANTS YOU!
How to create an INTENSE CONNECTION with a woman in the first few minutes of conversation. so SHE doesn’t want to stop talking to you!
How to tell compelling stories that get her EXCITED about being with her and brag to her friends about what an awesome guy you are
A body language mistake 90% of guys who DON’T get laid make that shows WEAKNESS to woman! (If you’ve ever been rejected by a woman for being “too nice” it’s probably because you did THIS to make her mistake your kindness for weakness!)
A smooth way to meet a woman who is sitting down at a coffee shop
A special eye contact trick used by famous Hollywood actors to make women SWOON (works EVEN BETTER in real life then on the screen and ANY guy can use it!)
What to do when you meet a woman you are SERIOUS ABOUT – here’s how to let her know you are the ONE. and give her that “soulmate” feeling she’s been waiting her whole life to find!
What to say to easily meet a woman on the subway
How to program yourself with a sense of ROCK-SOLID CONFIDENCE women can *feel* when they meet you! (Do this simple 1-minute exercise daily and feel like a NEW MAN in a just a couple of weeks)
The “busy bartender” – How to meet a girl at a bar and get her playing a game with you that forces her to KISS YOU!
And much, much more!

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