Gabriel – The Agency Bootcamp 2018

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Gabriel – The Agency Bootcamp 2018

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Gabriel – The Agency Bootcamp 2018

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When I told my wife I was going to launch an Agency she called me crazy. we just had a baby and I though that launching a digital marketing agency was crazy.

But not only I wanted to launch an agency I wanted to achieve $20000 recurrent in 90 day.

My life became a mess…. hard days, working non but funny wise I achieved my goal on day 47

Now keep in mind this is not a magic solution, or the “blueprint” to all your problems… if you are lazy, if you lack of discipline, if you don’t do you homework… this is not for you

But if you are ready to take the next step, if you realise that your time it’s vital and that the only way to grow is to leave your FREELANCER business model and start your Agency… then you need this training.

But be aware: You need to WANT IT and you need to have URGENCY

That’s why you are here at the end of the day… because without accountability, without a clear determination and goal, you are not going to achieve it.

Class Curriculum

Let’s Get Started – You and Your Agency

Intro to Building your Agency
Your Goals
It’s YOUR Agency
Reality Check: What are you willing to invest
Your Clients

Intro: What is your niche
Mindmap: Define your Client
Money and Services

Reality Check: Your Services
Mindmap: Clarifying your services
Planning your Biz
Get Gabriel – The Agency Bootcamp 2018 right now!

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