Chris Chico – Flipanywhere Academy Accelerator

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Chris Chico – Flipanywhere Academy Accelerator

Chris Chico – Flipanywhere Academy Accelerator

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Chris Chico – Flipanywhere Academy Accelerator

Get Chris Chico – Flipanywhere Academy Accelerator right now!

Profit From Real Estate Without Using Your Own Cash or Credit

Find amazing real estate deals that you can profit from in any market of the country.

And the best part of this is that you could run this entire business from your laptop from anywhere and have it almost run without you…

Flipanywhere Academy Special Offer

Flipanywhere Academy with 100+video tutorials
My complete “virtual bandit sign” ad swipe
My complete “offline” postcard marketing system
FREE Listsource account to get 3 cent names
My Objection Handling System
Live Seller Call Recordings
Eviction Profits System
Virtual Wholesaling Training
Access to “Find Motivated Sellers Online” private group
Access to “Fast Track Mentoring Facebook” private group
With the Flipanywhere Accelerator program you’ll discover why becoming a Virtual Real Estate Investor is the fastest… easiest .. and lowest risk way to start making money in real estate today…

I’ll teach and mentor you on how to find and flip properties anywhere in the USA using only your cell phone and laptop… make plenty of money… and enjoy a quality lifestyle with plenty of Freedom and time

Here’s what the Flipanywhere Academy Will Help You With

How to place your first “digital” bandit signs to generate deals
How to target the right motivated sellers offline
How To analyze the leads and make the right offers
How to find cash buyers willing to take over your deals
How To get paid without buying a single property
Limited Time Bonuses


My Complete Postcard Marketing Systems For Generating “Offline” Seller Leads ($497 Value)

Complete FREE reprint & use rights to my powerful and trademarked “Magic Postcards” (8 total cards). You’ll also receive my proven recorded message scripts for you to use out of the box.

I’ll take the guesswork out of the equation so that you can be confident that your efforts and money will generate viable property leads.


My complete Facebook Ad Swipe ($497 Value)

My complete set of ads for running Facebook “virtual” bandit signs so that you can just quickly copy and paste to start generating motivated sellers

You can avoid wasting unnecessary money testing to find out what’s to work in your local market by just using my already proven ads and marketing angles

With my step by step Facebook training AND these ad swipes you can start generating leads online very quickly


FREE Listsource Account to purchase Seller lists for 3 cents a name.

You’ll receive a FREE Listsource account to obtain motivated seller records at an unbelievable price of 3 cents a name. This is account is normally $97 per month. With your member you wont have to pay the monthly fee (you’ll only pay for the records that you purchase)

You’re going to save lots of $$$ because if you didn’t have this account you would have to pay upwards of 10 cents a name. So instead of paying $300 for a list of 3,000 motivated sellers, you’ll only pay $90 dollars (and that doesn’t even take into consideration that you would also typically have to pay the monthly fee on top of the records purchase)


My Objection Handling Course

($397 Value)

Complete video and audio training on every single scenario that you would encounter when dealing with buyers and sellers and how to handle it.

You’ll never have to worry about getting stuck and not knowing what to say

when speaking with buyers or sellers.

This will give you the confidence to knowthat you wont allow a deal to slip through your hands just because you didn’t know how to handle the conversation.

Get Chris Chico – Flipanywhere Academy Accelerator on right now!


Live Seller Call Recordings ($197 value)

Recordings of live seller calls so you can immediately see the application of the training. This will help you quickly go from theory to “real life” without attendingthe school of hard knocks

You’ll have increased confidence and competence in speaking with sellers BEFORE you even make your first call.

You never have to worry about feeling anxious about making your first few calls because you now know what to expect and how to handleanythingthat comes your way


Eviction Profits System – $197 value

My internal training system for finding property owners that are having HUGE issues with their tenants and are very likely to want to get rid of their problem property (to avoid dealing with the tenants)

Step by step instructions and video tutorials on how to find these sellers in your local county (along with the exact postcard that I send them to reach out to me)

Even if you’re in the most limited budget you can use this technique to find highly motivated sellers that may turn into your potential first deal for you


My Virtual Wholesaling Training Program $497 Value

Howto pick the best real estate market for success – I’ll guide you along to determine if your local real estate market has the potential to produce deals for you OR if you should be looking somewhere else

My strategies for doing deals 100% virtual-you can apply these techniques in your local market OR you can expand into other real estate markets (even if they are 1,000 of miles away and you know nothing about them)

You’ll have 100% confidence know that you’re in the right real estate market for your success AND also have the capability to expand outside of it for additional profits.


Access to my “Find Motivated Sellers Online” Facebook group

You’ll have access to my “Find Motivated Sellers Online” Facebook community to help in answering any questions you have about implementing Facebook ads in your real estate business

You’ll have the opportunity to tap into the cutting edge of “what’s working now”, mastermind with other members, and ensure that you have success in implementing my strategies.


Access to my “First Deal Fast Track Mentoring” Facebook group

You’ll have access to my “First Deal Fast Track Mentoring” Facebook community specifically created to ensure that there are absolutely NO obstacles to you getting your first deal under your belt.

Myself and other successful students will help in answering any questions you have and guiding you along the way to your 2-5 deals and beyond.

Get Chris Chico – Flipanywhere Academy Accelerator right now!

Chris Chico – Flipanywhere Academy Accelerator

Chris Chico – Flipanywhere Academy Accelerator

Chris Chico – Flipanywhere Academy Accelerator

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