Healing Tigress Exercises – White Tigress Society | Instant Download !

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Healing Tigress Exercises – White Tigress Society | Instant Download !

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Healing Tigress Exercises – White Tigress Society | Instant Download !


Healing Tigress Exercises – White Tigress Society

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The Healing Tigress exercises cover a wide range of health enhancement techniques for females. The ultimate goal of the Healing Tigress Exercises is to first and foremost aid in the reduction of the negative effects and the amount of menstrual flow, as this is the means for increasing a female’s jing (regenerative energy). Likewise, the development of qi is crucial for females, and in women this is expressed in the breasts. So great attention is given to the restoration of the breasts in order to accumulate more qi in them. THe meditation aspect of this exercise is meant to strengthen and focus the spirit.

Regular practice of these exercises can increase libido and sexual secretions, tighten the vaginal walls, swell the breasts, and heighten sensitivity of the nipples. Additionally, these exercises can help alleviate cramping, reduce menstrual flow, lessen PMS symptoms, and defer the onset of menopause and menopausal symptoms.

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