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If you are frustrated and confused and not seeing the results you want from your business, don’t give up. And don’t sell it. Grow it. Make it fun again.

We’ll show you how.

The Business Profit Academy Video Training Program is for business owners and entrepreneurs, like you, who want to increase their revenues today so that their business income goes up and their company’s value increases.

Over the course of six (6) one-hour video training sessions , plus at least four (4) special bonus sessions , you will learn how to implement specific systems and strategies that will begin to grow your business and make it more attractive to buyers.

This course is perfect for business owners who have been struggling to:

Keep up with workload

Manage growth

Keep a consistent flow, or the right flow, of business coming in the door to keep their business profitable and thriving.

Each session includes over an hour of instruction so that each week you can get specific questions answered and problems solved.

The Business Profit Academy
Group Coaching Program Breakdown

The program can be done at any time, from any location . It includes 8 sessions.

The sessions are designed to be taken over the course of 8 weeks, but you can take any one session at any time.

How Do I Know if This Course is for Me?

This course is for you if you are:

An entrepreneur who is looking for some help in establishing a profitable foundation for your early stage start up …

A business owner who has already achieved successful results but is determined to get to that next level of profitability and growth 

A veteran business owner who is looking to re-inject some passion and vigor in their company and perhaps get it ready for sale down the road …

How to Use this Course

The course comes with a learning classroom and is designed with a heavy emphasis on action. We want you taking the strategies out of the program and into your business in a very practical way. After watching each of the videos, use the action steps, accompanying resources and worksheets found in the Learning Environment to quickly and effectively cause results in your business.

Course Content

This course is built around the 5 major value drivers that are involved in successfully creating value for privately held companies.

You can use the course to build a more profitable company you can hold long term or use it to grow your business so you can eventually sell for top dollar down the road.

Bottom line: the value driver distinctions covered in this course benefit any owner committed to seeing a new level of performance in their business.

Over the course of 8 1-hour sessions, we’ll cover the following topics:

Session #1 – How to Build
Your Team (1 hour, 13 minutes) 

In this first class, we provide an overview of the rest of the course and dive into how to build a high-performance, motivated, committed team of employees and managers who will drive your business growth. This class includes:

Setting your business up as a game – Learn how to treat your business like a game and how to make that game clear, inspiring and winnable.

Create a management team for the next level – How thinking like someone who might eventually buy your business can help you build a more effective team now.

Evaluate your current team – Discover a simple and effective method to evaluate your current team that will dramatically improve the performance of your company.

Creating simple and clear job accountabilities – Learn how to create a culture of accountability that can transform your team, your results and your company.

Creating your business scorecard – How to target the key performance metrics you and your team need to know, and how often to check their progress.

The Top 4 elements of building a high performance team – Learn the latest and most effective strategies for Recruiting, Hiring, Training and Retention

Session #2 – How to Institutionalize Client Relationships
and Marketing (1 hour, 17 minutes) 

This class covers:

Leverage your existing success – Learn how to take all your sales knowledge as CEO and effectively transfer it to your sales team to grow your business,

Get clear on what a really good client looks like – We’ll walk you through the steps of building an ideal client profile and show you how to find more of them.

Build a client relationship system  Learn why profitable clients are attracted to a system and not a personality.

A program for maximizing relationships – Learn how to use a “sponsor” program to consistently leverage client relationships and keep your staff accountable.

Innovative client marketing  Powerful strategies that are authentic, effective and easy to implement.

The most important sales data you should be looking at  Why not all customers are equal and how to key in on the most profitable ones.

Session #3 – How to Improve Your Sales Process
and Get More Customers Into Your Pipeline
(1 hour, 39 minutes) 

Improve your sales process and get more customers into your pipeline:

The power of goal setting – What works, what doesn’t, and how to set clear sales targets that are inspiring and achievable.

A marketing plan youll actually use – How to write a clear, concise marketing plan with an actionable strategy you’ll use to drive results and keep your staff accountable.

The $24,000,000 question – Learn how to use the one sales question that created a $24,000,000 a year company.

Creating Lifetime relationships – Learn how to create a lifetime relationship with your customers, driving sales up and reducing marketing expenses

Filling your pipeline – Learn how to fill your pipeline with the right kind of customers – long term, profitable, pay on time kind of customers.

The key to pipelining – A sales pipeline format that allows you to see round corners, effectively forecasting what’s coming up and showing you where you need to push.

Session #4 – How to Forge a Diverse and
Profitable Client Base (1 hour, 15 minutes) 

Creating a diverse and profitable client base:

The top 5 myths about why we thinkwe need to hang onto unprofitable clients – how busting up those myths can lead you to directly your ideal clients.

The financial impact of a poorly diversified client base – Learn how to strategically position your business so you don’t have all your eggs in one basket.

Getting clear about what you really want – Uncover what are you really good at, what are you passionate about and what will the market pay you really well to deliver.

Playing the game youve set up – Once you’ve created your ideal client and product mix, how to take enough committed action, on a regular basis to really impact sales.

Riches are in the niches – Learn how to not be a commodity so you never have to compete solely on price again.

Firing clients – How letting some clients go can be the best thing you’ve ever done for the profitability of your business

Session #5 – How to Implement Operational Systems
and Processes to Support Growth 

Creating systems that make a difference – Learn how to create the systems and processes that will help you grow profitably and sanely.

The power of checklists – Learn how to use the power of simple checklists to make your team more productive and profitable.

The profit loop system – Learn how to reverse engineer your future profits, by systematically learning from your failures and your successes.

Go on a hunt for effectiveness – Learn how to do a process review to uncover bottlenecks in your operation and take on the ones that will move the “profit needle”.

Working ON your business v. working IN it – Learn how just one hour a week of working ON your business can begin to make a dramatic difference in your results.

Hold more effective meetings – Learn the power of running effective meetings that are focused on results and taking actions that will make a difference.

Session #6 – Q&A/Summary Class
(1 Hour, 32 Minutes) 

A thorough review of the key distinctions covered in the course. Highlights include questions from participants such as …

How do I put a bonus system in place that’s fair but still gets me what I want?

How do I create transparency in showing key numbers to employees?

How to have effective conversations about “what’s next?” for each client?

How do I go about create a marketing plan that works, how detailed should it be?

How do I get my salespeople on board with following a specific sales process?

How do I improve the profitability of the customers I already have?

Which systems do I tackle first, how to pick the ones that will make the most impact?

How do I become a better CEO and leader of my company?

This program simply works. Kevin and John break down the big idea of how to grow a business into five simpler concepts which are very easy and manageable to implement. They used a lot of real world examples from their own personal experiences which helped make the concepts more real. If you are willing to put in the time and follow through with the lessons, then you will see results .

 Denise Pratt, President, McTavish Shortbread

Plus, You Also Receive Access to
these Extra Bonus Sessions

Special Bonus Session #7 — What I Look For
When I Buy a Business, with Guest Speaker
Ulrik Binzer (1 hour, 28 minutes)

For this special bonus session, we had an excellent presentation by Ulrik Binzer, the founder and managing partner of Fairplay Capital Partners, a private investment firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Ulrik shared an insider’s view of what business buyers look for when they go out to buy a company.

Ulrik was previously the Vice President for Golden Gate Capital, a Private Equity firm, where he played a key role in the purchase of numerous well known brands including California Pizza Kitchen, Eddie Bauer, Herbalife, and J. Jill.

Ulrik has an MBA from Harvard University and previously worked for McKinsey & Company and was a Platoon Commander in the Danish Army.

Special Bonus Session #8 – How to Buy a Competitor
with Guest Speaker and Business Broker
Kris Karlson (1 Hour)

In this special bonus session, we had a presentation by business broker Kris Karlson. Kris spoke about what a business broker is and how they work with business owners to value, market and sell their businesses.

Kris is the founder and President of Bowman/Hanson, a California-based Merger & Acquisitions firm specializing in working with privately held services, manufacturing and media businesses worth between $1 million and $50 million.

Kris Karlson’s presentation included:

What factors affect the purchase price when you buy a competitor’s business

How to target companies that are near competitors but who will pay a premium for your business because they do no currently have your expertise or are not present in your market area.

What issues to focus on during the due diligence phase

Why we may be on the verge of the largest transfer of wealth in humankind

Special Bonus Session #9 — How to Use Virtual Assistants
and Information Products in Your Business

Erin Blaskie is an internet entrepreneur who got her start as a virtual assistant back before anyone had heard of the term “virtual assistant.” Soon, she had built a team of over 20 virtual assistants providing assistance to businesses “virtually” around the globe.

After building her virtual assistant business, she discovered high-margin “information products,” such as ebooks, audio coaching, webinars, and teleseminars. She diversified her business by providing coaching and training for groups of business owners and entrepreneurs on topics such as building a blog or website, how to build a virtual assistant business, and how to master social media.

In addition to continuing to run her virtual assistant business, she currently advises businesses on how to diversify their revenue by embracing “one to many” coaching and training programs.

In this audio interview led by John Corcoran, Erin talks about:

How to use virtual assistants to streamline your business, keep costs down, and leverage outsourced expertise

How she boosted her business revenues by creating and selling information products

Why “one to many” coaching and training is far more profitable than “one to one”

How she launched her first virtual group coaching program

How virtual assistants can give business owners peace of mind when life gets in the way of business

How Erin discovered she could dramatically boost her business revenue by creating information products

Special Bonus Session #10 —
How to Negotiate for Fun and Profit 

When was the last time you thought about negotiation strategy ? If you are like most people, you probably don’t put much thought into your strategy entering into negotiations, even if you negotiate with business partners, customers, vendors or others on a daily basis.

In this special training session, John Corcoran covers tips and tricks for implementing effective negotiation strategies in your business. Whether you are negotiating with a business partner, customers, clients, vendors, suppliers or someone else, these tips will help you to save money, forge and preserve lasting relationships, and increase your chances of success in achieving your goals for the negotiation.

“Kevin helped us look at the whole picture and made it fun along the path … we now have the systems in place and measurements that really help us to relax, prosper and know where we’re at all times.”

– Jeff Allen, CEO, Allen Land Design.

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