Dandrew Media – Preferred Equity Financier | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !

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Dandrew Media – Preferred Equity Financier | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !

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Dandrew Media – Preferred Equity Financier | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !


Look around, the largest buildings in town aren’t named after landlords; they have banks names on them, and in a world controlled by Wall Street and banks you need to know finance more now than ever before. Commercial real estate is an equal opportunity wealth creator. Defaulted commercial real estate is a HUGE wealth creator and Mezzanine Financier will show you why and how.

Many real estate investors have been shut out of the market due to a lack of bank financing. If you continue to think like a landlord buying multi-family, tears will soon follow. If you step-up and think like a bank,
the money will follow.

Inexperienced brokers don’t understand that mezzanine and preferred equity are not debt. Remedies exist when capital is placed at risk in commercial real estate, and they can be extremely lucrative. A vital component in commercial real estate is the widely used preferred equity financing option. Without being proficient in this integral area of expertise, no Intermediary will be able to close many of the commercial real estate transactions that come across their table, missing out on a massive opportunity for wealth creation.

Think about it this way: Trillions are coming due in loans over the next 5 years, most of which will never be refinanced by the bank. This is an immense opportunity for Wall Street’s inner circle to make a ton of money. Experienced investors will assume the risk because they realize the odds are stacked in their favor. You can’t afford to go one more day without understanding the intricacies of preferred equity. Learn Wall Street’s hidden strategies to structuring deals today and join us in the highly addictive world of commercial real estate. You’ll look back on this day with a smile on your face, knowing it was the best decision you ever made for your career, for your family, for your livelihood. Not interested? Step aside. Next please.

Dandrew Media’s Preferred Equity Financier™ is a 10 page digital tutorial preparing each of our Intermediaries with the tools they need to succeed. Covering all facets of the preferred equity financing option, Intermediaries can expect to walk away from this informative tutorial having a clear understanding of real estate capital, the differences in equity, and when to use this mechanism for buying commercial real estate.

“In all realms of life it takes courage to stretch your limits,
express your power, and fulfill your potential.
It’s no different in the financial realm.”
– Suze Orman

Intermediaries Will Learn:

Preferred Equity Basics
Intermediaries will gain an understanding of preferred equity as a mechanism for buying commercial real estate.

Real Estate Capital Basics
The fundamentals of real estate capital are clarified giving Intermediaries in-depth knowledge of debt, equity and hybrid products. Intermediaries will learn product details, all facets of security/collateral pertaining to each product, preferences for repayment and remedies for successful resolutions.

Different Types of Equity
All equity is not created equal and it’s imperative that Intermediaries know the key differences. You will learn a valuable lesson in the differences between hard cash equity, market equity and syndicated equity.

Mezzanine vs Equity Financing
Become proficient in capital structure in commercial real estate. Intermediaries will compare the differences between mezzanine financing and equity financing and know when each option should be used.

Bonus Material

With the purchase of Preferred Equity Financier™ you’ll also receive NINE bonus Infographics!


Dandrew Media’s Infographics were created with one main goal: To keep our Intermediaries organized by not just telling them “what to do” but to show them exactly “how to do it”. Specially designed to keep our Intermediaries working smarter not harder, each Infographic is the ultimate desktop resource that you need to keep your pipeline full, deals progressing and successful closes. Our colorful, user-friendly Infographics were designed to print out at an impressive size of 17″ x 11″ and hang on your office wall.

JV Equity Profit Waterfall
You won’t get too far in commercial real estate without knowing the capital stack. Be sure to have this Infographic posted on your wall. Buy it. Post it. Memorize it.

Real Estate Capital Structure
The capital structure in commercial real estate is often misunderstood and misused which can be detrimental. This Infographic is an Intermediary must-have as it unveils the detailed capital stack matrix. We’ve seen so many deals come crumbling down because of an Intermediary’s overall lack of comprehension in regards to capital structure. Don’t walk into a meeting and get blind-sided because of a simple oversight. Knowledge is power is in this business.

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