Eileen McKusick – Deeper Tuning for Your Electric Body | Instant Download !

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Eileen McKusick – Deeper Tuning for Your Electric Body | Instant Download !

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Eileen McKusick – Deeper Tuning for Your Electric Body | Instant Download !


Salepage : Eileen McKusick – Deeper Tuning for Your Electric Body

Arichive : Eileen McKusick – Deeper Tuning for Your Electric Body

Did you know that your diaphragm holds the memories of every emotion and experience you’ve ever had?

And that your brainstem holds the energetic imprints of each and every time you’ve been triggered into a fight-flight-freeze response?

Even your navel holds emotional energies — it’s where you hold self-righteousness…

And, a harmonious energetic balance in your thymus gland is key to having a healthy immune system and the ability to feel unconditional love.

These powerful energy zones are located at the halfway points between your chakras and are part of your biofield — the energy field that surrounds and permeates your body.

AND they can be critical to your whole-body healing, because they’re where subtle imbalances in your sympathetic nervous system can be detected before they escalate, causing discomfort or manifesting as disease.

Renowned sound therapy practitioner and author Eileen McKusick discovered the importance of these “half-step” energy zones during her decades of pioneering research on the human biofield and our body’s electromagnetic energy.

And in this all-new advanced program, she’ll take you through a 10-step experiential sound-healing journey focusing on these areas that are so crucial to your wellbeing.

These powerful energy zones — from your pituitary “master” gland, which can affect your entire outlook on life… to your shins, which can energetically hold you back from being self-confident and living passionately — will receive a sound-healing treatment from Eileen, as she detects dissonance and restores resonance through the vibrational cues of her tuning fork.

Restoring the balance of your electromagnetic energy in these “deeper” energy zones through sound healing can help you root out unbeneficial beliefs and habitual reactions AND open to increased clarity, confidence, joy, spontaneity, creativity, and playfulness. .. while also helping boost your immune system.

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