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Eben Pagan – Website Ecommerce: How To Build A Virtual Business

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Eben Pagan – Website Ecommerce: How To Build A Virtual Business

Do you want to build a business that lets you control your entire work environment the way you want?Do you want to be able to work on your own terms, on your own schedule and at your own pace?Do you want to stop spending loads of time commuting to the office or money trying to look professional?Do you want to build a lifestyle business that can go wherever you want to go and provide you with the recurring income that you need without being locked down to one location?Do you want to cut down expenses and payroll in half by leveraging the power of overseas outsourcing?Do you want to start a business without putting up enormous upfront capital for a brick and mortar store?
If you answered yes to any of the questions, then I think you’re going to really enjoy what I have
to share with you today…
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Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Eben Pagan. I’m the founder and ceo of over 10 different online virtual businesses that I grew to over 7 figures from scratch. 4 of which to over 10 million. Combined, my businesses have generated over 100 Million in sales to date with over 75+ employees all across the world.

And I did this all 100% virtually.


I mean that I built all of my businesses in an 100% online virtual environment working from home and all my team members working from home as well.

And as result, I’ve been able to build a network of businesses that allows me to completely control my lifestyle and my work environment.

I set my own schedule and I work whenever I want wherever I want.

I can travel and be on the road and I can run my business entirely from my laptop or phone given an internet connection.

I haven’t had to ‘commute’ or be forced to ‘dress professionally’ unless I wanted to (for many years) and it’s given me the freedom I want to live life as I see fit.

at building and growing businesses online and in the virtual

In fact I started from the bare bottom. Not knowing what it even was. I had to learn everything for myself. When I started my first company I had to learn how to set a website up and how to use an online shopping cart and so on.

I started to realize that I was spending a lot of time handling customer support issues, answering emails, and handling all of tedious little tasks that wasn’t good leverage of my time. But at the time I was still working out of my own bedroom using a cheap computer and I didn’t have the funds to hire an in house employee.

Then I found out about outsourcing and virtual hiring. And I was able to find and hire my first virtual assistant for $6/hr completely virtually. (She went on to work for me for many years and I didn’t actually meet her in person until several years later).

At first I was scared about the trust and the language barrier, but it turned out that she was great at what she did.

That’s when I came to my realization. The internet had given me the ability to run my business entirely online and virtually without incurring all the high startup costs of a traditional brick and mortar store.

So I decided that I would keep my business lean and virtual and I kept building my business and my team online.

I made a ton of mistakes over the years with hiring and managing and working out the nuances of running 100% virtual business, but in the end I managed to figure it out and come up with the systems and SOP’s that I use when starting a new virtual business or restructuring new businesses I get into to be virtual.

Over the years I’ve had lots of people asking me what these systems and SOP’s were for building a virtual business or restructuring an existing business to go virtual, so I decided to create a program teaching you all of it.

How to Build A Virtual Business is powerful 10 Module training program that’s going to share with
you my foundational systems and SOP’s for building a virtual business from home.

There’s over 15+ hours of exclusive cutting edge content for running a business in the online virtual
environment including:

How to hire and manage your team virtually

How to best set up your work environment working at home for the most productivity

How to market and sell in the virtual environment to outsourcing overseas

And More

this program will help you get started faster, cheaper, and smarter by leveraging the benefits of an virtual environment


this program will provide you with the tools to help you take your business more virtual or even 100% virtual if you are in the right business, and take full advantage of the savings, and benefits of working virtually

The Advantages and Challenges Of Building A Virtual Business
Module 1
Surprising advantages of building a virtual business that give you more freedom, flexibility, and control over your business and life
One of the biggest fears business owners have is how to manage people and make sure they’re working… when you can’t SEE them. Discover how you can actually SEE MORE of what your people are doing inside a VIRTUAL business than a traditional brick and mortar company. (it’s counter-intuitive, but I think you’ll be surprised at the answer)
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The 7 Keys To Business Success And How They Apply To Virtual Businesses
Module 2
The highest ROI daily action you can do for your business every day
The reason why most entrepreneurs and business owners ‘play business’ instead of ‘do business’ and why it prevents them from making any money
The 3 highest leverage areas you must focus on in your business if you want consistent growth
Read more
Your Customers and Your Niche
Module 3
The single best market research tactic I have ever found in almost 15 years in business (I use this tactic every time I’m targeting a new niche or creating my next product or service)
Where most people drop the ball when it comes to identifying a niche and target market (and how you can avoid repeating this common mistake)
How to get your prospects and customers to TELL you how to sell to them and get them to buy your products (hint: its easier than you think)
Read more
Winning Products and Services In The Virtual Business
Module 4
The 6 Best Product Categories that work well and scale the best using a virtual business model (4 of which you can start with extremely low startup costs)
An extremely lucrative opportunity that’s sweeping the online virtual business world right now and what you can do to capitalize on it right now
How to test demand for your product before you invest time and money into actual development
Read more
Virtual Sales And Marketing Secrets For Business Success
Module 5
One simple ‘mindswitch’ that will double the effectiveness of ALL your communication with your customers
The Truth about marketing and sales and why most entrepreneurs have it all wrong and it leaves them trapped
The 3 Primal desires that control 99% of your customer’s decision making and how you can use these three to create highly persuasive marketing
Read more
Productivity and Time Management In The Virtual Environment
Module 6
The 3 Productivity “Thieves’ that robs us of our time and energy in the virtual environment
The reason why we’re steadily losing our ability to focus for sustained periods (hint: our brains are literally rewiring themselves)
How to get your friend and family to respect your time and stop interrupting you while you work
Read more
Virtual Business Communication Tools, Tips, And Techniques
Module 7
How to Instantly Minimize the amount of emails you receive
How to prioritize and manage your communication with your team and your customers
How you need to adjust the way you communicate as the communication becomes more important (hint: increase bandwidth)
Read more
Hiring Your First Virtual Assistant For Your Business
Module 8
The first ‘type’ of virtual assistant you should hire for your company before all else
A step by step approach to hiring top quality virtual talent for your business
How to write your job ad to filter out the best candidates for your position (PLUS word for word scripts to get you started)
Read more
Managing People and Products In the Virtual Environment
Module 9
The secret to motivating ‘Stars’ and top talent (hint: it’s not just about money)
How to test your prospective team members LIVE to make sure they can actually do the work you need
Why you need to watch out for ‘smooth talkers’ during your hiring process
3 Daily Management Rituals that help you keep a good pulse on your business, numbers, and team effectiveness


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