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Life Balance and Self-Care Tools, Forms, Exercises, Templates in a Folder


1. Balance & Self-Care Toolkit

Brilliant life balance and self-care tools value pack. Help your clients explore and understand how to achieve more balance in their lives – and importantly – find calm!

  • Help clients find the calm they’re looking for
  • Assess your clients’ current levels of balance & self-care
  • What are your clients’ unique self-care needs?
  • Learn to set boundaries and say ‘No’
  • Great for homework, workshops and group coaching!
  • Brandable: Yes
  • Instruction Manual: Yes

Career Coaching Tools, Forms, Exercises, Templates in a Folder

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2. Career Coaching Toolkit

The career coaching tools in this value pack boost your client’s career, discover what’s important to them in their work, get feedback, energise them at work & more!

  • Great value package of career coaching tools and exercises
  • Identify and boost strengths, minimise weaknesses
  • Great input for performance reviews
  • Includes Career Values identification workbook
  • Great for executive coaches, career coaches or any coach helping someone with career goals
  • Brandable: Yes

Vision and Goal-Setting Tools, Forms, Exercises, Templates in a Folder

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3. Vision & Goal-Setting Toolkit

Your clients will power into the year with these 9 awesome Vision & Goal-Setting Tools PLUS User Guide! Help your clients set exciting, aligned and meaningful goals, commit and take action.

  • Fabulous goal-setting tools value pack is a must for every coach!
  • Explore the vision your client has for their life
  • Explore goal ecology, motivation, obstacles, success boosters!
  • Set meaningful goals – and take action
  • Includes Annual Goal-Setting Worksheet (great for workshops too!)
  • Brandable: Yes
  • Instruction Manual: Yes

Life Coaching Tools Image of Toolkit!

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4. Life Coaching Toolkit

The life coaching tools and exercises in this value pack help your clients evaluate where they are, connect with themselves, get stuff done and make positive changes – faster!

  • Great value package of life coaching tools and exercises!
  • Inspirational, action-oriented forms and templates
  • Set your clients up for success
  • Energise your clients and get things done
  • Great for new and existing clients
  • Brandable: Yes
  • Instruction Manual: Yes

Productivity and Time Management Coaching Tools, Forms, Exercises, Templates in a Folder

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5. Productivity & Time Management Toolkit

Chock full of practical tips, techniques and concepts, the time management tools in this value pack help your clients transform, prioritise and make better use of the time they have.

  • Get clients organized and achieving more with the time they have
  • Discover where clients sabotage themselves
  • Remove distractions, interruptions and timewasters
  • Boost motivation – and results!
  • Great for executive and career coaches, and your disorganized clients!
  • Brandable: Yes
  • Instruction Manual: Yes


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6. Self-Discovery Toolkit

The self-discovery tools in this value pack help your clients explore, connect to their authentic selves – and align their lives with who they really are!

  • Boost client self-confidence and self-awareness
  • Bring clarity and depth to your clients’ choices, actions and goal-setting
  • Support clients as they align their lives with their priorities
  • Help clients express who they are in the world!
  • Ideal for life-coaches and spiritual coaches
  • Great homework, workshop and group coaching exercises
  • Brandable: Yes
  • Instruction Manual: Yes

Welcome Packet with Coaching Templates, Forms and Exercises in a Folder

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7. Welcome Pack Toolkit

Our biggest seller! This Welcome Pack has all the tools, forms and templates you need to get started with a new client. Includes a Coaching Agreement & Intake Session Checklist (en Español)

  • For new or just getting started coaches!
  • Get organized and feel more confident
  • Surprise and delight your new client with a Welcome Packet
  • Includes a coaching agreement sample
  • Plus great homework to get clients going quickly
  • Brandable: Yes

Workshop Icebreakers Activities Exercises Page

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8. 21 1/2 Workshop Icebreakers & Exercises eBook .pdf

*NEW* lower price! Lead workshops & seminars? Build rapport, boost energy and foster learning with these team-building activities.

  • 30 page ebook of icebreakers and team-building exercises for your workshops and seminars
  • Build rapport between participants
  • Easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide for each activity
  • Includes great tips, who to use activities with, when & more.
  • Filetype: .pdf
  • Brandable: No

Build a Bridge Coaching Exercise

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9. Build a Bridge Coaching Exercise

Got a client who feels stuck? You don’t need to see the other side, you just need to take the next 3 steps!

  • Get your stuck clients taking action with this step-by-step exercise
  • Uses the handy ‘build a bridge’ metaphor
  • Identify 3 actions that get clients moving right away!
  • Filetype: .docx (Microsoft Word)
  • Brandable: Yes

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10. Expand Your Mind – Cartesian Questions

Help your client make better decisions! Get new perspectives on your clients’ goals and plans.

  • Get crucial insights into what’s behind your client’s decisions and choices
  • Discover what inspires and blocks your clients
  • Uncover hidden solutions and resources!
  • Filetype: .docx (Microsoft Word)
  • Brandable: Yes

Weaknesses Coaching Reframe Exercise

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11. Love Your Weaknesses – Reframe Exercise

Client stuck in the negative? Help them reframe their weaknesses and gain a more positive perspective.

  • An empowering exercise that challenges our idea of weaknesses
  • Use to confront limiting beliefs!
  • Develop a more positive perspective on weaknesses
  • Works well after personal SWOT
  • Filetype: .docx (Microsoft Word)
  • Brandable: Yes

Find Your Inner Mentor Coaching Exercise

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12. Mentor Magic Coaching Exercise

Help clients find new answers for a problem or make a decision by connecting with their own inner wisdom.

  • Encourage clients to ‘be their own mentor’, developing powerful insights
  • Help clients gain ideas to resolve an issue, achieve a goal or boost their career
  • Great ongoing tool for your client to access anytime!
  • Filetype: .docx (Microsoft Word)
  • Brandable: Yes

Spheres of Influence Coaching Exercise Page 1

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13. Spheres of Influence Coaching Exercise

Dealing with stressed, anxious, overwhelmed clients? Help them take back control by focusing on what is in their control – and letting go of the rest.

  • Powerful concept changes the way client approaches life situations
  • Empower clients in minutes by focusing on what’s within their control
  • Great for clients who worry about things outside of their control
  • Filetype: .docx (Microsoft Word)
  • Brandable: Yes

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