Eric Pepin – Higherbalance – Core 1 | Instant Download !

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Eric Pepin – Higherbalance – Core 1 | Instant Download !

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Eric Pepin – Higherbalance – Core 1 | Instant Download !



Eric Pepin - Higherbalance - Core 1


The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System Is The Only
Meditation System Of It’s Kind and Provides A Multi-Dimensional Approach To
Awakening That Will Transform Both You and Your Life

We’re all seeking more out of life. We all long for a sense of assurance, inner peace, stillness and consistently strive to attain and experience harmony in our lives.

As true as that as is, many (most actually) go about attempting to fill the voids that keep them from it, in ways that prove time and again to be disappointing at best, never allowing us to reach or experience our desired destination.

We long to experience the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual completion that stirs and calls out from deep within us, a sense of completion that we know exists, yet the ways we’ve been shown and taught to achieve this way of “being” consistently provides results that fall far short of what we “truly desire” and somewhere deep within us, “know” is available to and for us.

As easily attainable as this way of “being” is, there are few that know how to tap into and experience it…to rise above and transcend the stresses of day to day life, enabling them to discover and rest in the peace, serenity and sense of unwavering assurance that is readily available to and easily accessible by anyone who sincerely seeks to discover it. It’s a place where every answer to every question…where every solution to every problem already exists.

Let’s face facts…we live in challenging times. It seems that everywhere you turn there’s an obstacle to overcome, a problem to deal with, another challenge to rise above.

The vast majority aren’t aware and don’t understand that there is a way to bypass all of this “perceived” chaos and the “seemingly inescapable” and self replicating cycles that so many find and “perceive” themselves as being “seemingly trapped” within and limited by…Yet they’re not inescapable at all.

It’s nothing more than a “perception” and the way does exist to break the cycle. A way that’s FAR MORE simple than most can conceive.

Discontent and discord aren’t “bad things” as most perceive. They are merely symptoms transformed into life experiences prodding us to learn from, rise above and move beyond them. But at the same time many aren’t aware of how to do that, or that even CAN for that matter.

But you can…we ALL can.

That is why the Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System was created…to show you both how you can, as well as WHY you can.

The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System is the most powerful spiritual development system ever created. It provides the answers, the wisdom, and the practical yet transformational technique that points you toward the path of awakening.

You’ll become enabled and empowered to see, perhaps for the very first time, what is truly available to and for you. And rest assured, what’s available is far more than what can be conceived or imagined, which is precisely why more don’t experience the “infinite amount of “more” that is equally available to and accessible by anyone who chooses to seek it out and find it.

Just because you haven’t yet experienced it for yourself doesn’t mean that such “a place” doesn’t exist…

It most certainly does, as those who have personally experienced it for themselves openly and unselfishly share.

What if you could enter into and experience this “place” for yourself at will whenever you chose to?

What if one simple action could propel you into a new world of spiritual power, profound discovery, deep serenity, inner peace and ultimately an indescribable and almost incomprehensible sense of “Completion”… would you take it?

What if you found a way to easily train, enhance and tap into your sixth sense sensory (intuition) and could learn to utilize it at will to dramatically enhance self awareness that spills over into every aspect of your life? (It’s much more simple than you know)

What if you could do that in such a way that it became more reliable and provided a far more accurate and empowering view of the tangible world than your five physical senses enable you to see or experience?

What if you could dramatically enhance your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, knowing what it means to “really live” free of fear, doubt and worry and begin to fully experience the kind and quality of life that’s truly available to and easily accessible by you?

What if you could see and rise above and beyond the “perceived” struggles, the disappointments, the stressors and “seemingly inescapable” anxiety of day to day life?

What if you were unconditionally guaranteed to experience all of these results and more and could do so in one simple and easy to learn step?

If that were “really true”…if you “truly could” experience each of these benefits for yourself, would you be open to listening and learning more about how you could experience it for yourself?

What would that be worth to you if you “truly could” transcend the “perceived complexities” and understand in a profoundly empowering way the “true meaning” and purpose of life?

The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System Provides These Benefits and So Much More

The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System isn’t a magic wand, but it is an extremely powerful and enlightening spiritual development tool unlike any other available today that will open doors of understanding, transformational wisdom and spiritual insights that so many believe to be either non-existent or inaccessible by them.

It provides an uncommon and all too often non-utilized means for discovering and developing an indescribable sense of self assurance and a deeply serene and profoundly empowering “inner knowing”, dramatically expanding your awareness and revealing the often sought after yet seemingly unanswerable questions that so many spend their entire lives searching for, yet seldom finding.

Based on the testimonials from countless thousands of users from around the world, The Higher Balance Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System does provide precisely that and is recognized as the simplest, quickest and without question the most powerful Guided Meditation System available on the planet.

The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System is specifically designed for harmonizing the mind, body, spirit connection through sixth sense enhancement yet it provides so much more.

It enables you to tap into and discover, in a most profound kind of way, the “higher truth” regarding yourself, life and the Universe at large, revealing the “simplicity and unerring nature of the flow” at a level that most don’t and can’t comprehend simply because they have never made a “conscious choice” to tap into and experience it for themselves.

The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System holds the key to awakening, opens your eyes to a whole new world of excitement and possibility and enables you to tap into and experience a sense of completion that so many in this day and age seek yet which so few find.

Everyone is seeking fulfillment and a sense of “Completion” in their lives yet far too few are aware that the path actually exists which will enable them to fully experience it for themselves.

The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guide Meditation System will show you that path…the path to “Awakening, Peace, Self Assurance and ultimately…Completion.”

Many explore, look for and unsuccessfully “attempt” to “generically create” this sense of completion in ways that always leave something more to be desired…something more left to do…something else yet to “find.”

What’s more is that this “traditional way” of doing things only serves to elevate and intensify stress, anxiety and as a result significantly increases health problems physically, mentally and emotionally which only leads to additional disharmony in the other aspects of life.

Few understand that the completion they seek isn’t an external thing that needs to be “sought out”, earned, “bought” or found, but is in fact already theirs. It’s simply a matter of “remembering” that it is available to you and being directed to the “right place” to rediscover, stir and once again awaken it.

Here’s the little understood Secret as to why so many “perceive” completion and fulfillment in life to be SO difficult to reach and in far too many cases “believe” that this state of “being” is impossible to achieve.

Completion is NEVER found on the outside. But when you find it on the inside, EVERYTHING on the outside becomes much more pleasant, enjoyable, simple and effortless.

The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System will assist you in rediscovering and entering into that place.

The “Completion” You Seek
Is Far More Profound and Much Closer Than You May Realize

“The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System Bridges The Gap Between ‘Perceived’ Reality and Actuality. It Provides an ‘Awakening’ Of Profound Proportion” Enabling and Empowering You To See and Experience What May Have “Seemed” Impossible or Unattainable Before – Chuck Danes

Prepare Yourself To Experience
Deeper Understanding, Heightened Awareness,
PROFOUND Inner Peace And Ultimately, “Completion.”

Here’s a little known secret…

Your individual ability to dramatically enhance every aspect of your life already exists within you and is far more easily accessible and simple to tap into than most can “conceive.”

This “perception” held by the majority is created and the “beliefs” regarding it’s non-existence are engrained and solidified through traditional teachings resulting in consistently attempting to create “desired” outcomes through external sources.

These fixed perceptions lead to an outside in approach to life. It’s certainly a choice that we all can make, yet it’s a choice that only leads to struggle, hard earned results and mediocrity at best.

This is precisely why so many struggle and try so hard their entire lives, yet so few ever attain what it is that they “truly desire” to experience which is “Completion.”

They try so hard to create “desired outcomes” in a strictly physical and finite way and in the process fail to surrender to and “allow” themselves to tap into what is already theirs, enabling them to experience it without all the needless effort, struggling and inevitably going against the flow.

The Foundation Guided Meditation System : Awakening Dimensional Consciousness will assist you with awakening to the real truth of who and what you truly are, what is and always has been available to you, your ability to reach and experience it for yourself and FAR more than can be accurately conveyed through the limitation of human language.

The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System FAR exceeds ANY form of traditional meditation program offered in the entire world, provides far greater and more profound spiritual experiences AND does so in a fraction of the time that traditional meditation techniques require.

Traditional forms of meditation provide results, but the Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System provides far more profound results than traditional forms of meditation could ever hope to and it does so in as little as 20 minutes per day.

The Higher Balance Awakening Dimensional Consciousness System begins where all other meditation programs end.

The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System can, will and does impact EVERY area of your life.

One of the MAJOR aspects of how that is achieved, is through enhancing, elevating and fine tuning your intuitive senses. More specifically, “The Sixth Sense.”

Many believe that the Sixth Sense is something that is only provided to a select and gifted few…few understand that we ALL are born with it. In fact it’s a natural gift that we all possess already and have the ability to tap into and utilize any time we choose.

The Sixth Sense is, always has been and always will be a very real part of you. It only lies dormant due to your individual “unconscious choices” which have allowed it to become buried and silenced beneath layers of self limiting perceptions and the self imposed limitations those perceptions have made real.

You have allowed others, most times “unconsciously” to instill “beliefs” and “perceptions” that bury and deactivate this sixth sense beneath layers and layers of “false” information and established “perceived truths” regarding your abilities and perceived inability, that unfold in the various areas of your life just as you “believe” they will.

One of many ways this has happened is through allowing others to tell you what is “true”, “feasible”, “possible”, “practical” and “logical” for you without ever venturing out to discover if these inherited beliefs and perceptions are “really true” for yourself.

Make no mistake…

You already possess the answers you seek. They lie within you. You have the ability to look into and see the infinite probabilities that are available to and lie before you in your life…in EVERY area of your life…whenever you make the choice to do so.

It’s simply a matter of choosing to break free from the self limiting boundaries you have created for yourself…making a “conscious choice” to learn to tap into, stir and awaken your innate understanding and to recognize the greatness that already exists within you revealing the incredible gifts we’ve all been provided.

It’s an “Awakening” that can transform your entire world.

The Higher Balance Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System provides EVERY tool you’ll ever need to achieve and experience this awakening for yourself.

“Are YOU Ready To Awaken?”

This “Awakening” will assist and enable you to develop a depth of understanding that will dramatically enhance the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life when you make the choice to do so.

You can if you choose, continue to listen to those who have no comprehension, understanding or personal experience of what this awakening consists of…Who experience the same kind of mediocre results that the vast majority does, or you can make a “conscious choice” to take conscious control of your destiny and begin right now to determine and shape your own experience.

That simply requires a choice…and it’s yours to make or not make.

The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System will awaken you to aspects of yourself and your life that most believe to be unreachable, non-existent and/or unattainable which is precisely what hinders the vast majority from experiencing the “Completion” that so many seek, yet which so few know or even “believe” is theirs to experience for themselves.

The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System will enable you to discover, tap into and finally experience this awakening and the indescribable sense of completion that follows for yourself.

“Since I have been using the Guided Meditation, I have experienced the following: Noticing things I hadn’t observed before; clearer thinking, problem resolution; better concentration while reading, playing music; feelings of calmness, euphoria (almost pass out) during [one technique]; better intuition, more “in-time” with others.” — Jorge R. Los Fresnos, TX

The Foundation Guided Meditation System Opens The Gateway To “Dimensional Consciousness”

The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System FAR exceeds the benefits of traditional forms of meditation and does so in a fraction of the time, with FAR less effort and Unconditionally Guarantees life transforming results.

The benefits of meditation extends FAR BEYOND what many “perceive.” It’s SO MUCH more than a relaxation or stress reduction technique. It provides benefits that extend into EVERY area of your life.

A few of those benefits are…

Dramatically improves your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health…

Enhances your ability to create your own success in the world, along with the personal satisfaction and sense of fulfillment that comes with being successful.

Enables you to enjoy deep rejuvenating rest

Provides heightened activation, organization and integration of whole brain functioning

Helps you create real and constant happiness in your life, regardless of your past or present circumstances…

Dramatically enhances intuitive ability

Awakens the sixth sense

Improves your creativity, intelligence, and mental functioning…

Increases self-actualization

Provides a heightened spiritual awareness and understanding

Eliminates fear

Significantly improves and enhances your overall sense of well being and inner peace…

The Higher Balance Guided Meditation System
WILL Enhance The Quality Of Your Life

…AND Our Guarantee That it Does So, Is Unconditional!!

So Now That You’re Aware of What You CAN Experience, Let’s Look at The Tool That Will Take You There.

But first, allow me to introduce you to your teacher and guide…

…Eric Pepin

Eric is the founder of the Higher Balance Institute and the creator and facilitator of the Foundation Guided Meditation System.

He’ll be guiding you through the simple process to get you where it is that you want to go. He is the one who will show you the correct path that will allow you to experience the indescribable and unexplainable essence of this awe inspiring place.

He is the one who will provide you with the profound insight and the depth of knowledge required to enable, empower and allow you to reach your desired destination. He is the one who will lead you to the path of enlightenment should you choose to take it.

I know you’ll enjoy your journey. I too have experienced this place and “enjoy” cannot even come close to describing it’s essence…the serene and profound “knowing” that will never leave you once you have experienced it for yourself. I can assure you, your life will be forever changed. You will never be the same.

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