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Copywriting For Web Designers by fox-web-school

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Copywriting For Web Designers by fox-web-school

Copywriting For Web Designers

Copywriting For Web Designers by fox-web-school

Archive : Copywriting For Web Designers by fox-web-school

Learn the exact copywriting system I’ve used over and over to write thousands of dollars in copy per day, get instant client approval…and on top of all that, referrals upon referrals!

What’s Up Web Designers,

The name is Jake, and that headline above is straight hype. All B.S.

Not even going to lie to ya or front.

But it had some sex appeal to it. A little pizzazz so to speak.

The reality of the situation? As a web designer, you don’t need a single, solitary copywriting tip or trick. You don’t need to use sales tactics and persuasive copy to lube the deals.

There’s only one thing web designers must think about when writing for clients…

Adding value.

Can you confidently add value to the websites you’re designing and developing through the written word?

For some, this sounds like a daunting task. For others, heck yeah springs to mind.

If that sounds like a daunting task, then keep on keeping on. And by that I mean, get off this sales pay and go hire a professional writer to do it for ya.

If you’re one of those “heck yeahs” – well…

I want to ask you a question

Imagine the following scenario.

You’ve just closed a nice website redesign. Let’s say it’s around $4,000 USD.

You’re excited. The job should only take you a week or so. The profit margin is high. It’s time to put some money in the bank.

But you realize those profits get eaten up when you hire someone to write the copy and content. Which is where I come in.

If you were able to write the web page copy yourself with little effort, maybe through a system…wouldn’t that send your profits skyrocketing?

Instead of spending $400-500, or even $1,000, of that nice $4,000 on a professional copywriter, you do it yourself and pocket the extra cash.

If that sounds like something you’d like, then you’ll love this copywriting course.



Copywriting For Web Designers

Now, before we dive too deep here. Let me make one thing clear…

This isn’t a traditional copywriting course. This course doesn’t have much to do with basic sales page principles and all that jazz.

I’m not teaching you to become the world’s best copywriter in this course. Not even going to teach you how to send conversion rates skyrocketing for info product clients. There’s dozens of other courses for that. Hundreds of books on the topic.

Copywriting For Web Designers was created with you in mind.

You make money off designing websites for businesses, often of the brick-and-mortar variety.

These folks don’t need copy and content coming from some secret sauces copywriting course you downloaded online. No way, Jose!

These businesses just need a professional tone and timely sales tactics. Which is exactly what you’ll be crafting when using my basic system.

Here’s what I cover in this course specifically designer for web designers, developers, and one-man agencies:

~ Why traditional copywriting will never work for you clients…

~ The exact type of copy you’ll be crafting for most businesses…

~ Four simple steps to improving your writing ability for real…

~ My basic, yet detailed system for creating copy your clients love…

~ How to professionally edit your writing with ease…

~ The one simple trick that ensures your work gets approved faster…

~ Basic blogging techniques…

~ How to get your clients on retainer…

~ And more…

The training is delivered via videos, screen-shares, and of course, the written word. After all, this is a copywriting course.

And I’m Not Going to Charge an Arm and a Leg For It

Even if you just take one or two of the tips in this course and get client approval on web page content that you never would have crafted before…

This course will be worth it for you.

You’re talking hundreds, even thousands of dollars, in instant profit increase – just by following my basic copywriting system designed specifically for web designers.

And that’s on a single job!

Think if you took the tips and tricks about becoming a better writer to heart.

Soon, you’ll be writing content and copy for every single one of your clients. Potentially saving yourself tens of thousands in cold hard cash each year.

Not even hype, fellas. And the ladies. The numbers add up. I ran the maths.

Copywriting and Content Made Easy

Whether you’re new to web design and looking to maximize profit on every job you get or a veteran looking to add a another skillset to the ole’ repetoire, this training is designed to take your writing ability to the next level.

The only question is…

Are you ready to get started crafting copy for fun and profit? Well, mainly profit.

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