Foxley Client Pickup Kit Phone Scripts | Instant Download !

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Foxley Client Pickup Kit Phone Scripts | Instant Download !

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Foxley Client Pickup Kit Phone Scripts | Instant Download !


Foxley Client Pickup Kit

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Are you tired of relying on word of mouth to get your next project? Frustrated you don’t have a rock-solid system for finding new clients when bills need to be paid? Disheartened your business isn’t where it should be, and your bank account doesn’t match all your hard work?

The Client Pickup Kit is one-of-a-kind five-step system that will ensure clients start paying you what you’re worth and you’ll be hearing fewer and fewer ‘no’s’, and more dollars going into your bank account.

After five years and thousands of small business pitches, Foxley co-founders Bianca Board and Simon Langridge have perfected their process for acquiring new clients on demand. The Client Pickup Kit is a powerful sales tool that will show you how to sell on value, not price, 3X your profits and get twice as many clients in half the time.

Now they’re making this invaluable system available to you. And yes, it really is as simple as it sounds: simply copy, paste, tweak and deploy! Bianca and Simon have done all the hard work for you. You’ll be blown away at how quick and easy it is to convert high-value clients with this tried and tested system.


The 24-Point Website Audit Checklist: You’ll be able to generate high-value audits in 10 minutes flat, then convert them into sales within 24 hours. (These are not like those hideous automated reports either that no one reads or actions, these are real and genuine ones that clients love.)

The Fill-In-The-Blank Email Scripts: You can save a ton of time wondering what the hell to say with our simple‘3-Minute Method’.

The Done-For-You Audit Response Library: With our specific ‘Why What Method’, you’ll have clients begging to know more and literally throwing money at you to work together.

The ‘Gate Master’ Phone Scripts: Use these proven scripts and you’ll not only get past the gatekeeper, but you’ll be brimming with confidence, set yourself miles apart from your competition, and convert better than 50% of your prospects when the average is just 1%.

The Audit Checklist Companion Guide: You’ll become a trusted web marketing expert… even if you have no experience in marketing and have never built a website in your life.


BONUS 1: Recorded Sales Calls With Actual Clients.
This will help you hear exactly how Simon, master web sales expert, picks up clients effortlessly using this exact system. These bonus recorded calls are invaluable!

BONUS 2: Real life Case Studies From Designers.
See how other designers just like you have adapted The Client Pickup Kit to generate 50+ leads in a day, triple their rates and close deals in under a week.

BONUS 3: Social Posts That Convert.
This will help you generate prospects in a non-salesy way without having to pick up the phone, so you can have them reaching out to you and begging to know more with just a few minutes’ work.


“Did 7 Website Audits on Friday!”
Eekkk I just have to share my excitement! I feel like I am on fire! Have been utilising the sh*t out of The Client Pickup Kit and did 7 website audits on Friday! Have one new customer confirm they want to go ahead yesterday and just sent another proposal – so stoked!! Whoop whoop! ?

“Sold them a site for $3k!”
Sharing my wins… Had a sale meeting yesterday and at the beginning they said they wanted to spend up to 1k but by the end of our meeting I walked away having sold them a site for $3k!! Then I sent someone a quote for an audit using the email script and the response was YES YES YES, I definitely want to work with you. Oh I love you Foxley.”

“I got over 53 leads in 48 hours! Wowsa!”
I posted in a Facebook group that I frequent and asked if anyone wanted a website audit… I now have over 50 to do!

“Bagged 2 jobs for over $8k total.”
Just a heads up… I have a friend that hated her job. She quit recently and today starting using The Client Pickup Kit for me (in exchange for commission for any deals we closed through her leads). She got me 3 leads today with just 13 phone calls. ON HER FIRST DAY! The Client Pickup Kit works. I’ve used it a handful of times myself and already bagged 2 jobs out of it for over $8k total. Get it, learn it, memorize it, put it to work… it works. 

“Closed an e-commerce site for a great local business.”
I recently quit my 20+ year corporate IT career to become an entrepreneur. I’m great at strategy and creative services, but not so good at sales. (can I get a witness?) The Client Pickup Kit moved my sales game to the next level. Listening to Simon’s sales calls, hearing his tone of voice and his presentation, made all the difference in the world. I successfully applied these techniques this morning to close a contract on an e-commerce site for a great local business. So thanks, Foxley! Y’all may spell optimize wrong, but your products help me sell software.

“Worked on my very first call.”
Hahaha smiling hard this morning. Just tried The Client Pickup Kit for the first time and it worked on my very fist call. 

“Onto my 7th audit…”
So…wanted to share an update from the client pickup kit. I shared to a few FB groups I am a part of for local business owners tonight. I am currently working through my 7th audit, with another lead who had no website schedule a call for Monday to get started. Thanks Bianca for all you do! 


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