Duane and DaBen – International Light Body Study Course (No Transcript) | Instant Download !

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Duane and DaBen – International Light Body Study Course (No Transcript) | Instant Download !

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Duane and DaBen – International Light Body Study Course (No Transcript) | Instant Download !


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This is a course for Awakening Your Light Body Teachers to use with their light body classes.  It is not a complete course and you cannot learn the light body with this course, as it is made to accompany your Teacher’s light body classes.

Prerequisites To understand DaBen’s instructions and experience the wonderful expanded states of consciousness he offers, you need to be an Awakening Your Light Body graduate with knowledge of the 7 vibrational energy and 3 light body centers as taught by DaBen through Duane Packer.

You will need to be a light body teacher to purchase this course, and have completed the Radiance: Transmitting Light Teacher’s course, as well as the Radiance: Self-Exciting course.

DaBen asks that you play nine of his light body journeys from the Awakening Your Light Body six-volume course for your classes if you are teaching outside the US or in another language besides English. The International Teacher’s Study Course includes the nine required DaBen journeys plus the three suggested DaBen journeys. Also included are English transcripts of these twelve journeys.

These 12 DaBen light body journeys are available for you to use in your classes. These journeys are made to be played for your classes so they will be able to experience these centers as transmitted by DaBen in addition to your transmission of these centers.

This album includes the following DaBen journeys and English transcripts of them. All journeys are from the six-part DaBen and Orin Awakening Your Light Body course.  You do not need to order this album to play for your class if you already own the six-volume set, as the 12 DaBen journeys in this course come from the six-volume set. As a teacher, you can also purchase the six-volume course at a discounted teacher’s price for your students.

Journeys included in this album:
Side 1: Introduction to the Nu’a, Dinia From LB111 – Volume 1, Program 2 (Suggested Journey)
Side 2: Nu’a, Dinia Third Journey From LB111 – Volume 1, Program 4 (Required Journey)
Side 3: Leow Introduction From LB111 – Volume 1, Program 7 (Suggested Journey)
Side 4: Nu’a, Dinia, Leow From LB111 – Volume 1 Program 8 (Required Journey)
Side 5: Introduction to Ranthia From LB112 – Volume 2 Program 1 (Suggested Journey)
Side 6: Explorations of the Ranthia From LB112 – Volume 2, Program 4 (Required Journey)
Side 7: Exploring the Renawre Cocoon From LB113 – Volume 3, Program 4 (Required Journey)
Side 8: Entering the Void From LB113 – Volume 3 Program 10 (Required Journey)
Side 9: Experiencing Centers as Planes From LB114 – Volume 4 Program 5 (Required Journey)
Side 10: Fullonia Intensity From LB115 – Volume 5, Program 5 (Required Journey)
Side 11: Fullonia/Saha: Power From LB115 – Volume 5 Program 9 (Required Journey)
Side 12: Vee: Pollination of Flower From LB116 – Volume 6, Program 5 (Required Journey)

Please refer to International Teacher’s Information for more information and suggestions on how to assist students who do not understand English in listening to these nine DaBen journeys. More information is also available in the free Awakening Your Light Body PDF Teacher’s Manual (LBT) available on our website.

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