Eric Worre – Inviting: Mastering The Gateway Skill

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Eric Worre – Inviting: Mastering The Gateway Skill

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Eric Worre – Inviting: Mastering The Gateway Skill

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Master the Skill of Inviting and Talk to More Prospects About Your Opportunity Than Ever Before!

Master How To:

  • Successfully invite 3 times more people to hear about your opportunity
  • Get past a prospect’s initial resistance to your opportunity in half the time
  • Utilize social media, text messages, and face-to-face conversations to set up more exposures
  • Fill your calendar with meetings every day of the week
  • Gain a simple, step-by-step process for inviting

Get the Scripts, Skills, and Strategies to Confidently Invite 300% more prospects to hear about your opportunity!

The Invitation is the gateway skill to Network Marketing.

If you can’t figure this skill out…

If you can’t get past people’s initial defenses…

If you can’t get them to open their minds to what it is you have to offer…

You are dead in the water.

When I first started in Network Marketing, I found out quickly that people’s initial reaction is to close their mind and say they are not interested. You have to get past that wall. Once you get past that wall, then you can share and educate them on your opportunity.

Unfortunately, many people struggle with the invitation process…

  • You feel like you are hounding your prospects.
  • More prospects turn down your invitation than accept it.
  • It feels awkward to bring up the topic with prospects you just recently met.
  • You just don’t know what to say.

guarantee, this struggle is why you are not seeing the success that you were hoping for in your business.

Think about it…

There are seven fundamental steps
to recruiting new distributors and building your team:

  1. Finding Prospects
  2. Inviting Prospects to Hear About Your Product or Opportunity.
  3. Presenting Your Product or Opportunity to Prospects
  4. Following Up with Your Prospects
  5. Helping Your Prospects Make a Decision
  6. Getting Your New Distributor Started Right
  7. Promoting Events

If you don’t do the 2nd step and invite anyone to hear about your Network Marketing opportunity, then all of the other steps don’t matter.

With the Inviting: The Gateway Skill Master Class, you will master the art of getting prospects to take a look at your product and opportunity.

Over 4 Online Video Courses, You Will Learn:

  • Simple step-by-step process to inviting prospects
  • Different strategies for inviting friends and family vs. people you recently met
  • The advantages and disadvantages of different types of exposures
  • The fundamentals to having a successful invitation
  • How to fill up your calendar with meetings
  • Includes Downloadable PDF Workbook with exercises to help guide you through the 4 video courses

Get Eric Worre – Inviting: Mastering The Gateway Skill right now!

Become A Master of The Invitation and Watch Your Business Grow By 300%!

Over 4 online video courses, you will master the skill of inviting and take the first step in successfully building a Network Marketing business.

Course 1:

Unlock the Door: Invitation is the Key

In this first course, I share the importance of properly inviting prospects to hear about your opportunity. I’ll talk about the goals of the invitation and the mindset you need to approach this skill.

Course 2:

Different Types of Exposures

When you are doing the invitation, what are you inviting people to do? In this course, I walk through the different types of exposures you can invite prospects to participate in such as face-to-face meetings and giving them a tool to consume. I’ll also describe which exposure will work best in different situations.

Course 3:

Invitation Fundamentals

There are 5 fundamentals to the invitation process. These fundamentals will help you approach inviting with the right mindset and attitude so that the experience is a positive one for both you and your prospect.

Course 4:

How to Invite

In this final course, I explain the steps to an effective invitation and present different strategies to go about utilizing those steps. I will also help you set up a plan to get started doing multiple invitations a day.

Bonus 1:

The Hottest Recruiting Scripts in MLM

These downloadable scripts give you examples of what you can say for each step of the invitation process.

Bonus 2:

Memory Jogger

This downloadable guide will help you continually grow your prospect list through 5 simple steps and gives you worksheets to help you manage all of your prospects.

Discover Exactly What to Say to Get More Prospects to Take a Look at Your Opportunity!


  • 4 Step-by-Step Online Video Courses
  • Downloadable PDF Workbook
  • The Hottest Recruiting Scripts in MLM
  • Memory Jogger: A Guide to Grow Your Prospect List

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