Carlos Xuma – Alpha Man Conversation & Persuasion

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Carlos Xuma – Alpha Man Conversation & Persuasion

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Carlos Xuma – Alpha Man Conversation & Persuasion

These are the essential skills that some guys got naturally, and maybe you once had and lost.

Or maybe you never had them at all.

“Imagine If You Could Talk To Any Woman – or ANYBODY – And Know That You Could Get Them Talking, Laughing, and Liking You in Just a Few Minutes…”

The most amazing realization of the last 20 years is that conversation and social skills can be built up from scratch. You don’t have to be a “natural” to be good in conversation and persuasion.

And in fact, it’s better if you’re , because you will understand the principles that “naturals” take for granted. AND you’ll be able to improve your skills beyond even their ability.

When I was a kid growing up in upstate New York, I remember that I felt very awkward in a lot of conversations with people. I was usually afraid of:

    • Saying something dumb and having everyone think I was an idiot…
    • Saying something wrong and having everyone think I was clueless…
    • Not knowing what to say when someone was insulting me or giving me a hard time…
    • Feeling weird, embarrassed, and inferior when I was talking in a group of people…

Or sometimes I’d just be afraid that everyone in my group would just forget me or push me into the background.

And a lot of the time, that really did happen. I had certain friends that would grab the biggest share of the conversation and then proceed to hog it all when they could. And I would feel like I was just another spectator.

After a while, though, I learned some techniques that helped me build up my ability to talk with people, and handle any situation they threw at me. Fast-forward a few years and you would see a very different guy than the one who couldn’t even get a word in on the side without looking like a complete dork.

Let me show you…

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