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Derek Rydall – The Confidence Code | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !


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What is Confidence
Is confidence merely a feeling, a belief, or is it something more? I believe it’s a force of nature, a force of our spirit, an inner knowing of who and what we really are and why we are alive when we’re in integrity with our true purpose and passion.

There’s a difference between real confidence and mere cockiness or arrogance. You can push through things with a level of arrogance, but it leaves a toxic byproduct that can hurt people and diminish resources in its wake. Real confidence, however, leaves you and everyone else around you stronger and better off.

It’s that inner knowing that you can and you will achieve whatever it is you desire — because it’s actually the inner awareness of the self that has ALREADY ARRIVED.

In truth, your real self is already living in harmony, in wholeness, abundance, and total success. So true confidence isn’t a hope or personal power that you will get something or somewhere, it’s a remembering, an inner awareness of that part of you that is already there.

Your Inner Conviction Is Your Only Authority
Real confidence is like Zen and the art of archery, where you come into a state that the arrow is already in the bull’s-eye before you even release it from the bow.

In that place, you can hit the target blindfolded or in the dark, because you have transcended the illusion that there is a separate you, arrow and target, and realized it’s already one.

From there, you can’t miss!

What would be possible if you had that kind of confidence, that inner knowing that whatever you wanted was already done? This inner conviction is your only authority.

In other words, what you deeply believe and know – what you have unshakable confidence in – is what determines how your life unfold and what’s possible for you.

Outer people, places, opinions, or conditions have no power to determine your life…

It’s this inner confidence that activates your emerging power.
It’s this inner confidence that becomes the law of your life.
It’s this inner confidence that creates your destiny!
Developing that level of confidence is the purpose of this program.
Unlocking Your Unique Confidence Code
There is an overall confidence in life and oneself that you can achieve, and there is a lifelong journey of developing this inner conviction that continues to grow.

But developing that kind of unshakable confidence is different for each person and to each endeavor…

We are all at various levels of confidence in our life structures, such as Wealth, Health, Work, Relationships, Spirituality, Personal Development, etc…

So activating your confidence code is about discovering where you need it most – that area that will create the most leverage in your life and accelerate your success in the quickest, most efficient and effective way. 

That is your unique confidence code.

What we’ll do in this course is lay out the framework and foundation, the path, the practice, and the way of life that, if you follow it, will develop this confidence progressively and sometimes dramatically.

This is one journey where you are guaranteed to lose some of your baggage – and be happy about it!

Get Derek Rydall – The Confidence Code on right now!

10 Reasons Confidence
Leads to Success
1.The Courage to Start
In this session, you’ll learn how to hear the guidance that’s always available to you, the broadcast of truth always playing, leading you to your greatest potential… and how to make it actionable in your life to get real-world results.

2.The Strength to Take a Stand

Confident people stand up for themselves and have healthier boundaries. They value and respect themselves (and others) and train people how to treat them based on how they treat themselves. Without confidence, we are more likely to become a door mat than a welcome mat. We have a wishbone, not a backbone!

3. The Ability to Say No
Confident people have a strong “No” and aren’t afraid to use it. They don’t do things they don’t want to, or that don’t serve the higher good for them and others. Again, they have healthy boundaries, without shame, blame, or guilt.

4.The Ability to Say Yes

Confident people have a powerful “Yes” and are willing to say yes to their yes! This allows them to step into the next stage of their evolution and opportunities, where most others are watching on the sidelines, waiting to feel secure or sure – something that never comes until they activate their confidence by acting like a confident person!

5.Confidence Overrides Fear

Confident people still feel fear, but they don’t let it stop them. The energy of confidence acts as a buffer that prevents fear from paralyzing them. Because there’s an inner conviction of success, the fear of failing is seen for what it is – just a belief, not a power. The confident person also has more resilience and stamina to face fears over the long haul – turning the fear into fuel that makes them stronger.

6.A Self-Concept of Success

People with a high degree of confidence have a stronger self-concept, a deeper belief in themselves. They don’t let other people’s opinions take them down or sway them from their path. As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t — you’re right.” Your inner conviction is your only authority. Confidence gives you that gift.

7.The Ability to Think Big

A confident person tends to think big and aim high. When the goal seems out of reach, they don’t pray to have a smaller goal, they pray to have a further reach! Someone without confidence shrinks under pressure, sets small goals or no goals at all, and ends up living a life of quiet desperation and mediocrity.

8.The Willingness to Be Bold

Someone with confidence is willing to take risks, to stretch outside their comfort zones, and to take bold actions that can lead to big results. They exercise their inner and outer muscles beyond what they’ve done before, making them stronger and capable of doing even bigger, better things. There is no limit to how strong, brilliant, and successful you can become – other than the limits you accept.

9.The Curiosity to Ask Questions

The quality of your life is determined to a great extent by the quality of your questions. When you’re confident, you ask more questions and better quality questions. You also ask for what you want, when you want it – and for as much as you want. Ask and you shall receive. Confident person makes a big ask of life…and receives a big answer!

10. An Expectation of Success

Confident people expect to succeed. They rehearse winning, they see themselves as victors not victims – and they have an inner knowing and conviction that they can and will win. This is what Michelangelo sculpted when he sculpted the famous David statue (of David and Goliath). He didn’t sculpt David fighting Goliath or slaying Goliath, he sculpted David in the moment when David knew that he could and would win the battle. In that moment, even before David stepped on the battlefield, Goliath was toast! That’s the power of the Confidence Code unlocked!

The 12 Step Combination to Unlock Your Confidence
There are 12 core areas to cover in developing confidence. You don’t have to do all of them right away or perfect them to have confidence. But setting your sites on mastering them is the path to totally unlocking the confidence code.

Creating a Clear Vision of Your Result. Our mind has a unique system designed to get us what we focus on. When we have fuzzy goals, we get fuzzy outcomes. When we have foggy destinations, we get lost! Ever been lost? How confident did you feel? Your steps become tentative, unsure, you take it slow, and often just pull over and give up. But when you know where you’re going, you not only move forward without the brakes on – you can put the gas on!


Become a Vibrational Match for Your Result. Even when you know where you’re going, if you don’t internally feel congruent with it, if you aren’t emotionally and mentally aligned, you can feel torn, moving in two directions at once. For example, you’re on your way to meet a potential partner, but instead of feeling whole, powerful, and in love, you feel inadequate and have visions of past relationships gone bad. You know where you’re going, but you’re conflicted. How confident will you be? It’s like the Zen parable about riding two horses at the same time in different directions — not a fun experience! It’s the root of ambition – ambi, to go in two different directions. It tears us down and tears us apart.


Pick a Path & Stay the Course Until You Get the Result. This is how you build character. Without this level of commitment, you’ll hit your thresholds and fall off track or pull back. This often goes on and on, around and around, and you never grow the areas you most need to create the life you were born for. Left unchecked, this leads to a life of frustration, depression, addiction, and a deep lack of fulfillment. Real joy is the product of progress. Without a solid practice of this principle, no sustainable progress is possible.


Design a Life that Leads Inevitably to the Result. Our life is often not by design but by default. The people, places, things and activities tend to reflect where we’ve been but not where we want to go. They tend to reflect a need to be safe and accepted, all of which come from a sense of insecurity instead of power. When we redesign our lives based on the result we want, and live into that, we unlock the confidence code and activate untapped talents, gifts, and abilities that are needed to take us to the next level!


Stay Committed to the Result No Matter What. This is where the rubber really meets the road. This is where you build real self worth, self-esteem, and unshakable confidence. When you commit to creating the life you dream of, every reason why you can’t and why you shouldn’t will arise to knock you off track. Most people’s conditioning leads them to adapt, pull back, change courses, or quit. That’s why most people never achieve their ideal life – not even close. When you master this principle, you won’t be like most people, you’ll become exceptional, and you’ll become successful!

Build the Confidence-Competence Loop. At this point, you’re building real momentum and moving into this upward spiral. That’s what we want, momentum in the direction of confidence and expansion. This is critical. Without momentum that becomes subjective, you have to keep using all your energy to keep moving. It leads ultimately to burnout or at the very least pulling back and settling. As you learn how to apply this principle, you’ll create a success pattern that puts your growth, expansion, and your capacity for achievement on autopilot! This is a game-changer.


Release the Resistance to Confidence. In this module, we’ll deal with some of the key areas that sabotage your confidence: procrastination, lack of commitment, lack of follow through, waiting to feel good/comfortable, self-worth, etc. You’ll learn why you really procrastinate, what’s really underneath it, and how to heal it. You’ll discover why you don’t follow through, why you wait to feel good/comfortable, what’s really going on with the core self-worth issues…and much more. The integration of this session will allow you to breathe deeply again, expand to a whole new level of possibility, and move boldly in the direction of your dreams.


Clearing the Shadows of Confidence. Your shadows are unconscious patterns trying to get your attention so they can be redeemed and integrated — but we often spend a lifetime trying to ignore, fix, or repress them. In this module, you’ll understand the core shadows to confidence, where they come from, why you created them, and how to work with them so that they become allies in your evolution!


Emotional Mastery. Learning to feel your emotions and be with them, without reacting, then transmute the energy of emotion into raw power, is a critical skill for mastering confidence. Without this, they run your life in many unconscious ways, sapping your power and disabling your ability to really soar. We’ll go deep into this one…and you’ll come out the other side more balanced, integrated, grounded, and alive!


Eliminating Emotional Reasoning. We’ve been conditioned to be run by our emotions, believing they have power, but they really don’t. Emotions are just energy in motion. They tell us what we believe, they don’t tell us the truth. While they’re valuable for understanding our unconscious patterns, we shouldn’t let them determine what we do. When you become free of ‘emotional reasoning,’ you have the capacity to do what you commit to, regardless of how you feel. You can no longer be stuck. You become more productive, more empowered, and ultimately unstoppable. If you master only one module, this one will change your life forever.


The Self Care System Someone in good physical shape, with good healthy live foods, water, exercise, is typically more confident overall. In this module, we’ll talk about how focusing on the areas of greatest leverage can lead to massive increases in productivity, follow through, self esteem and confidence. This is often overlooked on this journey of confidence, and is sure to expand your potential.


The Confidence Journey. There is no end to confidence building. Every time you move through these steps, especially an entire cycle, you WILL be more confident. But you will always have more to go. And sometimes you will feel LESS confident because you’ve hit a new threshold, a new level — you’ve adjusted to the old level and it’s so natural that you don’t see how far you’ve come and you can feel like you’ve gone backwards. In this module, we’ll talk about how to deal with the ongoing journey of building lifelong confidence!

Life doesn’t just happen, it happens ‘just’ through practices that align you with universal principles of success.

Confidence comes through the proper understanding and application of the principles that activate this divine power.

In scientific studies, confidence has consistently been seen as one of the critical – if not the most critical – components to success in personal and professional life.

It’s not theory, it’s not up for debate — if you want to fulfill your deepest desires and ultimate purpose, with power, poise, and passion, you need to have confidence!

If you’re ready to design a way of life that leads to the life of your dreams, a life where you feel in control again, join us on this journey of unshakable confidence!

Part of the new generation of spiritual visionaries and thought leaders, Derek Rydall is the author of the #1 Amazon/Barnes & Noble best-seller EMERGENCE: Seven Steps for Radical Life Change and the world’s #1 expert on the revolutionary Law of Emergence.

He has trained top executives at Fortune 500 companies (from American Express to Disney) in empowered leadership and communications, and has coached celebrities and media professionals, including Oscar and Emmy winners, on creating conscious entertainment.

As a regular Huffington Post contributor, and host of the top-rated Emergence podcast on iTunes, he reveals cutting-edge spiritual principles and success strategies to achieve financial freedom and abundance, master productivity and creativity, and gain true wealth and happiness. With his global platform, Derek has touched hundreds of thousands around the planet with his message on finding your path, living your purpose and making a powerful impact!

Get Derek Rydall – The Confidence Code right now!

Derek Rydall – The Confidence Code

Derek Rydall – The Confidence Code

Derek Rydall – The Confidence Code

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