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Igor Ledochowski – 21 Advanced Hypnosis Masterclasses | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !

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Igor Ledochowski – 21 Advanced Hypnosis Masterclasses | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !


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21 Advanced Hypnosis Masterclasses:

It’s Like Having Me (Igor Ledochowski) On Speed-Dial Ready To Answer Any Hypnosis Question You Have Whenever You Get Stuck Doing Hypnosis…

Only It’s Even Better That That

From: Igor Ledochowski

Dear Reader

You can now get the online equivalent of me privately mentoring you by equipping yourself with my library of 21 “already done for you” advanced hypnosis masterclasses.

These 21 advanced hypnosis masterclasses cover the whole field of hypnosis.  Everything you want to know… every question you want answered… every nuance you want explained is covered in at least one or more contexts within the library of 21 masterclasses.

The library of 21 masterclasses can be used as an at-hand “dip in resource” you can go to, to get any hypnosis-related question answered or any issue or confusion cleared up.

But that’s not all.

Because as you and I both know…

To Be The Best In Your Field You
Need To Have Access To The
Best Information In Your Field

You’re only ever as good as the information – the knowledge – you have access to.

And, in the field of hypnosis you will not come across better taught, better organized and systemized information than the traininginstruction and demonstrations found in my advanced masterclasses.

Again, you don’t have to go through all the masterclasses from start to finish to benefit from them.  The idea here is that you can access any of the masterclasses – at a moment’s notice – whenever you have a hypnosis-related question you need a ready answer to or a confusion you need clearing up.

And because you will get all 21 masterclasses in digital online format, they can all be sitting on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone for instant access within just a few minutes from now.

You’ll literally have the best information, answers, demonstrations and simplified explanations on a huge range of hypnosis topics and techniques.

And because each of the masterclasses includes step-by-step training, demonstrations and executive summaries for immediate and easy reference to get virtually any hypnosis issue answered and cleared up in your mind… the masterclasses are more practical and definitely more valuable than…

Owning Every Hypnosis Book
That’s Ever Been Published!

Don’t get me wrong.  There are some excellent hypnosis books out there.  I recommend some of them.

But… let’s face it…

Information in books can be very one-dimensional and, you and I both know reading books can be very time consuming and require hours and hours of uninterrupted study.

In contrast, you can access the required specific information in my masterclasses quickly and…

…there’s no weeks and weeks of study…

…there’s no trying to remember what book to look in…


…there’s no feeling of being let down by “book knowledge” that leaves you with more questions than answers when it comes to actually applying a hypnosis technique in a real-life situation.

And guess what else?

You can even access and get just the answer you need from my masterclasses…

Before A Hypnosis Session With A Client

Many hypnotists need different strategies to deal with clients who need multiple hypnosis sessions to fix their issues.

And my masterclasses give you that in spades!

But that’s not all.

Because my masterclasses also allow you to…

Bring Your “A” Game In Almost Any Situation
Where Conversational Hypnosis Will Give You
A Decisive Advantage

And that’s not including all the “inner-hypnotist” strategies I also cover too!

So here’s a complete run down of my Advanced Hypnosis Masterclass Library…

  • The Non Awareness Set“How To Use The Unconscious So People Forget How To Resist You”Click Here To Learn More
  • Part 1: Introducing Milton Erickson’s
    “Hidden” TechniqueOne of those keys is to ensure that the person you are talking with is involved with what’s happening. That means you need to set the scene correctly and neutralize any open skepticism or hostility.
  • What to do so that someone is actively working with you to ensure a successful result, without them knowing what you are doing
  • Tips, techniques and strategies to ensure that people will want to listen to you and be eager to follow your directions
  • This is one of the biggest nightmares any hypnotist has to face. When you know this secret it will never be a problem again
  • How to guarantee that the results you achieve will last and that you won’t have to go back and deal with problems like relapses, “Buyers Remorse” or people not following through on commitments
  • The simple formula for success with the “Non-Awareness” set. Warning! Don’t be deceived by the simplicity of this approach. It’s very powerful
  • Signals that someone is falling under your spell and how to increase your control over them
  • A simple demonstration of just how easily you can send someone into a trance with a few seemingly innocent questions and statements
  • The key point in any hypnosis session where you can unlock someone’s mind and create an avalanche of change and breakthroughs in behavior
  • An astonishing demonstration of the Non-Awareness Set where a person’s hand gets heavier and heavier until it is glued to their laptop computer!
  • How to have someone go into hypnosis whilst still alert and talking to you and giving you constant feedback as to what is happening inside them. It’s like being able to see into his mind – No more guess work!
  • Discover how to create a “disobedient hand” in your hypnotic target. This may sound incredible but here’s a demonstration where someone really cannot control their own hand!
  • Listen to a step by step analysis of the Non-Awareness Set demonstration and how you can get the same kind of amazing results
  • How to use surprise and other “stealth tactics” so that someone quickly goes into hypnosis under your control before they realize what’s happening
  • The key that will unlock someone’s mind and literally have them tell you how to get the results you desire
  • Why most so-called “experts” are completely wrong about the most advanced techniques developed by Milton Erickson.Don’t make these mistakes or you’ll end up frustrated and disappointed
  • The astonishingly obvious insight that transforms the effectiveness of any hypnosis or therapy session
  • How to take the standard 4 stage model of hypnosis and add the Non-Awareness Set to create an irresistibly effective tool of covert influence
  • The simple 2 stage process that magnifies the impact and effectiveness of the Non-Awareness Set so that there is unstoppable momentum towards the result you want
  • Templates you can use in any situation so that putting the Non-Awareness Set to work for you is easy and guaranteed to get results
  • The Master Question you can use whenever you are uncertain that will point the way forward with complete confidence
  • How to make “resistant answers” to your questions the best damned trance inducing agent in your entire arsenal. They cannot resist this – it’ll blow the doors to trance wide open!
  • Tactics of the masters. How to set up a “trap” with your questions like an expert cross examiner, only this “trap” will lead someone deep into hypnosis
  • Hypnotic Jujitsu. How to use the power of someone’s “resistance” to demolish that resistance!
  • How to develop your own Trance Inducing Questions so you can create the right questions every time based on the actual person in front of you

By the end of this first session, you’ll most likely be stunned at the number of jaw-dropping “Ah-ha” moments. You’ll know how the “Non-Awareness Set” makes possible a whole new world of hypnotic power and effectiveness.Next…In this next section, you’ll take your new skills, refine them and add them to your existing hypnosis powers to reach a new level of effectiveness.

  • How to transform ANY hypnotic process with the Non-Awareness Set and add extra precision and potency
  • A simple way to refine a classic hypnotic technique so that it is sure to get the result you want
  • How to use my 4 Stage Hypnotic Protocol for hypnosis with the Non-Awareness Set to create your roadmap to hypnosis success.
  • The secret to successfully starting a conversation and within seconds hypnotizing someone with some simple questions and without them having any idea of what your are doing
  • The special technique to use so that opposition and resistance to your wishes becomes almost impossible
  • Warning! Before you can be sure of success with the Non-Awareness Set, there is one thing you must be sure to do. Overlook this and you’ll be trapped with mediocre results
  • What experts do to ensure that any hypnosis session flows naturally so that a successful outcome is almost a foregone conclusion
  • A private coaching session in which you can hear for yourself how to apply the Non-Awareness Set. You’ll be completely confident you can do this for yourself
  • Most people would see this as a problem. For you it will be a unique opportunity to create a powerful trance effect
  • How to activate an automatic response in someone so that they effectively hypnotize themselves. You then simply point them where you want them to go
  • The secret to knowing exactly the right thing to say at any point to create the desired effect. You’ll possess an uncanny ability to zero in on your goal
  • Dozens of examples of words and phrases that have maximum hypnotic impact PLUS a surprising strategy that can be very effective
  • A mistake to avoid if you want to get the best results with the Non-Awareness Set (plus an example of the best approach to use instead)
  • How to artfully paint “verbal pictures” in someone’s mind so that they are irresistibly drawn to the actions you want them to take, even though they think they are acting of their own free will
  • A look inside how someone experiences the Non-Awareness Set. This “inside information” will help you direct people exactly where you want them to go
  • Expert tips on developing your skill so that you consistently pull off astounding feats without people having any idea how you do it

I think you’ll be amazed at what’s possible for you with the Non-Awareness Set.Part 3: The Secret To Effortless
Trance And InfluenceHere’s what’s revealed…

  • A no holds barred question and answer session that covers every aspect of the Non-Awareness Set so you’ll know every trick in the book
  • A unique feature of the Non-Awareness Set that means you are NEVER stuck for words or uncertain about what to do next.Even what seem to be “problems” actually turn out to be ways to move forward faster
  • You’ll be able to “read people like a book” because most people are completely unaware of the signals they are sending you
  • How to win over and influence even the most difficult people. The most introverted or guarded individual will quickly look on you like their closest friend
  • A little known way that Milton Erickson used the Non-Awareness Set to virtually guarantee that people would respond the way he wanted them to. You can easily use this yourself
  • You can’t always use this super-stealth tactic, but when you have the opportunity it will leave someone completely under your control
  • What type of question NEVER to ask. Don’t make this mistake or the result will be complete failure
  • A simple, but highly effective strategy, to know in advance how someone will respond to your questions. This will make it very easy to steer someone the way you want them to go
  • My “Hypnotic Alchemist Technique”. Easily transform resistance into assistance!
  • How to develop a seeming “Sixth Sense” so that you are always in control
  • A single, seemingly innocent question, that will leave someone utterly incapable of resisting your will and completely open to your suggestions

Plus, to conclude the program there’s comprehensive, step by step guide to putting the Non-Awareness Set to work for you in every conceivable situation.And that’s not all. Because you also get…Remember that you get.Click Here To Get Started
“It Is An Extremely Powerful Tool”“I studied “The Non Awareness Set’ Master Class for several days while traveling to Las Vegas.

On the second day in Las Vegas I used these techniques to hypnotize a bar tender right after he told me he did not believe he could be hypnotized if he did not want to be.

Since then I have used it in trainings and in therapy sessions many times. It is an extremely powerful tool and has all the convincer you need built right into it.”

Steven Solek
Global Support Manager
Sugar Land, Texas, USA

  • Instant online access to: 4 Hours And 32 Minutes Of In-depth Training + An Exclusive Hypnotic Induction + Executive Quickstart Manual
  • A Special Hypnotic Induction To Make You A Master Of This Astonishing Hypnosis Technique
  • Now, as well as the audio sessions, you also get a “Executive Quickstart Manual” in PDF format that recaps the key points from the class. It also gives you an easy way to refer back to a particular section at any time.
  • This final session is all about the most advanced ways to use the Non-Awareness Set and making your hypnosis effortless and effective.
  • And that’s even without:
  • You’ll discover…
  • Part 2: Who Else Wants To Be
    Effortlessly Irresistible?
  • And that’s just the beginning.
  • As you’ll see, there are simple ways to do that. Here’s just some of what you’ll discover…
  • In this first session you’ll discover the basic framework of the “Non-Awareness Set” and the keys to getting the results you want.
  • Spellbinding Stories“How To Tell Spellbinding Stories So That People Hang On Every Word You Say As They Slip Easily Into Hypnosis”Click Here To Learn More
  • Here are a few of the inspirational storytelling secrets you’ll discover (and immediately be able to use) when you have this masterclass:One of the keys to being a great storyteller is being able to come up with a seemingly endless source of new, fresh and exciting ideas.It’s easier than you might think when you know the simple secrets that I reveal in this first session called “Creativity and Spontaneity”
    • How to instantly gain the acceptance and attention of small groups with 4 simple words
    • The small technique that when combined with a little practice can make you a creative and charismatic storyteller, even if up until now you’ve been a terrible storyteller
    • How to confront and eliminate inner inhibitions that keep you from commanding the attention of your audience
    • The biggest mistake you can make when aiming to captivate and influence small groups with stories. Knowing this in advance will mean you avoid embarrassing blunders
    • How to dissolve the “mental fog” that hides your most interesting creative thoughts and makes you boring
    • Mind Access Game #1, #2 and #3. These 3 simple exercises will uncover where compelling stories are hiding in your subconscious and how you can unleash them
    • Story Exercise #1. Take what you learned from the mind games and practice bringing them to life in story form for the first time. The same way you’ll use them to captivate small groups later.
    • Simple tactics to unlock your “Dreaming Mind” and allowing to subconscious to tell the story easily and naturally
    • Free yourself from the mind blocks that restrict your creativity and imagination
    • 5 special hypnotic themes you can weave into your stories to increase their power and effectiveness
    • The 4 step process for introducing a hypnotic theme so that your listeners hang on your every word
    • A brilliantly simple induction technique that will naturally have your listeners nodding their heads in agreement with you
    • Stop the self sabotaging antics your mind normally uses to stifle your unconscious creativity
    • How to avoid stumbling blocks that make stories boring and instead inject excitement that demands their edge-of-the-seat attention
    • The simple way to blend the 4 stage Hypnotic Protocol with storytelling techniques so you both entertain AND influence people
    • BONUS: Apply your hypnotic storytelling methods to the written word so you can hypnotise people with your emails or online chats!

    With the skills you’ll possess at the end of this session, you’ll always have the right idea for a story whenever you need to capture attention.And that’s just the beginning.Part 2: The Secrets Of The Master StorytellersYou’ll discover…

    • How to awaken your creativity and discover inspiration for compelling stories
    • A simple and quick way to energize the part of your mind that creates stories
    • How to kick start your creativity if it starts to weaken
    • Lifesaving techniques to break through inhibition and awkward feelings when engaging small groups with hypnotic storytelling
    • The secret to tapping your unconscious mind to add spice and interest to any story
    • Double your charisma by identifying and expanding your emotional boundaries to make your stories powerful and intense
    • How to use the “Loose / Tight” principle to supercharge your creativity and allow yourself to get specific down to the finest detail in your stories
    • 3 classic storytelling techniques that will cue your unconscious to respond in a spontaneous creative way making it nearly impossible for people not to hang on to every word you say
    • The storytelling blueprint: How to turn boring facts into a mesmerizing story
    • The secret to making every story have meaning and purpose so people remember you long after your story is done
    • How you can take ordinary daily activities (like grocery shopping) and turn them into incredibly intriguing tales
    • 2 simple words to instantly gain acceptance and captivate listeners
    • Simple tactics for adding complex, powerful emotions to stories that will leave your audience breathless
    • How to make stories come around “Full Circle”. This will literally have people clapping their hands in delight
    • Charismatic tips that make your words command attention leaving your audience hanging on your every word
    • How to take advantage of dreams and ambitions to add major drama to even the most mundane story
    • The secret to creating compelling characters that people will connect with and will BEG you to continue so they can discover what happens

    With you new storytelling skills, you’ll be amazed at how easily you can attract and hold people’s attention. You’ll find people drawn to you and open to your influence.Part 3: Adding Hypnotic Power To Your StoriesBy adding hypnotic elements to your stories, you’ll have listeners quickly falling under your spell.

    • Explore this “Item Chain” exercise to unleash your creativity and spontaneity and you’ll never be stuck for words again
    • How to crack open closed-minded people and turn them into lifelong learners
    • A simple tactic that uses nested loops to help people remember the most sensational parts of your story, enhancing your reputation as an amazing conversationalist
    • Create a powerful, motivational and hypnotic cocktail by injecting hidden messages tied to strong emotions for incredible effect
    • The secret to taking small groups, even strangers, on a high octane emotional roller coaster ride that will leave them begging for more
    • The 5 ways you can use hypnotic stories as vehicles to change and influence people’s behaviour in a style that’s completely under the radar
    • How to master embedded commands using the only method guaranteed to produce results (Most people mistakenly use methods that ensure their commands are actually ignored)
    • How to use “mistakes” during your storytelling that make commands stick out and work even better
    • The secret to working with parallel processes and dual realities to change people’s attitudes and make them more receptive to your directions
    • Tactics for programming your subject’s unconscious mind to automatically reinforce the processes and suggestions you have planted
    • How to give firm and direct commands without coming across as being pushy
    • How to get different responses from different people in the same audience listening to the same story
    • Discover how to master your voice, tone, rhythm and pitch the same way as master speakers so that you add drama to your stories and captivate your audience
    • How to create hypnotic contexts and influence small groups without even making direct suggestions
    • Take advantage of “Conceptual Trance Themes” to touch a nerve in a subject making them feel and act exactly as you want them to
    • Start telling stories in natural cycles that make it easy to slip in embedded commands
    • And Finally: Listen to my classic Storyteller Induction get broken down into its simplest parts and discover the secrets to why it is so effective

    With the combined power of compelling stories and hypnosis, you’ll reach new levels of covert influence. Imagine what you can do with this new power. Of course it goes without saying to act ethically and responsibly!And that’s not all. Because you also get.Remember that you get.Click Here To Get Started
    “Anyone In Sales Or Dealing With The Public Will Benefit From This”“As a Speaker, my income depends in a great way on my ability to blend learning lessons into stories.

    “After purchasing and learning Igor’s master Class “Spellbinding Stories” my income climbed and continues to climb.

    “Anyone in Sales or dealing with the Public will benefit from this inexpensive yet powerful program.”

    Colin McKechnie
    Trainer / Speaker
    Turlock, California, USA

  • Instant online access to: 6 Hours And 28 Minutes Of In-depth Training + An Exclusive Hypnotic Induction + Executive Quickstart Manual
  • A Special Hypnotic Induction To Make You A Master Storyteller
  • Now, as well as the audio sessions, you also get a “Executive Quick-Start Manual” that recaps the key points from the class. It also gives you an easy way to refer back to a particular section at any time.
  • Here’s what’s revealed in this session…
  • In this third session (“Hypnotic Storytelling”) you discover how to take your already powerful stories and transform them into virtually irresistible tools of covert influence.
  • And that’s even without:
  • Now it’s time for you to joint the ranks of great storytellers. There are some simple secrets to telling captivating, powerful stories. You’ll have them after listening to this second session.
  • Next…
  • Of course, your expanded creativity and spontaneity will benefit you in all areas of your life, not just when you’re using hypnosis.
  • Here’s just some of what you’ll discover…
  • Now, every one of us has vast reserves of creativity available to us. The trick is tapping into that creativity when you need it.
  • Part 1: How To Unleash Your Creativity And Spontaneity For Hypnotic Power
  • Hypnotic Power Loops“How To Unleash Hypnotic Power Loops To Ensure You Get Amazing Results With Hypnosis”Click Here To Learn More
  • When you have this masterclass – here is just a few of the secrets you’ll discover…You see, what I call “Hypnotic Loops” are the individual elements of the hypnotic process (for example, inducing trance is one Loop).In this first session of the “How To Unleash Hypnotic Power Loops To Ensure You Get Amazing Results With Hypnosis” Master Class, you’ll really master these fundamentals.Here’s just some of what you’ll find out…
    • Understanding and dissecting a Power Loop. Once you understand the basic anatomy, it’s easy to create new variations
    • How to take the basic 4 step sequence of any hypnotic process and expand the basic set into 20 or more new combinations
    • 3 types of Loops you can use in almost any situation and that you can use as the foundation for a full-blown Power Loop
    • 3 ways to combine Loops that make it easy and almost effortless to create a Power Loop. You’ll be amazed at the extra power this will give you
    • A simple demonstration of how you can use basic words and ideas to create dozens of different Loops to add variety and power to your hypnosis sessions

    And that’s just the beginning.Part 2: The Secret To Magnifying
    our Hypnotic PowerHypnotic Sets are very important and very useful to you. This is because they enable you to use someone’s actual experience and memories to get the result you want.You’ll discover…

    • Mini Loops. What they are, how to use them effectively and how to magnify their impact
    • Some inside tips and techniques to make your Loops more impactful and avoid obstacles to getting the results you want
    • The simple formula to create a Hypnotic Set and how to create your own based on these guidelines
    • The 5 most important Hypnotic Sets and when to use them for maximum effect
    • How to make learning easy, overcome seemingly impossible problems and make many problems literally disappear
    • The secret to making changes, new lessons and experiences stick and of lasting value
    • An astonishing way your can create a “6th Sense” to automatically protect you from harmful situations
    • What you can do to program yourself or others to take the right action without even having to think about it
    • How to make desired changes in behaviour (even major challenges) easy and natural

    With the extra abilities you get in this second session, your range and power as a hypnotist will expand dramatically.Part 3: 10 Ways To Be A More Potent
    Hypnotist With Power LoopsHere’s just some of what’s covered…

    • The “Top 10” Power Loops to solve the problems or handle the situations that come up most often in hypnosis sessions
    • 4 additional ways to accelerate any learning process
    • Power Loops for positive people who simply want more out of life. Ways to get the edge over the competition or add to the richness of life
    • How to explode creativity, break through daunting problems and completely transform situations with new and exciting possibilities
    • The secret to creating the golden future of your dreams. There is a remarkably simple process you can use to do this
    • What to do if you’re interrupted before you’ve finished a hypnosis session. You can easily pick up from where you left off without any negative effects
    • Warning! Major problems are rare in hypnosis but you MUST be prepared for them. Here are 3 Loops that will help you avoid problems in the first place and quickly deal with any that do arise

    At the end of these 3 sessions, you’ll have a deeper understanding and command of hypnosis than even some so-called experts.Now, as well as the audio sessions, you also get a “Executive Quickstart Manual” that recaps the key points from the class. It also gives you an easy way to refer back to a particular section at any time.A Special Hypnotic Induction To Make You A Master With Power LoopsInstant online access to: 4 Hours And 40 Minutes Of In-depth Training + An Exclusive Hypnotic Induction + Executive Quickstart ManualClick Here To Get Started
    “Brought Home To Me The
    Power Of Words”“The Master Class on Hypnotic Power Loops brought home to me the power of Words, when used in a Professional way!”

    Milton McIntyre
    Retired Respiratory Therapist
    Philadelphia, PA, USA

  • Remember that you get.
  • And that’s not all. Because you also get.
  • Even better, you can use your new command of the fundamental building blocks of hypnosis to be more accomplished and effective.
  • In this third session (“Thinking Strategically And The Top 10 Power Loops”) you draw on what you’ve discovered so far to create your own library or repertoire of Power Loops. A set of unique Power Loops you can use to achieve specific results.
  • And to complete the picture.
  • They are very powerful.
  • The second session is called “The Structure Of Mini Loops And Hypnotic Sets”. It’s all about building on your new skills and creating a special kind of Power Loop called a Hypnotic Set.
  • Next…
  • You’ll understand at a deep level how any hypnotic process works and, more importantly, how to create your own unique and potent combinations.
  • And “Power Loops” are how you combine individual Loops to create the result you want.
  • Part 1: The Fundamentals Of Success
    With Hypnosis
  • Magnetic Personal Power“Discover Exactly How Hypnosis Masters Create “Hypnotic Realities” In Others With Their Magnetic Personal Power”Click Here To Learn More
  • This program is most definitely a “game changer” for aspiring (and even experienced) hypnotists.You just have to know how to exude a strong personal authority.In any case, to help you decide whether or not this program is right for you – here are just a few of the “game changer” secrets you’ll discover (and be able to put into use) when you’ve gone through the program:In this first session, you’ll discover the fundamental principles to building your personal power.Here’s just some of what you’ll discover…
    • 3 ways Personal Power helps you be a more effective hypnotist even without using advanced techniques and skills
    • Understanding “reality” and how people see the world and themselves. You can actually change what people think they see with some simple skills
    • 5 reasons someone might have a weak grasp of reality. You can use this knowledge to shape how someone sees the world and make them see what you want them to see
    • Warning! Tread carefully or you risk triggering resistance from people to your suggestions. Here are 3 of the most common traps to avoid
    • 3 keys to Personal Power and how to build your power faster
    • What NEVER to do if you wish to be powerful and influential plus some easy ways to be seen as being more powerful
    • 3 simple things you can do that will quickly increase your charisma and draw people to you

    With the simple steps outlined here, you’ll already be more in control of events. You’ll also find people will see you differently and be more open to your influence.Next…In this next session we look at exactly how to prepare in advance so that when you conduct a hypnosis session you’re virtually guaranteed a successful outcome.You’ll discover…

    • An effortless way to disorient somebody’s mind and make them open to your influence
    • How to shape the world around you to conform with your desires. It might sound incredible but you can in effect create your own reality
    • 3 steps to bringing about the reality and the things you desire
    • Common obstacles you may encounter and what to do to bypass resistance to your wishes
    • A fatal mistake made by many intelligent people. Don’t do this or you’ll have virtually no chance of achieving your goal
    • 4 tactics to use to disarm opposition, create compliance and get what you want
    • The secret to getting inside someone’s mind, without them realising it, and leaving them defenceless against your suggestions
    • Another powerful strategy you can use to boost your authority and influence
    • 5 ways to get into a positive and energized state of confidence, mastery and authority. Simply by doing this you’ll find people readily complying with your wishes

    By following these steps, you’ll find people will have no desire, or ability, to resist when you start a hypnotic session.Part 3: How To Combine Your Personal Power With Hypnotic Skills And Get Amazing ResultsHere’s what’s revealed in this third session…

    • The simple secret to tapping your most potent source of Personal Power (it’s so simple you’ll kick yourself if you haven’t already realised what it is)
    • The surprising lesson about Personal Power that you can discover from…a baby!
    • The source of many of the problems you encounter both in life and as a hypnotist. Understanding this will immediately resolve many difficulties and allow you to use more of your Personal Power
    • Why “failure” can actually be a good thing (in fact, in some cases it may be essential if you want to reach your goals)
    • The difference between “Force” and “Power”. One leads to success and satisfaction while the other leads to disappointment. Make sure you don’t take the wrong path
    • Why some people “self destruct” even though on the outside they appear to be highly successful
    • How to use the natural inclinations of most people so that you achieve your goals more easily
    • How to break through the biggest internal barrier to success and true personal power
    • Why you’re probably suffering from an addiction (without knowing it) that’s holding you back from the success you deserve. The good news is that there is a simple cure
    • A simple tip that will make many “problems” simply disappear. You’ll do away with much anger, sadness and frustration surprisingly easily
    • 6 steps to taking your new personal power and adding an extra dimension of potency to any hypnotic process

    At the conclusion of this Master Class you’ll have the secrets to using your new personal power to virtually guarantee success when you hypnotize someone.And that’s not all. Because you also get.Remember that you get.Click Here To Get Started
    “It Makes It Much Easier To “Hold State” So That Folks Trying To “Break State”
    For You Can’t””Very very good class, useful for much more than just Hypnosis work. It allows you to hold your own “reality bubble” around yourself, influence others yet hold your own “shields up”.

    Fantastic to enable fair negotiations or hold your own against people equally skilled yet without your best intentions in mind. It makes it much easier to “hold state” so that folks trying to “break state” for you can’t.

    It’s also a good way to indirectly influence people, you can believe in the best qualities of them so strongly that they simply give up trying to do otherwise, and let those qualities out.”

    Paul Harrison
    IT Consultant / Change Agent (Hypnosis, NLP – Master Certifications)
    Trenton, Ontario, Canada

  • Instant online access to: 5 Hours And 6 Minutes Of In-depth Training + An Exclusive Hypnotic Induction + Executive Quickstart Manual
  • A Special Hypnotic Induction To Develop Your Personal Power
  • Now, as well as the audio sessions, you also get a “Executive Quickstart Manual” that recaps the key points from the class. It also gives you an easy way to refer back to a particular section at any time.
  • In this third session, you go beyond simply applying techniques and move forward to creating personal power that makes it almost effortless to get what you want.
  • And that’s even without knowing.
  • This is what is I mean when I talk about creating a “Hypnotic Reality”.
  • Part 2: Why Personal Power Will Make You A More Potent Hypnotist
  • And that’s just the beginning.
  • And the first step is to make some simple changes to your own behaviour.
  • Part 1: How To Unlock Your Personal Power
  • The kind of personal authority other people will pick up on the moment you walk into a room or without you even saying a word.
  • It will literally give you a commanding presence with your hypnosis clients and subjects – you DON’T need to start barking orders at people or acting in any way too different to how you are now.
  • Covert Trances“The Stunning Secret Of Covert Trances That Will Have You Changing People’s Minds More Often Than You Change Your Socks!”Click Here To Learn More
  • Part 1: Why Covert Trances Are The Key To Solving ProblemsAs a hypnotist, with this understanding, you’re in a position to help people get out of this rut. To expand their choices – including of course what you recommend.
    • A new twist on the on the 3 step “A-B-S” hypnotic formula to use covert trances for ethical influence
    • How – by using what’s already going on – you can capture someone’s attention and start a covert trance
    • Understanding the nature of problems and why conventional approaches will almost always fail
    • The reason why covert trances can produce breakthroughs and solutions to seemingly impossible problems
    • 2 powerful techniques to bypass the conscious mind and dissolve resistance to your covert hypnosis
    • How to switch between your “normal” voice and your “hypnotic” voice to get the best results when using covert hypnosis
    • The secret to being truly effective with covert hypnosis
    • A 10-step hypnotic template you can use to resolve a range of difficult problems (for example, a stalled negotiation)

    With your new insights and skills from this first session, you’ll already see problems and challenges in a new light. You’ll already be more effective at finding solutions.Next…In this second session, you take your skills further and really start to master the art of using covert trances for problem solving.

    • A simple tip to cut the time to become skillful with covert hypnosis
    • How to refine the “A-B-S” model to make you more influencial and able to get agreement from people more easily
    • The right way to use confusion techniques in covert hypnosis (and 3 techniques you can apply). Most people get this completely wrong so make sure you’re using this powerful technique correctly
    • “Agreement Reversal Sets”. What they are and 3 different forms you can use to disarm resistance and open people up to your influence
    • How to introduce an “Agreement Reversal Set” into a conversation and use it to create a powerful and effective trance experience

    By this stage, you’ll probably find yourself seeing solutions to problems that baffle others.Part 3: The SPiRITS Formula For Covert ChangesAnd part of the reason for his success was that he discovered and refined what he calls the SPiRITS formula for change and problem solving.Here’s what’s revealed…

    • 2 golden rules to follow when looking to solve problems and create change that leads to lasting results
    • The basic pattern underlying all change (and problem solving) and where to focus your attention to get results fastest
    • Why simply thinking about a problem is unlikely to get results (and what to do instead)
    • A little known principle that when applied correctly leads to better, more effective, decisions
    • 3 conditions that need to be in place to ensure the best chances of a successful result
    • Warning! Master hypnotists know this is a myth. Don’t fall for it!
    • 5 ways you can influence someone covertly to make change and problem solving easier
    • How to uncover triggers that are guaranteed to get you a positive response from someone
    • The breakthrough 6 step “SPiRITS” formula for problem solving and creating positive, lasting changes
    • 2 preconditions you must create (along with 4 keys to getting them right)
    • The best tactics and resources to apply when problem solving
    • An essential step that you must include to make sure you get the result you want
    • A seemingly tiny step that will lock in and magnify the results from the SPiRITS formula

    You’ll now have everything you need to be a master problem solver and agent of positive change.And that’s not all. Because you also get.Remember that you get.Click Here To Get Started
    “Being Able To Help People Without Their Knowledge”“You’ll never speak again without considering what you’ve said.

    The power of words has such immeasurable power and Igor shows us how to use them to both our and their advantage. Being able to help people without their knowledge.

    We’re able to bestow a gift and they get to enjoy their lives. Thanks Igor. Keep it up.”

    Ron Soderstrom
    Physical therapist and contractor
    Lihue, Hi. USA

  • Instant online access to: 4 Hours And 58 Minutes Of In-depth Training + An Exclusive Hypnotic Induction + Executive Quickstart Manual
  • A Special Hypnotic Induction To Make You A Master Of Covert Trances
  • Now, as well as the audio sessions, you also get a “Executive Quickstart Manual” that recaps the key points from the class. It also gives you an easy way to refer back to a particular section at any time.
  • In this third session, you’ll discover what goes in to the formula and how to use it for powerful results.
  • I mentioned earlier that I was a top-notch corporate troubleshooter.
  • And that’s even without:
  • You’ll discover…
  • Part 2: How To Master Covert Trances For Problem Solving
  • And that’s just the beginning.
  • Here’s just some of what you’ll discover…
  • A little known fact is that covert trances happen naturally all the time. In many cases, someone will be in a trance without even realizing it. They can be stuck in a rut and that’s often the cause of a problem.
  • The Distraction Method“How To Use The Distraction Method To Secretly Influence People’s Unconscious Mind To Give You What You Want.”Click Here To Learn More
  • Here are just a few of the secrets you’ll discover (and be able to use) when you have the program:In this first session you’ll find out why distraction methods are so effective and some of the ways you can use them.
    • Why sometimes the harder you try to achieve something the more you fail and how distraction can help with this problem
    • 2 “Master Keys” to help you think like a hypnosis genius. Distraction techniques can play a vital role here
    • How to create a “Self-Fulfilling Prophecy” or ensure that you get the result you want. There’s a small, but vital, piece of the formula that most people don’t know about
    • The right and the wrong way to use conscious attention. Most hypnotists rely on conscious attention too much and end up frustrated and disappointed
    • The dirty little secret about why people fail to achieve many of the goals they set. They are doomed to failure right from the start because of one fatal error (many so-called “Goal Setting Experts” are completely wrong on this point)
    • Why someone can have amazing success in one area of their life and yet experience bitter disappointment and failure in another part
    • How to avoid the fatal goal setting mistake and how distraction techniques can help
    • The place where all learning, new behaviour and change occurs first. When you know this, you’ll have a head start with any new project or goal
    • The 3 levels of influence and when to use each one for best results
    • 10 distraction techniques to add to your repertoire
    • Warning! There’s a right time and a wrong time to use distraction methods. Here’s how to know when you need to use distraction techniques

    And that’s just the beginning.Part 2: The Distraction Method For
    Covert InfluenceYou’ll discover…

    • Seeding ideas. How to plant suggestions artfully so that someone thinks they came up with your idea by themselves (this will virtually eliminate any resistance to you)
    • How to make suggestions in a way that avoids triggering someone’s defence mechanisms and objections
    • Why subtlety will produce the best results for you (in fact, in covert hypnosis it’s essential)
    • What to do to resolve objections and roadblocks (there’s a powerful 5 step strategy that will easily dissolve most problems)
    • The secret to recovering from a mistake and actually turning the situation to your advantage (distraction plays a part here)

    Armed with the knowledge contained in this session, you’ll know the right way to use distraction methods. And you’ll avoid potential blunders.Part 3: The Distraction Method
    For Personal ChangesAnd distraction methods can play a big role in making breakthroughs.

    • Understanding the basic pattern for change and how to create lasting results
    • The 6 step method to create change
    • Where and when to use distraction to produce a big payoff (plus how to make sure changes are lasting)
    • What to do to avoid relapses into undesired behaviour and ensure changes are lasting. There are 2 key strategies you can apply
    • How to combine distraction techniques and the basic method for change to create a 10 step approach that is amazingly effective in solving highly specific problems

    You’ll find that distraction methods will add a new dimension to your ability to help and influence people.And that’s not all. Because you also get…Remember that you get.Click Here To Get Started
    “I Use The Power State
    Exercise Every Day”“For myself I use the power state exercise every day.

    Last Monday in a session with a client I felt small kicks when it was important to change direction. One of my favorite masterclass is the “”distraction method””.

    I use it a lot in conversational hypnosis. But please, don’t tell my husband.”

    Ulrike Louis
    Dentist, Hypnotist
    McLean, VA, USA

  • Instant online access to: 6 Hours And 22 Minutes Of In-depth Training + An Exclusive Hypnotic Induction + Executive Quickstart Manual
  • A Special Hypnotic Induction To Make You A Genius At Distraction
  • Now, as well as the audio sessions, you also get a “Executive Quickstart Manual” that recaps the key points from the class. It also gives you an easy way to refer back to a particular section at any time.
  • Here’s what’s revealed in this session…
  • As a hypnotist, you’re likely to find yourself influencing people by helping them with problems or issues of personal change.
  • Next, here’s…
  • This session is all about the secret to using distraction methods successfully.
  • Next…
  • Here’s just some of what you’ll discover…
  • Part 1: The Master Key For Distraction Methods
  • Irresistible Suggestions“Uncover The Secrets Of Naturally Developing Irresistible Suggestions”Click Here To Learn More
  • This program is the closest thing to “rewinding the clock” and learning directly from Dr. Milton Erickson himself.Part 1: Magnetic SuggestionsPoets and great orators throughout the ages understood the power of words to make an impact and shape people’s emotions and actions.Here’s just some of what you’ll discover…
    • The secret all good hypnotists know that is essential to achieving greater success in covert influence
    • The power of words to transform emotions and how people feel. You can use this power to make your hypnosis more compelling
    • What you can learn from poetry about how to enchant people
    • An extraordinarily helpful tool that will make it easy for you to create “deep” sounding poetry and the right words to use in hypnosis sessions for a powerful effect
    • How to take advantage of the power of the unconscious mind to create “instant poetry” and compelling suggestions
    • All you ever need to know about grammar and the art of creating powerful suggestions. Relax! Even if you flunked English at school there’s an easy way to create powerful suggestions and commands that will have the impact you want
    • The power of “Internal Stacking”, a subtle technique to make suggestions more meaningful and compelling (plus 3 reasons why
      Internal Stacking works so well)
    • The simple, but very potent, strategy that I use to create an endless selection of magnetic suggestions to weave into any hypnotic work

    With your new command of hypnotic language, you’ll find a new flow and poetry to your work that will produce results smoothly and elegantly.Next…In this next session you’ll take hypnotic language and build sets of irresistible suggestions that you can weave into any conversation, presentation or hypnosis session.

    • 5 stepping stones to make you a master of irresistible suggestions
    • Warning! There’s a correct way to use suggestions. If you forget this, you’ll come across as socially inept or even mentally deranged!
    • Tips (and 3 good attitudes to adopt) on how to quickly and naturally develop your skills at planting suggestions
    • A common mistake made by unskilled hypnotists that will result in poor outcomes and a waste of everyone’s time. Make sure you avoid this mistake
    • 2 types of words you will find especially useful in hypnosis. Used correctly, these add power and emotional impact to any hypnosis session
    • An insider tip and advanced technique that will magnify your hypnotic abilities (it goes against what you probably learned at school but it’s especially powerful)
    • The simple formula to use that will engage someone’s unconscious mind to accept your suggestions
    • A collection of Power Words and Themes you can use as the foundations for your own sets of irresistible suggestions and hypnotic language patterns

    You’ll find when you use these irresistible suggestions that people will naturally follow your wishes.Part 3: Undetectable SuggestionsPeople will think that they are following their own ideas when in fact they are doing exactly what you want them to do.

    • Why using a sequence of suggestions creates such a powerful effect (often way beyond what you thought was possible)
    • How to use a simple set of suggestions to create multiple levels of meaning that will magnify the impact of your hypnosis
    • What to do ahead of any hypnosis session to virtually guarantee you get the result you want (and without anyone realising what you are doing)
    • 7 examples of how to subtly influence people’s behaviour (some without having to say anything).plus an example of what not to do!
    • How to create undetectable suggestions to use in your own hypnosis sessions. There’s a simple 3 step system that will give you a vast array of tools to create the conditions for success before you even start

    This really is one of the highest skills of covert hypnotic influence. Influencing without appearing to influence.Now, as well as the audio sessions, you also get a “Executive Quickstart Manual” that recaps the key points from the class. It also gives you an easy way to refer back to a particular section at any time.A Special Hypnotic Induction To Build Your Irresistible Suggestion SkillsInstant online access to: 4 Hours And 37 Minutes Of In-depth Training + An Exclusive Hypnotic Induction + Executive Quickstart ManualClick Here To Get Started
    “Gave Hidden Suggestions In A Way That Nobody Else Teaches“Thank you Igor, the irresistible suggestion masterclass offered me a great way of developing my hypnotic language through some principles and a very important exercise to make my hypnotic language natural, and almost effortless to create.

    “And thanks for the third session, where you share some important principles on how to give hidden suggestions in a way that nobody else teaches. And that’s what makes your work unique.”

    Chris Baboch
    Piraeus, Greece

  • Remember that you get.
  • And that’s not all. Because you also get.
  • You’ll be a member of a small “Ninja” elite who have this remarkable power of making suggestions undetectable.
  • Here’s what’s revealed in this session…
  • In this final session, you’ll take your covert hypnosis skills to a completely new level.
  • And that’s even without:
  • You’ll discover…
  • Part 2: Irresistible Suggestions
  • And that’s just the beginning.
  • You’ll have this power yourself.
  • In this first session, you’ll find out about the special way you can use language to “set the scene” ahead of your hypnosis sessions.
  • Anyway, here are a few of the secrets you’ll discover (and be able to use) when you get it..
  • Hypnotic Power States“How To Use Hypnotic Power States To Programme Your Unconscious For Guaranteed Success In Any Meeting, Project Or Task”Click Here To Learn More
  • This masterclass is like a natural “mind drug”.And when you’re “in the zone” you literally become “untouchable” to any kind of competition.Anyway, here are just a few of the secrets you’ll discover (and be able to use) when you have this masterclass…This first session covers the fundamentals of “State Control” – how to be in charge of your emotions at any time.Here’s just some of what you’ll discover…
    • 4 skills every hypnotist needs and how you can acquire these skills
    • A simple thought experiment so you can experience just how easily you can change your emotions (and by doing this you start to have greater control of your own states)
    • 3 key areas to use Power States for the success in life and business you deserve
    • The secret that sporting giants, musicians, actors and all great “performers” know about producing winning performances. Simply knowing this will guarantee you get better results as a hypnotist
    • The 2 reasons why most people cannot get into a Power State when they need it the most. You can easily avoid this problem when you know what to do
    • 3 tips to help you access Power States when you need them (plus the “5 Ps” of peak performance)
    • The “Unconscious Success Drill” and how to prime your unconscious mind for success at any upcoming meeting, task or event. There are 3 broad steps that will lead you to a great result, whatever the occasion

    …plus simple but powerful tactics to make the “Unconscious Success Drill” easy to master.Next…In this next session you’ll get the keys to “The Zone” (also known as being in the “Flow”).

    • 5 ways to be as calm and centred as a Zen Master even in the most high-pressure situations
    • How to use your new skill and the Unconscious Success Drill to think on your feet and know what to do in any situation. You’ll have unstoppable confidence with this ability at your command
    • What the “Flow” state is and the 8 conditions you need to make it work for you
    • How to create a special “Hypnotist’s Power State” to amplify your abilities and perform more potent and more creative hypnotic work
    • What to do to get into the Hypnotist’s Power State whenever you need it
    • The secret to maintaining your Hypnotist’s Power State for as long as necessary to get the results you want (Do this and you’ll never find yourself “stuck” at any point wondering what to do next)

    With your new skills and powers, you can get into “The Zone” and apply your full hypnotic power whenever you desire.Part 3: How To Use Power States
    To Master Any SkillHere’s what’s revealed in this session…

    • The secrets to using hypnosis for accelerated learning originally discovered by a mysterious Bulgarian psychologist
    • The different types of learning and the best approach to get fast results with each type
    • A tip to help you master skills in a fraction of the time it would usually take
    • An often overlooked truth about the path to mastery (if you apply this principle, you’ll find yourself far in advance of most people)
    • How to put the odds of success overwhelmingly in your favour and boost your confidence when starting to master a new skill
    • 4 power strategies to turbo-charge your learning capabilities. Use these simple strategies and you’ll be amazed at how much more easily you can master a new skill
    • What to do if you find yourself not getting the results you want and losing motivation. Here are 4 powerful techniques to get you back on track quickly and moving forward
    • A 6 step template to guide you to success mastering any new skill or task (with this guide you’ll have the confidence to tackle virtually anything)

    New worlds will open up to you with the ability to easily learn new skills and acquire advanced knowledge.And that’s not all. Because you also get.Remember that you get.Click Here To Get Started
    “I Achieve Fantastic Results In A Fraction Of The Time That I Used To”“As a Sales Professional I hold many meetings with customers and staff alike. This program has been a powerful influence in how I now present and run meetings.

    The structures, planning and flow of meetings are so seamless now that I achieve fantastic results in a fraction of the time that I used to. Not only that, the focus is so intense there is often no resistance from others or time wasting any more.

    That is now eliminated from all meetings. I have found this program extremely valuable.”

    Vinnie Le Huray
    Sales Professional
    North Canterbury, Canterbury, New Zealand

  • Instant online access to: 11 Hours And 42 Minutes Of In-depth Training + An Exclusive Hypnotic Induction + Executive Quickstart Manual
  • A Special Hypnotic Induction To Install The Hypnotist’s Power State
  • Now, as well as the audio sessions, you also get a “Executive Quickstart Manual” that recaps the key points from the class. It also gives you an easy way to refer back to a particular section at any time.
  • In this session we take the next step and focus on how to acquire new skills and knowledge in the fastest possible way.
  • And to complete your new range of skills.
  • You’ll discover…
  • Part 2: The Hypnotist’s Power State
  • And that’s just the beginning.
  • It’s critical to control how you feel because this will influence how you think, speak and behave.
  • Part 1: How To Prepare For Any Important Meeting Or Event
  • Nobody can live with you when you’re in the zone!
  • Turning you “ON” at will.
  • Hypnotic Reversals“The Power Of Hypnotic Reversals To Quickly & Easily Remove Cynicism, Doubt & Verbal Aggression From People’s Minds”Click Here To Learn More
  • Part 1: How To Use Hypnotic ReversalsAfter all, your aim is to skillfully influence. It’s not about winning an argument while leaving the other person sullen and resentful.
    • Why cynicism and verbal aggression are hard to handle. There are 3 main reasons and when you understand these you can deflect problems confidently
    • The 3 main reasons why people may challenge you and what’s really going on in these situations (this gives you a key to solving the problem)
    • How to beat cynicism, doubt and verbal aggression. The solution is surprisingly simple when you apply this 5 part strategy
    • The basic method of using Hypnotic Reversals to deflect challenges and quickly put you in control of any situation
    • A useful tip that will remove a huge amount of stress from your life and enable you to get more done
    • The powerful framework you can use to understand, neutralise and then resolve virtually any hostile challenge
    • Exactly how to deal with 5 common everyday challenges (these need never cause you problems again)
    • Warning! Hypnotic Reversals can appear hostile and challenging if used incorrectly. Here’s how to avoid needless confrontations and quickly get the other person on your side

    With Hypnotic Reversals at your command, you’ll easily be able to deal with most challenges you encounter.Part 2: Hypnotic Reversals For
    The Toughest ChallengesYou’ll discover…

    • Why, as a hypnotist, you MUST deal with any challenges that arise quickly and confidently (and in a way that’s “Win-Win” for everyone)
    • 3 ways to quickly train your mind to deal automatically with challenges and awkward questions so that you are always in control
    • 5 questions that are easy to remember that you can use in any situation (you’ll never be stuck for something to say with these questions ready to use)
    • A mistake to avoid and 3 ways to get even the most awkward and argumentative person to agree with you
    • Examples of how to successfully overcome the most difficult hypnotic challenges you are ever likely to face

    From now on, you can face even the most confronting situations with no concerns. In fact, you’ll probably smile to yourself because you’ll know exactly how to turn events to your advantage.Part 3: Hypnotic Reversals – The
    Ultimate Sales FormulaGetting new clients or a new job, negotiating any kind of deal are all examples of selling.Here’s what’s revealed in this session…

    • The mistakes made by most regular salespeople that result in frustration and poor results for everyone
    • What to do instead to become a “Hypnotic Salesperson” welcomed as a trusted adviser
    • The 7 step Ultimate Sales Formula using Hypnotic Reversals that will deliver better results for you without stress and rejection
    • How to quickly build trust and make people feel comfortable around you with the “Instant Rapport Technique”
    • Avoid many common problems in sales situations with this tip
    • As a “Hypnotic Salesperson” questions are your secret weapon. Here’s how to use them to best effect to avoid problems and get the result you want
    • Warning! Don’t do this or you’ll come across as a shifty, low-life politician who has something to hide!
    • Price will rarely be an issue or problem for you when you understand and apply these strategies
    • How to close the deal smoothly and without resistance…plus a simple way to make more money with no extra effort (multi-billion dollar corporations use this strategy all the time and it can easily boost sales 30-50%)

    Whether you’re in sales full time or not, the Ultimate Sales Formula can help you skyrocket your results.PLUS as a SPECIAL BONUS the Executive Quickstart Manual includes a 68 page transcript of a classic work called the “Gorgias”.Don’t pass over this simply because it’s from almost 2,500 years ago.And that’s not all. Because you also get.Remember that you get.Click Here To Get Started
    “Amazing For Hypnosis…Sales….
Dealing With Difficult People”“Igor’s master class on hypnotic reversals is not only amazing for hypnosis but if you are in sales or even if you deal with difficult people.

    I have quite a few products of Igor’s and the always live up to my expectations. There are very few people I can say that about.”

    Scott Bell
    Sales / sales trainer
    Elk Grove, CA USA

  • Instant online access to: 6 Hours And 14 Minutes Of In-depth Training + An Exclusive Hypnotic Induction + Executive Quickstart Manual
  • A Special Hypnotic Induction To Make You An Expert With Hypnotic Reversals
  • It’s a tremendous example of how to use Hypnotic Reversals in a regular conversation. Socrates was a master of this technique and you’ll gain a tremendous amount from observing and following what he does.
  • This is an extended conversation between the classical Greek philosopher Socrates and a number of different people trying to persuade him of different things.
  • Now, as well as the audio sessions, you also get a “Quick-Start Executive Manual” that recaps the key points from the class. It also gives you an easy way to refer back to a particular section at any time.
  • So understanding how to sell is a valuable skill and in this session you’ll discover the Ultimate Sales Formula using Hypnotic Reversals.
  • Even if you don’t regard yourself as a salesperson, the reality is that in some way you’re involved in selling.
  • And there’s one further way you can make use of your new skills.
  • In this second session, you’ll build and refine your new skills so that you can confidently address even the toughest challenges.
  • And for more difficult situations.
  • Here’s just some of what’s covered…
  • In this first session you’ll discover the power of Hypnotic Reversals. They are like a verbal “Aikido” you can use to neutralise challenges and attacks. You can then gently bring the other person over to your side.
  • The Dynamic Principle“How To Use The Dynamic Principle To Easily Get Inside People’s Minds And Change Attitudes, Feelings & The Inner Landscape”Click Here To Learn More
  • If you want to “up your game” as a hypnotist there is no better program on the market to go through.Part 1: Introducing The Dynamic Principle For Powerful HypnosisIncluded is a complete example you can use as a template.
    • Introducing the Dynamic Principle. What it is, why it works and how you can use it to make your hypnosis vastly more effective
    • The difference between active and passive hypnosis. They are both useful in different ways and you’ll be a more powerful hypnotist using both approaches
    • A simple way to combine the Dynamic Principle and active hypnosis. It’s called Dynamic Mental Imagery and it’s a great way to add power and impact to a hypnosis session without you having to do much at all
    • A step-by-step guide to using Dynamic Mental Imagery in your hypnosis. It’s easy and you’ll be amazed at the powerful experience you can create for someone
    • 6 Expert tips on getting the most from a Dynamic Mental Imagery session. Use these to create a compelling hypnotic experience that has the impact you want
    • How to use Dynamic Mental Imagery to help someone solve a problem without you knowing anything at all about the problem! People will be in awe of your seemingly magical powers
    • What expert hypnotists do to ensure a positive experience with Dynamic Mental Imagery. Follow these 3 tips and you’ll avoid any problems

    And that’s just the beginning.Part 2: The Dynamic Principle In Action – DMI Induction CoachingYou also get the benefit of a detailed analysis and set of tips from me (this is like you sitting in on a hypnosis session and “looking over my shoulder”).

    • The 2 main ways your unconscious mind interprets and understands events. One of these is very useful to a hypnotist and enables you to multiply the effect you have
    • How you can enlist someone’s unconscious mind to automatically follow the best path to the outcome you desire. Success is virtually guaranteed when you do this
    • Another look at Dynamic Mental Imagery and how to make the experience more vivid, flow more smoothly and have a deeper, more lasting impact
    • Gain the benefit of my skill and experience as I point out for you exactly what is going on at every point of a Dynamic Mental Imagery demonstration. Faster than almost anything else, this will feed your brain with the knowledge to apply this incredible technique
    • Troubleshooting tips for the rare occasion when you find it unclear how to move forward. There’s no need for concern because this strategy will always deliver a successful outcome

    With your new skills, you’ll be able to add extra power and impact to any hypnosis session.And you’ll see better results because you’ll be zeroing in on exactly the right pressure points that will make someone change.The first two sessions concentrated on applying the Dynamic Principle to direct hypnosis work.Here’s what’s revealed in this session…

    • The stories that people tell themselves shape both how they see life and what happens to them. Here’s how to uncover those stories and be able to literally read people “like a book”
    • There is a special kind of idea that is very effective in creating change. It’s called a “Thought Virus” and used wisely will be a very effective tool for covert influence
    • How to launch a Thought Virus so that it survives the first few seconds of contact with someone’s mind. This is critical otherwise there’s no chance of the new idea being accepted
    • 3 examples of the correct way to deploy a Thought Virus plus some tips to add to the effectiveness
    • A simple strategy that can compel someone to make a change surprisingly quickly
    • How to add Thought Viruses to a story. Combining these 2 powerful covert techniques will result in breakthrough results for even the toughest challenges
    • Story templates you can use that work particularly well when combined with one or even multiple Thought Viruses

    And the best part about using the Dynamic Principle this way is that people will have no idea what you are doing.And that’s not all. Because you also get.Remember that you get.Click Here To Get Started
    “The Dynamic Principle 
Is Something I Use 
Every Day”“The Dynamic Principle is something I use every day. “As a writer and creative person who is fascinated by hypnosis, I’ve long known that people develop rich inner lives.

    “Creating a place for them to explore and interact with in new and interesting ways, is my bread and butter. “So to learn from from somebody who has dedicated their life to navigating and enhancing people’s inner worlds is a wonderful opportunity.

    “The Dynamic Principle is a wonderful way to guide and shape yourself and others, to enable you to understand that the change you so deeply desire is just around the corner.

    “It opens doors to opportunity like nothing else I’ve ever seen, by allowing you to understand your own natural forms of communication and thinking, as well as that of those around you. “We’ve all heard that there are powerful metaphors for change. We’ve all heard that you can access your inner resources.

    “The Dynamic Principle as Igor teaches it provides you with a clear and easily understandable method for developing and understanding just that – the path and way that is uniquely yours. “Not only that, but you can help others find theirs as well! There’s a reason it’s called the Dynamic Principle – if you learn how to use it, then you’ll never be ‘stuck’ again.

    “Thanks so much to Igor for putting it out there.”

    Craig Slee
    Writer & Creative Content Developer
    Lancaster, Lancashire, UK

  • Instant online access to: 5 Hours And 22 Minutes Of In-depth Training + An Exclusive Hypnotic Induction + Executive Quickstart Manual
  • A Special Hypnotic Induction To Master The “Dynamic Principle”
  • Now, as well as the audio sessions, you also get a “Executive Quickstart Manual” that recaps the key points from the class. It also gives you an easy way to refer back to a particular section at any time.
  • But you can also use the Dynamic Principle in conversational, covert hypnosis. In fact, it’s probably even more powerful in such situations.
  • Part 3: How To Apply The Dynamic Principle For Covert Influence
  • And you’ll see better results because you’ll be zeroing in on exactly the right pressure points that will make someone change.
  • You’ll discover…
  • Having introduced the Dynamic Principle, now we go deep and uncover the many ways to use this potent technique.
  • Next…
  • Here’s just some of what you’ll discover…
  • This first session takes you straight into explaining the Dynamic Principle and how to use it in your own hypnosis work.
  • Here are just a few of the secrets you’ll discover (and be able to apply) when you have the program:
  • Instant Street Hypnosis“Now You Can Demonstrate The Power Of Hypnosis To Amaze A Crowd, Be A Force For Good Or Even Save Someone’s Life!”Click Here To Learn More
  • There’s no other “street smart” hypnosis program like it.I’m sure you’ll agree once you look at just a few of the secrets you’ll discover (and be able to use) when you go through the program:Street Hypnosis is the way you can use hypnosis anytime, anywhere, with anyone.You can take advantage of this both to improve your own life and to help other people (who will thank you for doing so).
    • The secret to applying hypnosis anytime, anywhere with anyone. You’ll be able to help people in everyday situations and in return you’ll gain new influence, prestige and respect
    • What you can learn from stage hypnotists and why they actually make it easier for you to get results with most people
    • 3 big benefits you’ll get from the practice of Street Hypnosis that will put you way ahead of most other hypnotists
    • Attention! Make sure you stick to these ethical guidelines and Street Hypnosis will be fun and beneficial to everyone involved
    • The underground origins of Street Hypnosis and a personal story from me that illustrates the practical benefits for you. And how people can be inspired to change their lives
    • The secret to successful Street Hypnosis. The familiar “A-B-S” formula still applies but you need to make some subtle changes to get the best results
    • The 4 acts of every Street Hypnosis performance and how to prepare in advance to create a successful result
    • The secrets to putting people into a trance even out on the street! It might seem like “Voodoo” to some but you’ll be in complete control

    Plus a host of tips, tricks and techniques you can use in regular everyday situations. These will boost your prestige and influence and people will look at you with a new regard and respect.Next…Now, you may never want to appear on stage or be a professional hypnotist.So even if you only ever use this skill with small groups or friends and family, it will pay big dividends for you.

    • How to amaze and inspire people with Street Hypnosis. There’s a simple 2 part approach that always produces great results
    • What to do to keep your audience involved and keep their attention by demonstrating how hypnosis is useful and practical (not just a corny trick)
    • 5 steps to presenting your own “Mini Hypnosis Show”. Without music, stage or equipment you can enthral and entertain any crowd and get an enthusiastic response every time
    • Always remember these 2 guidelines and your Mini Hypnosis Show will go smoothly (plus an expert’s tip on preventing potential difficulties)
    • A 6 step technique that is wonderfully effective for “secret” changework. You’ll find people amazed by the results
    • How you can help people improve their golf scores, tennis game or any other skill that’s important to them. Imagine how popular you’ll be when people hear what you can do for them
    • 4 Street Hypnosis routines that have a dramatic impact on any audience and will build your reputation
    • An amazing technique that is one of the most powerful learning tools in existence
    • How to give someone a wonderful experience of health, vitality and wellbeing. There’s a simple 4 step formula that works like “magic”
    • A simple gift (that won’t cost you anything) you can give to people so they feel more in control of their lives and experience more happiness (they’ll love you for this)
    • A devastatingly effective way to disarm opposition and bring people over to your point of view
    • Here’s the secret to how legendary hypnotist Milton Erickson wielded awesome power, even when old, crippled and confined to a wheelchair

    This new skill will help with all of your hypnosis because of the added personal power it gives you.Part 3: How You Can Save Someone’s
    Life With HypnosisNow, of course, the lead role will always fall to the official emergency services. But you can render valuable assistance in many ways and in some situations you may be the only help at hand.Here’s what’s revealed in this session…

    • 5 ways that you can give invaluable help during an emergency. These may seem simple actions but they will have a big impact in preventing further problems and saving lives
    • What to do to prevent fear, panic and general chaos getting out of hand with some simple, direct suggestions
    • How you can relieve pain, help the recovery process and guard against relapses. You can even lessen acute pain with a simple hypnotic process
    • Why doctors may accidentally cause problems and how you can guard against this
    • It might sound incredible but with hypnosis you can even stop bleeding and prevent shock. This can make the difference between life and death while waiting for help to arrive
    • What NEVER to do in an emergency situation. This could have disastrous consequences for everyone involved

    You may never need to use these particular skills. But if the worst happens you’ll be ready and able to make a difference.And that’s not all. Because you also get.Remember that you get.Click Here To Get Started
    “…Insights Into Areas That I Would Have Never Thought To Venture Into” “This Master class gives you insights into areas that I would have never thought to venture into.

    Thanks for your knowledge and your concern to make this world a better place for everyone.”

    Steve Severin
    Severin Hypnotherapy Center
    Modesto, CA, USA

  • Instant online access to: 5 Hours And 23 Minutes Of In-depth Training + An Exclusive Hypnotic Induction + Executive Quickstart Manual
  • A Special Hypnotic Induction To Build Your “Street Hypnosis” Power
  • Now, as well as the audio sessions, you also get a “Executive Quickstart Manual” that recaps the key points from the class. It also gives you an easy way to refer back to a particular section at any time.
  • The knowledge and skills in this session could literally make the difference between life and death for a family member, friend or simply someone who was lucky that you were on the scene.
  • You may not realise it, but as a hypnotist, you are uniquely qualified to help in an emergency.
  • And here’s.
  • You’ll discover…
  • But few things are as effective in making you a figure of authority and influence as holding an audience spellbound with a Mini Hypnosis Show.
  • Part 2: How To Amaze A Crowd With Hypnosis
  • And that’s just the beginning.
  • Here’s just some of what you’ll discover…
  • Remember, hypnosis is something that’s actually quite natural and happens all the time. Even if most people aren’t aware of what’s happening.
  • Part 1: How You Can Use Hypnosis Anytime, Anywhere With Anybody
  • Especially as I cover “Emergency Hypnosis”.
  • Group Conversational Hypnosis“How To Use Group Conversational Hypnosis To Make A Killer Presentation, Influence A Group, Close Any Deal And Even Get A Standing Ovation!”Click Here To Learn More
  • You can use the covert hypnosis secrets in this program to:Negotiate yourself out of a hole (Igor Ledochowski style)Or motivate an entire group of people to follow your cause.Here’s what you’ll discover in Part 1…Preparing correctly is essential for success in any endeavour and applying Conversational Hypnosis with groups is no exception.Here’s just some of what you’ll discover…
    • The simple, but incredibly powerful, “mental trick” that is the key to a successful group hypnosis session (without this, you’ll struggle)
    • How to create the content for your group hypnosis session (6 steps and 4 tips to guarantee that you make a killer presentation that holds the audience spellbound every time)
    • My secret way to both lay out information and remember it naturally when you need it. This secret was one of the reasons major corporations paid large fees for my “Big Bid Coaching” training
    • 3 rules to follow when setting up a room for your presentation. These may seem small details but they will have a big impact on how well you connect with the audience and your success
    • Why King Arthur’s round table may not have been such a good idea and other mistakes to avoid if you want to keep control of any group
    • What all top presenters and group hypnotists do to prepare themselves so that you connect with the whole audience and deliver a stunning presentation
    • How to create an intense emotional connection with your audience so they hang on your every word and willingly follow your direction
    • Simple techniques to keep key members of the audience on your side. Do this and you’ll have the entire audience in the palm of your hand
    • 5 ways to start any group hypnosis session or presentation so that you quickly (and covertly) establish control and authority
    • What you can learn from charismatic presenters to improve your style, technique and effectiveness when dealing with groups

    And that’s just the beginning.Part 2: How To Harness Group Dynamics
    To Add Power To Your “Punch”The answer lies in what’s known as “Group Dynamics”.Get these right, on the other hand, and you’re virtually guaranteed a successful result.

    • The single most important principle you MUST understand about groups to be an effective speaker and presenter (most people refuse to accept this challenging idea and as a result will never have success dealing with groups)
    • What heckling and other forms of resistance really indicate and how you can use this to your advantage
    • The 5 stages that every group passes through and how to adapt your presentation to benefit from this natural progression
    • 2 essential conditions you must establish with every group in order to have an open and receptive audience (plus the 3 simple steps you can take to establish these conditions)
    • The secret to getting any group ready and willing to follow your directions (there are 3 techniques to do this quickly and easily)
    • The amazingly effective strategy you can use to take charge and keep control of any group (this will minimise reluctance to follow your directions and any resistance like heckling)
    • The secret to not only controlling a group but having them move in the direction you desire (you can use this in a training situation, a presentation or even at dinner parties)
    • How to make sure you prevent problems with a group even before they have a chance to start (follow this simple rule and every presentation will go smoothly)
    • What to do so that every group you deal with is energized, enthusiastic and productive (the group will feel great and they’ll love you because of this)
    • Understanding the 3 ways groups come together and what you need to do to get the best results in each situation
    • 4 simple ways to keep the members of any group happy and excited about your presentation

    With you new control of “Group Dynamics” you’ll be amazed at how easily you can attract and hold people’s attention. You’ll find people drawn to you and open to your influence.Part 3: How To Deliver A Killer
    Group Hypnosis SessionYou see, it’s not just about what you say but how you go about saying it.Here’s what’s revealed in this session…

    • A simple method that opens minds to smoothly accept your ideas and suggestions without any doubts or hesitation (these 4 steps are effective in any situation)
    • A subtle and very elegant structure that every hypnotist and presenter will find useful
    • The magic of stories and a conversational way to easily create a trance state in your audience
    • 3 ways to put some “Magic” into your performance (and the two elements you must include for spectacular effect)
    • What the truly great presenters and speakers know and how you can take their secrets to captivate an audience and have them eating out of the palm of your hand
    • How to unleash the hypnotic power of your voice to move, inspire.and control an audience without them having any idea about what you are doing
    • 5 ways to set hypnotic triggers so that an entire group will act as one on your hidden commands
    • 15 sure-fire ways you can instantly create a connection with an audience so you can covertly establish control
    • How the experts handle Question and Answer (“Q&A”) sessions and the 7 steps so that you can keep control and on track to a successful conclusion
    • How to close your hypnotic presentation and leave your audience feeling great and ready to take the action you desire
    • The secrets to banishing any performance anxiety and always delivering a powerful and confident presentation that gets results

    The session concludes with a summary of how to put everything together in one devastatingly effective hypnotic presentation (with a step-by-step map that’s easy to follow).Imagine what you can do with this new power.And that’s not all. Because you also get.Remember that you get.
    Instant online access to: 6 Hours And 2 Minutes Of In-depth Training + An Exclusive Hypnotic Induction + Executive Quickstart ManualClick Here To Get Started
    “I Had 100% Closing Ratio Today! Thank You. Thank You. Thank You!” “I spent all weekend listening to the audios and studying the material. I’m soooo excited to implement the hypnotic suggestions in my sales presentations which I give Realtors all over the country selling a 
marketing package.

    I was AMAZED at the things I was doing totally wrong and have since revamped my presentation to be more efficient and look forward to increased sales. This product has literally resparked my passion for what I’ve been doing for 10 years now.

    Thanks to Igor and the Hypnosis audios, I have a renewed excitement for my business and CAN’T WAIT to deliver my first ‘Hypnotic’ presentation tomorrow morning!!! Thank you, again, for the wonderful information! I look forward to ordering more products from you soon!”

    UPDATE: “Oh My God!!! EVERY SINGLE agent bought my marketing today!!! My presentation was fresh and exciting…even to me!

    Thanks to your Group Conversational Hypnosis CD course, I had 100% closing ratio today! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! I have a renewed passion for my business and can’t wait to share what I’ve learned with my friends and family.

    Y’all truly have helped me get my life back and helped breathe new life into my business.”

    Anne Scoville
    Owner, ABC Master Marketing,
    Beaverton, OR, USA

  • A Special Hypnotic Induction To Make You A Master At Controlling Groups
  • Now, as well as the training audio sessions, you also get a “Quick Start Executive Manual” in PDF format that recaps the key points from the program. It also gives you an easy way to refer back to a particular section at any time.
  • You’ll have the power to confidently address any group and use your covert hypnotic abilities to get the result you desire.
  • And there are simple, but very effective, ways you can keep the attention of an audience and guarantee that you will get your message across.
  • In this third session you’ll discover how to really shine as a group hypnotist.
  • And that’s even without applying the insider secrets of.
  • You’ll discover…
  • Get these wrong and you’ll get people arguing with you, heckling and general hostility.
  • Why are some groups a pleasure to work with while others turn on you like a pack of rabid dogs? Why do some presenters always seem to get a “good crowd” while others face indifference or hostility?
  • Next…
  • In this first session, you’ll discover how the experts prepare so that they are on track for a successful result before they even say a single word.
  • Part 1: How To Prepare For
    Successful Group Hypnosis
  • In fact, here are just a few of the secrets you’ll discover (and be able to use) when you have the program.
  • Close a deal on a “runaway” sales call
  • Blitz a job interview
  • Powerful Hypnotic Frames“How To Create Powerful Hypnotic Frames To Win Any Argument And Get Your Suggestions Easily Accepted, Even During The Lightest Covert Trances”Click Here To Learn More
  • Here are just a few of the secrets you’ll discover (and be able to use) when you have the program:In this first session, you’ll discover how frames control the meaning of a conversation or any form of communication.With this control, you can win hearts and minds, add great power to your suggestions and easily get the results you want.
    • Why frame control is important in hypnosis and how you can use it to win people’s hearts and minds, add power to your suggestions and create the responses you desire
    • The secret that lies behind the effectiveness of all successful frames (without this, a frame will be completely rejected and you’ll end up looking foolish, or worse)
    • The reason why people often willingly buy things they don’t need and how to use this to your advantage
    • How frames create meaning in a situation and how you can use this to make sure people hear the message you want them to hear
    • The expert way to use frames to build your authority, squash resistance before it even happens and have your suggestions eagerly accepted
    • Warning! There’s a difference between real logic and “Pseudo Logic”. Make sure you don’t let people use Pseudo Logic to resist change and frustrate your wishes
    • A general rule you can use to know precisely how deep a trance is required to have someone accept your suggestions
    • Hypnotic Frame #1: “The Unintended Loophole” and the great secret you can use to demolish resistance in almost any situation or escape from seemingly unbreakable traps
    • How to “hijack” an analogy and use it to support your argument (this works especially well if the analogy has a strong meaning for someone)
    • The right way and the wrong way to use Hypnotic Frame #3: “The History Frame”. Used correctly this will add authority and power to your suggestions
    • Hypnotic Frame #4: “The Simple Bind”. Often used by hypnotists, you’ll be able to go way beyond what most of them do when you have the 5 step formula and the power secrets of using the simple bind
    • 2 ways to escape the simple bind. Be aware of these to avoid challenges to your authority and also to ensure you’re not trapped yourself
    • How to elegantly and cleverly combine simple binds to ensnare anyone in a complex bind and have them completely under your control
    • An Hypnosis Classic. Hypnotic Frame #6: “The Double Bind”. With this in your “bag of tricks” people will be completely unaware of your control and they’ll actually think they are making decisions themselves
    • The “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t” variation of the bind technique, when it’s useful but also the flaws that can undermine this bind

    And that’s just the beginning. Next…In our society, science has an enormous amount of credibility and authority. In many cases, people will believe something simply because a “scientist” said so.This second session reveals exactly how to do this.

    • The 2 main types of “scientific” models, what they are based on, the errors they may contain and how you can exploit those errors to create powerfully persuasive frames
    • Use and abuse of statistics in persuasion. 3 ways to use statistics so that your suggestions appear completely believable
    • Hypnotic Frame #8: “The Scientific Frame”. The secrets to using the language of science (3 easy rules to follow) to increase your power and authority and allow many of your suggestions to be accepted without question
    • A little known principle that can make even questionable claims appear reasonable. You’ll rarely want to use this yourself but don’t fall for it when others try to trick you
    • Another way to use statistics to make something appear inevitable and so create huge emotional pressure to accept your suggestions (this method exploits 2 common logical flaws that most people won’t notice)
    • Hypnotic Frame #11: “The Precision Statistic”. The fact is that numbers can be very persuasive and using precise numbers (“51.1%” rather than “just over half”) gives even greater credibility. Discover how you can use this to your best advantage
    • The mistake most gamblers make when calculating the odds. This fallacy also arises outside the casino in business and other real life situations. You can use this to ensure that you maintain control over people in difficult situations
    • How to use an accident of language to defend your frames even if you’re on shaky ground (it’s completely illogical but surprisingly effective)
    • A powerful human instinct you can use to drive people to your desired outcome. There are 3 particular ways you can harness this instinct to get results
    • Hypnotic Frame #15: “The Synchronicity Frame” and how completely unrelated events can be used to “prove” almost anything
    • The truth that lies behind many superstitions but why for most people they make no sense at all (plus the root cause of phobias). You can often use this to appear to create “magic”

    And to complete the picture…In this third session you’ll add advanced covert tactics to your foundation knowledge. With these at your command and used correctly, it will be almost impossible for someone to resist you.In this third session you’ll add advanced covert tactics to your foundation knowledge. With these at your command and used correctly, it will be almost impossible for someone to resist you.

    • Hypnotic Frame #17: “The Tyrannical Principle”. How you can disguise a trap that is virtually impossible to escape from. Once someone has fallen for this, you’re guaranteed to get the result you want (and they’ll have no idea of what you’ve done)
    • Another way you can create an illusion of choice, while all the time the outcome is guaranteed to be in your favour (plus some sophisticated variations to make this covert technique even more effective)
    • Warning! Here are 5 ways to mix up groups and individuals to create questionable conclusions. Make sure you don’t fall for these and only use them yourself for ethical purposes
    • Hypnotic Frame #20: “The Sweeping Generalization” and how specific examples can be used completely out of context but in a seemingly reasonable way (plus how to multiply the effect of this frame)
    • A covert persuasion secret known by legendary showman P.T. Barnum. Here’s how you can use this remarkably effective technique to convince people even though there is no real evidence to support the position

    At the end of these 3 sessions, you’ll have a deeper understanding and command of hypnosis and hypnotic frames than even some so-called experts.Now, as well as the audio sessions, you also get a “Executive Quickstart Manual” that recaps the key points from the class. It also gives you an easy way to refer back to a particular section at any time.A Special Hypnotic Induction To Make You A Master Of Hypnotic FramesInstant online access to: 5 Hours And 2 Minutes Of In-depth Training + An Exclusive Hypnotic Induction + Executive Quickstart ManualClick Here To Get Started
    “You Won’t Find Anything Close To As Powerful As What Igor Has Put Together In This Masterclass””As a therapist and continual student of quality information, I can tell you that you won’t find anything close to as powerful as what Igor has put together in this masterclass.

    “It is true that if you were only going to learn one concept, frame control would be your most valuable and beneficial knowledge.

    If you don’t have this right, everything else doesn’t work as well, it’s as simple as that.

    “After hearing the information, one cannot help but make immediate changes to their personal and professional lives for the better.”

    John Finis
    Windsor, CO United States

  • Remember that you get.
  • And that’s not all. Because you also get…
  • Even better, you can use your new command of these advanced psychological tactics to be a more accomplished and effective hypnotist.
  • Here’s just some of what’s covered…
  • Here’s just some of what’s covered…
  • Part 3: How To Hide Scientific Fallacies In Irresistible Frames
  • You’ll discover…
  • You can take advantage of this to present your suggestions in a way that appears “scientific”. When you do this, people will easily agree with you and accept your directions.
  • Part 2: How To Use The Power Of Science To Make Your Frames Even More Effective
  • Here’s just some of what’s revealed…
  • In this first session, you’ll discover how frames control the meaning of a conversation or any form of communication.
  • Part 1: Introducing Hypnotic Binds
    And Other Frames
  • Make A Lot of Money With Hypnosis“How To Make A Lot Of Money With Hypnosis – Either Part Time Or Full Time!”Click Here To Learn More
  • Here are just a few of the secrets you’ll discover (and be able to use) when you have the program:The big secret to success in stop smoking sessions……in fact in all hypnotherapy…And I set out exactly what to do so that by the time a client comes in for their session, you’re virtually guaranteed of success.
    • When the hypnotherapy session actually starts and what you MUST do to be successful
    • How to set up your office and some common mistakes to avoid
    • Professional Security, Insurance and Video Records. Why you need them and what to do to make sure you never run into legal issues
    • What to do the very first time you have contact with a potential client. Follow these steps and the actual hypnotherapy session will be a breeze
    • Many of your clients will have tried, and failed, to stop smoking before. Here’s how to take those failures, remove them as an obstacle and actually use them to help achieve a successful outcome
    • The 12 most common reasons (excuses, really) for smoking and how to demolish them completely (I share my key, tested and highly effective technique)
    • What you absolutely MUST do to have any chance of a successful outcome and protect your reputation. This will SHOCK many people but it’s essential to your success
    • My Crossroads technique (or “Make Up Your Mind Session”) that you’ll find will overcome many problems and concerns
    • One of the key secrets to success in making money as a hypnotist. This will help you not only as a hypnotist but with your life in general

    With this correct preparation, you’ve set the scene for success.Part 2: How To Conduct A Stop Smoking Session That Gets Results Every TimeYou get the benefit of my years of experience with a proven system that’s easy to follow.

    • 3 inductions to put your clients into a trance quickly and easily. Most of the time they’ll be in a trance and under your spell before they even realise what’s happening!
    • How to shape and change someone’s inner reality so that it’s almost impossible for them to continue smoking (there are 4 killer strategies to use)
    • 3 patterns of change you can use to transform someone from being a smoker to a non-smoker. Each one gets results – you simply choose which one fits the circumstances best
    • The essential stage of reinforcing the change and making sure it sticks. This is critical to ongoing success and most hypnotists don’t do a good job here
    • What you must do to make sure you’ve been successful. Be careful because clients do not always tell you the truth
    • If you find someone is still craving cigarettes, here’s a 6 step formula to help them break free and never want a cigarette ever again
    • Simple steps to make sure the problem really has been overcome and will never come back
    • The last thing to do in the formal trance is to defeat potential sabotage of the change. Here are the 5 most common situations and how to protect a client against them
    • The right way to end the hypnosis session and what to do immediately the client comes out of trance (this is very important and most hypnotists miss this completely)
    • Some extra strategies you can use (in 2 key areas) to get results even faster (PLUS make it easier for you to get more clients and boost your income)
    • 5 extra resources you can provide for your clients that will help them enjoy their new life as a non-smoker PLUS reinforce you reputation as a skilled hypnotist

    With this template (and a little practice) you’ll quickly be conducting stop smoking sessions with flair and confidence.Part 3: How To Turn Your Time Into Cash And Have People Begging You To See ThemYou see, it’s not enough to simply be good at hypnosis.And it is valuable. The amount they will pay you is a trifle compared to the value they’ll get from stopping smoking or changing a similar destructive behaviour.What I share with you is based on proven strategies…not untested theories.

    • No need to have any concerns or hangups when you use this ethical approach to building your business
    • The secret to having an endless stream of clients lining up to see you is to have in place a SYSTEM that’s working for you all the time. Here are the simple steps to setting up your own marketing system just like the professionals
    • 2 ways to get an ongoing stream of business from every client – even if you only ever see them for one consultation!
    • Referrals are one of the best ways to get new clients. Here are 5 ways to use this powerful strategy so that you’ll never be short of clients
    • The right way to use the internet to attract business so that you make money (most people don’t know how to do this and as a result end up wasting huge amounts of time and energy)
    • Secrets to using advertising effectively to attract the right kind of clients at an affordable cost (PLUS how to write an advertisement that pulls in clients like a magnet)
    • How to turn enquiries into paying customers. No need to be a slick salesman, just follow these simple guidelines and people will be begging you to see them
    • What to do with enquiries who aren’t ready to see you yet (this simple step can easily double the amount of business you get)
    • What NEVER to say when someone calls you with an enquiry…and the right way to handle that all important first call
    • How to set your scale of fees and present them so that clients pay without any hesitation
    • A little known strategy where you can make a huge amount of money in a very short period of time by offering your clients something truly valuable

    With this simple and effective system in place, you’ll never have to worry about where to find your next client. The biggest problem is likely to be how to meet the demand for your services!And remember, you don’t have to limit yourself to stop smoking sessions.Now, as well as the audio sessions, you also get a “Executive Quick-Start Manual” that recaps the key points from the class. It also gives you an easy way to refer back to a particular section at any time.Special Bonus Resources

    • A special Relaxation hypnosis session. You can use this with your clients as well as for your own benefit.
    • A special guide to the Elman Induction. This is one of the simplest and most effective ways to put a client into a trance and get results fast
    • My personal “Hypnotherapy Checklist” to guide you through the whole process from beginning to end. With this handy guide you’ll never be stuck wondering what to do and you’ll never miss out an important step
    • A Sample Client Intake Questionnaire. Keeping accurate client records is a MUST. This makes it easy for you to do this
    • One of the secrets to getting referrals from clients is to make it EASY for them to help you. These bonus templates remove any hard work for clients and you’ll get more business as a result

    So, follow the simple steps laid out for you and sooner than you think you’ll have your first client and be banking your first fee….and all from doing something that you love and is of great benefit to the world.Instant online access to: 5 Hours And 48 Minutes Of In-depth Training + An Exclusive Hypnotic Induction + Executive Quickstart ManualClick Here To Get Started
    “Follow This System And You Can’t Fail””This master class is brilliant. Packed full of useful information regarding setting up and running a stop smoking hypnotherapy business, including the therapy itself.

    “Before I got this master class I was surprised if any clients actually stopped smoking, now I am surprised if they need to come back for my free follow up session.

    “I would strongly recommend this master class to any budding hypnotherapist and the experienced hypnotist alike.

    “Follow this system and you can’t fail.”

    Shona Davis
    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

  • Remember that you get.
  • Imagine what you could do with this extra income…
  • So that you have everything you need to make your new consulting practice a big success, included with the “How To Make A Lot Of Money With Hypnosis” Master Class are these bonuses…
  • And that’s not all. Because you also get…
  • The techniques and strategies work equally well for other problems (such as weight loss or phobias).
  • With this third audio session, you now have everything you need to set up, get started and make money as a stop smoking hypnotherapist.
  • Here’s what’s revealed in this session…
  • Remember, as well, that for many years I ran my own very successful practice.
  • You need to attract clients and charge them appropriately for the very valuable service you’re providing.
  • In this final session, I share with you the insider secrets that make the difference between you enjoying a life of wealth and success and simply getting by (or even struggling).
  • And you’ll have all the clients you want because here’s…
  • You’ll discover…
  • In this second session we get to the heart of the matter where I reveal a virtually foolproof way to run a stop smoking session with a client.
  • And that’s just the beginning. Next…
  • Here’s just some of what you’ll discover…
  • …is in the preparation. To set up everything beforehand.
  • Part 1: The Secret To Success In Hypnotherapy
  • Hypnotic Magic Moments“Secrets To Creating Hypnotic Magic Moments That Will Captivate People’s Attention, Win People’s Hearts, And Change Their Minds In A Instant”Click Here To Learn More
  • Here are just a few of the secrets you’ll discover (and be able to use) when you have the program:In this first section, you’ll discover what Magic Moments are and how they work to bypass a person’s “Critical Factor”.Here’s just some of what you’ll discover…
    • The 3 basic types of Magic Moment and when to use them for best effect
    • How to set up a Magic Moment (here are 8 simple ways to smoothly introduce one)
    • 3 big mistakes to avoid and 5 tips to making the Magic Moment truly “magical”
    • WARNING! Every Magic Moment MUST achieve this otherwise it becomes a pointless cheap trick and you’ll lose your audience
    • The secret to “Wowing” people with a Magic Moment (3 tips to help you with this)
    • 4 ways to convert a Magic Moment into a hypnotic experience so that you can put someone under your spell without them realizing what’s happened!
    • Where to find inspiration for amazing Magic Moments (here are 5 ways to get started)

    …plus a simple way to make a coin vanish (anyone can do this and it will astonish an audience).Part 2: 10 Instant Magic Moments You
    Can Use In Any Situation…when you start it’s always helpful to have some examples to model and adapt.

    • Hot Rubber: How to take a simple rubber band and miraculously make it feel red hot!
    • The Unopenable Fist: Baffle and amaze any audience…and then watch their faces when you let them in on the real secret
    • The Triangle: People will think you’re a Mind Reading giant when you know this simple trick
    • Psychological Pictures: Another way to demonstrate your amazing power to read minds like an open book
    • Balance Points: Turn someone who is wobbling like a jelly into a granite-like pillar of strength almost instantly…with this powerful demonstration of an important hypnotic principle
    • The Butterfly Effect: No…it’s nothing to do with hurricanes…although don’t be surprised if there’s a storm of applause when you perform this illusion!
    • Chevreul’s Pendulum: Thrill and delight people as you unlock psychic powers they didn’t know they possess! Anyone can become adept at using the pendulum…when you show them how
    • Heart Massage: You’ll have plenty of raving fans with this Magic Moment that’s also a lifelong gift that will be treasured
    • Psychological Mind Game #1 The Party: Here’s a fun and simple exercise that will have people staring in amazement as you reveal things about them they thought only close friends and family would know!
    • Psychological Mind Game #2 The House: Another fascinating game that makes it seem you can read people like an open book – even if you’ve never met them before

    Just by having these 10 simple patterns at your command, you’ll be able to enchant and captivate people at will.Part 3: The Secrets To Hypnotic Mind ReadingAnd that’s what Hypnotic Mind Reading is all about….and bypass their Critical Factor. And when you do that, they become very open to your suggestions and influence.It’s easy to learn, quick to do and very impressive!

    • How Hypnotic Mind Reading works…and the right and wrong way to make use of this skill
    • 5 different types of Hypnotic Mind Reading patterns…and how you can combine them to create a powerful hypnotic effect
    • The best times and ways to use Hypnotic Mind Reading and 4 tips that will make you a master
    • The secrets to captivating someone with Hypnotic Mind Reading so that very quickly they are under your spell
    • Hypnotic Mind Reading Pattern #1 – The Delayed Echo. People really will think you can look into their mind but you need to use this technique carefully. Here are the secrets to jaw-dropping results
    • Hypnotic Mind Reading Pattern #2 – Pure Flattery. Flattery really will get you everywhere…when used the right way. Here are 15 general compliments (PLUS another 7 for women and 7 for men) you can use to have almost anyone eating out of your hand
    • Hypnotic Mind Reading Pattern #3 – Covering All Possibilities. The secret to always being right about someone…no matter who they are!
    • Hypnotic Mind Reading Pattern #4 – The Barnum Effect. Legendary showman P.T. Barnum used this pattern to great effect PLUS why this is so potent and how you can use the astrology section of your newspaper to boost your “mind reading” powers!
    • Hypnotic Mind Reading Pattern #5 – Universal Experiences. We all like to think that we’re completely different but the reality is we share many common characteristics. Here’s how to use some simple, but little known, psychological insights to connect with people and make them feel you understand them completely

    With these secrets to Hypnotic Mind Reading and a little practice, you’ll have the power to accurately “read” almost anyone you meet within minutes. As a result, you’ll be able to draw people to you and influence them almost effortlessly…That completes the main sessions on creating Magic Moments…Now, as well as the audio sessions, you also get a “Executive Quick-Start Manual” that recaps the key points from the class.And that’s not all. Because you also get…Remember that you get.Click Here To Get Started
    “Easily Mastered And
    Wonderfully Effective”“Delightful demonstrations which are easily mastered and wonderfully effective.

    “I’ve utilized some of these with total skeptics and changed their minds immediately about hypnosis. Igor’s descriptions and demonstrations are wonderfully instructive.”

    Brian McKinney
    Coach, Personal &
    Organizational Change
    Houston, Texas USA

  • Instant online access to: 4 Hours And 13 Minutes Of In-depth Training + An Exclusive Hypnotic Induction + Executive Quickstart Manual
  • A Special Hypnotic Induction To Make You A Master of “Magic Moments”
  • It also gives you an easy way to refer back to a particular section at any time.
  • …that will captivate people’s attention, win their hearts and change minds in an instant.
  • …PLUS you’ll quickly get a reputation as being wise and insightful!
  • Here’s what you’ll discover…
  • In this section, you’ll discover how to conduct a simple 2 minute character reading. You’ll “read” someone’s mind and captivate them with your amazing insights.
  • You see, telling people about themselves is one of the surest ways to get their attention…
  • What if you could peak inside someone’s mind and read their thoughts and feelings? How about glimpsing past events, present concerns or their hopes for the future? If you could do that, creating Magic Moments would be easy.
  • And that’s even without…
  • So, here are 10 classics to start you off the right way….
  • Although it’s easy to create your own Magic Moments
  • And that’s just the beginning. Next…
  • Getting past that “Critical Factor” is, of course, an essential step in hypnosis…enabling you to get your suggestions accepted.
  • Part 1: Introducing Magic Moments And The Secrets To Enthralling Your Audience
  • Exploiting Emotions & Pseudo Logic “How To Become A Persuasion Master By Hypnotically Exploiting Emotions And Pseudo Logic So People Quickly Do What You Say”Click Here To Learn More
  • Here are just a few of the secrets you’ll discover (and be able to use) when you have the programme:In this first session, you’ll discover exactly how and why influence works (and, conversely, why your efforts can fail) along with a foolproof roadmap to follow in any situation.Here’s just some of what’s covered…
    • The 5 elements of EVERY influence strategy and where you MUST start to get best results
    • The secret to being very influencial AND avoiding any potential problems in the future
    • The “Influence Strategy Tree” that will guide you in any situation and have even the most hardened sceptic enthusiastically agreeing with you
    • How to disarm and deflect any verbal attack and turn the tables easily
    • The laws of probability and how to use them to your advantage when dealing with challenges in the past, the present or the future
    • The 2 different types of scientific methods you can use to convince people and gain their agreement
    • Master influencers often use a form of hybrid suggestion that is elegant, simple…and VERY powerful. Here’s how to use this strategy to best effect…and 2 traps to avoid
    • How to disguise your suggestions to avoid objections and 4 rules to seeming so “reasonable” that nobody could possibly argue with you
    • The surprising truth about logic and influence…logic is important, but not how you might think
    • 17 killer tactics in covert influence reasoning. With this repertoire at your command, you’ll be irresistible in virtually any situation!

    And that’s just the beginning. Next…As you’ve discovered, the real key to influence is understanding emotions and the powerful role they play in our lives.You’ll discover…

    • The secret logic of emotions and how to use emotions both ethically and effectively
    • The 5 keys to using emotion to gain the results you desire
    • The “Dark Side” of emotions and the “4 Emotions Of The Apocalypse” – Fear, Anger, Hate And Guilt
    • Discover the purpose behind negative emotions and why many times they are in fact playing a vital role
    • Warning! These triggers will set off powerful and potentially destructive emotions. Take great care in these situations
    • The right way to use Fear, Anger, Hate and Guilt to motivate action (plus actions to avoid)
    • The surprising lesson from a classic science fiction novel you can use to combat this deadly emotion
    • What you can do to dissolve a destructive emotion and even redirect it to achieve a desirable result
    • The 3 Musketeers Of Virtue – Pity, Kindness and Admiration – and the right way to use these potent emotions to motivate, inspire and influence
    • When and how Love can play a role in influence (it’s not always as useful as you might think)
    • Warning! Avoid these mistakes or you’ll find that using Pity, Kindness and Admiration will backfire on you badly.

    With your new knowledge, you can add a powerful emotional punch to any hypnosis sessionPart 3: How To Use Emotions And
    Pseudo-Logic Covertly

    • A subtle way to use powerful emotions without being “hard-hearted” (this can be very effective)
    • How to combine different emotions into a very compelling argument (you see this used often in Hollywood movies)
    • A dirty little secret that exploits the desire for a “quiet life”
    • Special words that have an emotional impact like being run over by a truck
    • How to take advantage of the fame and celebrity of others to make yourself more influencial
    • The simple way to make it almost impossible for someone to disagree with you
    • When and how personal attacks can be effective…and how personal praise can work in a similar way
    • An effective way to present even a poor option by exploiting a quirk of human nature
    • How cults and political extremists enforce conformity…and how to both defend yourself and use these principles for more benevolent purposes
    • The secret protocol of legendary hypnotist Milton Erickson. He used to get people to do the most bizarre things…and nobody ever understood how he did it. Now it’s revealed so that you can understand and repeat his amazing feats of covert influence.

    With these new skills and emotional power at you command…Now, as well as the training sessions, you also get a Executive Quickstart Manual that recaps the key points from the class. It also gives you an easy way to refer back to a particular section at any time.A Special Hypnotic Induction To Make You A Master Of Hypnotically Exploiting Emotions And Pseudo LogicInstant online access to: 4 Hours And 47 Minutes Of In-depth Training + An Exclusive Hypnotic Induction + Executive Quickstart ManualClick Here To Get Started
    “Quickly Produces Hypnotic Phenomenon”“This powerful technique quickly produces hypnotic phenomenon with people easily in a manner that is undeniable and irresistible.

    Truly amazing.”

    Benjamin Pyatt
    Electrician/Air conditioning installer
    Hallam, VIC, Australia

  • Remember that you get.
  • And that’s not all. Because you also get…
  • …your powers of hypnotic influence will reach new heights!
  • In this final section, you’ll discover 11 practical ways to apply the techniques and strategies that have been covered so far, including…
  • And that’s even without knowing…
  • It’s important to fully understand negative emotions as well as positive. In fact negative emotions can often be much more powerful in motivating someone to take action.
  • Part 2: The 7 Emotions Used By The Masters Of Covert Influence
  • You see, emotional appeals work most effectively when you’ve prepared the approach carefully in advance.
  • Part 1: How To Create Influence
    Channels In The Mind
  • Highly Responsive Hypnotic Subjects “Advanced Secrets That Create Highly Responsive Hypnotic Subjects”Click Here To Learn More
  • Here are just a few of the secrets you’ll discover (and be able to use) when you have the program:To allow someone to access the full range of hypnotic experiences, you need special tools, principles, strategies.Here’s just some of what you’ll discover…
    • 2 classic ways to create a receptive mind so that hypnotic suggestions can work their magic
    • 6 key hypnotic principles for deep trance training
    • The real purpose behind training people to be more receptive to hypnosis (you may find the answer very surprising)
    • The little known principle that is the key to creating astonishing hypnotic experiences such as hypermnesia (remembering events in pinpoint detail)
    • An unfortunate myth about deep trance…the truth is much more useful to you
    • 4 ways a subject can respond to hypnosis and how this helps you create a more profound experience for them
    • 9 different ways to phrase your suggestions so you find the path of least resistance in every situation
    • How to use the classic hypnotist’s pendulum to know for sure what approach will produce the best results in each individual case
    • What you MUST always keep in mind so that you’re sure to move from success to success in hypnosis
    • A simple – and fun – way to train someone to be able to have a better and more useful hypnosis session (PLUS it’s a great way to demonstrate your hypnosis skills!)

    And that’s just the beginning. Next…In this section, you’ll discover exactly how to train someone to experience deep trance responses…After covering the key fundamentals the greater part of this session contains a guided demonstration of exactly how to conduct a training session.

    • 3 extra trance themes that will unlock unusual hidden abilities in most people
    • Simple ways to deal with the 3 most common problems that come up in a hypnosis session
    • 10 incredible powers that most people don’t realise they have that you can unleash
    • How to overcome the biggest obstacle to getting amazing results
    • Astonishing feats of memory that anyone can perform…when you show them how

    And that’s brings us to…In this final session, I’ll guide you through 2 further training demonstrations so that you’ll be completely confident in your own abilities…

    • 3 extra trance themes that will unlock unusual hidden abilities in most people
    • Simple ways to deal with the 3 most common problems that come up in a hypnosis session
    • 10 incredible powers that most people don’t realise they have that you can unleash
    • How to overcome the biggest obstacle to getting amazing results
    • Astonishing feats of memory that anyone can perform…when you show them how

    At the end of this session, you’ll be able to take virtually anyone and transform them into the kind of responsive subject that will get great results for themself…Now, as well as the audio sessions, you also get a “Executive Quick Start Manual” that recaps the key points from the program. It also gives you an easy way to refer back to a particular section at any time. And that’s not all. Because you also get…Remember that you get.Click Here To Get Started
    “Whenever I Want To Learn Something New, The First Place I Look
    Is Igor’s Trainings””I have been practicing, learning and teaching hypnosis for over 25 years and whenever I want to learn something new, the first place I look is Igor’s trainings, because I know the content will be thorough and the quality and value unsurpassed.”

    Michael White

  • Instant online access to: 5 Hours And 21 Minutes Of In-depth Training + An Exclusive Hypnotic Induction + Executive Quickstart Manual
  • A Special Hypnotic Induction To Make You A Master Trainer Of Responsive Hypnotic Subjects
  • …and allow you to demonstrate your amazing hypnotic powers!
  • …AND be able to help anyone enjoy wonderful hypnotic experiences (people will love you for this gift).
  • Part 3: Further Trance Training To Unlock Amazing Hypnotic Experiences
  • Here are…
  • …so that they get to experience the benefits and your reputation as a dynamite hypnotist grows!
  • Part 2: The Step By Step Training Program To Create The Perfect Hypnotic Subject
  • In this first session, you’ll get the basic tools to get started training highly responsive hypnotic subjects.
  • Part 1: The Principles Of Deep Trance Training
  • Automatic Master Hypnotist “Automatically Install The Attitudes & Techniques Of A Master Hypnotist With The Hypnotic Hero’s Journey”Click Here To Learn More
  • This program is designed specifically for “speed freak” type people who have no time to mess around.And the great thing is this:And Igor will literally hypnotize you into becoming a master hypnotist.Part 1: How To Create A Solid Hypnotic Foundation With Deep RootsThe Inner Work – The InspirationThe Inner Work – Inner WisdomTaking It Into The Real World – Command Or StabilityHere’s just some of what you’ll discover…
    • How to prepare yourself so that you’ll get the most out of the journey ahead and enjoy a lifetime of achievement and fulfilment
    • What you MUST possess if you truly want to be a Master of hypnosis (without this you’ll be stuck at a very basic level)
    • The right way to go about gathering the hypnotic knowledge and resources that you’ll need
    • You may already have some of the answers that you seek. Here’s how to tap into your existing inner wisdom and power you may not have realised you possess
    • A simple action anyone can take that produces big results, an amazing feeling of being alive
    • 3 qualities you’ll need to bring your ideas and intentions into reality quickly and easily
    • Why there will come a point where you will need an outside mentor and how to choose that mentor wisely

    …PLUS mistakes to avoid (such as the temptation of the “Dark Side”).Part 2: Your Life As A Master Hypnotist
    In The World At LargeDeclare Your Independence – Enthusiastic ActionAllow Hypnosis To Change You – Solitude And ReflectionExert Your Power – The Eye Of Truth Or Clear Vision Or Clarity

    • The crossroads of decision. The choice you make here will determine your ultimate success or failure
    • The key to taking charge of your destiny and making your dreams come true
    • Remove this barrier and you’ll be amazed at the power you’ll possess, seemingly without effort
    • An essential step that allows you to see through illusions and discover the truth about yourself
    • The secret to making sense of life’s ups and downs and understanding how to take advantage of what seem like setbacks
    • How to develop the wisdom and courage to make the right decisions

    …PLUS the traps and blind alleys to steer clear of on your journey.You also get additional audio commentary from Igor and…Remember that you get.Click Here To Get Started
    “It Totally Transformed Me” “The best masterclass ever!

    It totally transformed me from a basic hypnotist who’s focused on learning techniques, to an advanced one who is creating his own style, inductions, variations of other hypnotic processes.

    Just leave it up to your unconscious mind and forget about the whole thing and let the magic operate. The key to mastering hypnosis is inside each one of us, and this masterclass helped me find mine.”

    Michel Baboch
    Student, hypnotist
    Beirut, Lebanon

  • Instant online access to: 6 Hours And 2 Minutes Of In-depth Training + An Exclusive Hypnotic Induction + Executive Quickstart Manual
  • A Special Hypnotic Induction To Speed You On Your Way To Mastery….
  • Now, as well as the special hypnotic hero’s journey training, you also get an “Executive Quickstart Manual” that recaps the key points of the journey. It also gives you an easy way to refer back to a particular section at any time.
  • You’ll discover…
  • Exert Your Power – Big Picture Or Divine Plan
  • Allow Hypnosis To Change You – Strength
  • Declare Your Independence – Balanced Decision Making
  • And that’s just the beginning. Next…
  • The Search For Deeper Knowledge – Seeking Knowledge
  • Taking It Into The Real World – (H+) Nurturing Nature
  • The Inner Work – Resources
  • Prepare Your Mind For An Adventure
  • Here’s what’s included in this unique training:
  • There’s no thinking… effort… or struggle needed on your part. You just need to listen to Igor’s guided imagery and powerful multi-loop, stacked-metaphor induction called the “Hero’s Journey”.
  • See the genius of Igor’s training is it AUTOMATICALLY “downloads” into you the ability to perform amazing hypnosis featsthat would ordinarily take you years of blood, sweat and tears to master in the conventional way.
  • Hypnotic Profiling Secrets “Discover Hypnotic Profiling Secrets That Let You Read People Like An Open Book Anytime, Anywhere With Anyone.”Click Here To Learn More
  • Now listen:I don’t want to mislead you into thinking that.And when you know somebody’s pattern of thinking you can (using the secrets I share) “switch tracks” in your communication very quickly… leading the other person…Here’s what else you’ll discover (and be able to use) when you have this program:Hypnotic profiling is a remarkable tool that allows you to predict someone’s behaviour and understand them so well that everything you say can have the force of hypnotic suggestion.When you fine tune your awareness and can recognise different patterns, that’s when you have such insight that it seems like you can read someone’s mind.
    • The fatal flaw in the social sciences (avoid this or you risk making big mistakes and ruining your credibility)
    • Warning! There are 2 things you must grasp about profiles to use them correctly and one question you need to ask yourself before starting
    • How to make profiling easy (some simple tips to make your deductions stunningly accurate)
    • There are 2 primary characteristics that are of most use in understanding people and their likely behaviour. These “polarities” are “Abstract versus Concrete Thinking” and “Left Brain versus Right Brain Thinking”. Here’s how this understanding empowers you to make accurate predictions about behaviour
    • The 2 primary polarities combine to create four basic profile or personality types. The 4 elements of Earth, Fire, Air and Water provide a useful shorthand guide you can use…when you understand these important points
    • There’s a common mistake to avoid when using profiles. Here’s how to make sure you don’t trip up needlessly
    • Here’s how to recognise the 4 personality types – Earth, Fire, Air and Water – how they typically think and behave, their general outlook on life, how they’ll react in a given situation, likely careers and life choices…PLUS the “Dark Side’ of each character type

    And that’s just the beginning. Next…The 4 basic personality types are highly useful. But, of course, they are only rough character sketches.Here’s…

    • A fun game that takes advantage of our fascination with celebrities to sharpen your skills with profiles
    • 4 ways to get people to drop their guard so you can see more clearly their real character
    • 10 different aspects of character and how to combine these with the 4 main personality types to enhance your predictive skills
    • The right way to use questions when probing for personality styles and a mistake to avoid
    • The secrets to motivating different personalities and how to know exactly what will get someone enthusiastically following your directions
    • Warning! Remember this about character traits to avoid ending up with mixed signals
    • How the words people use can be very accurate indications of character and personality
    • 2 elements to crafting a convincing argument and how to use your knowledge of personality to hit all the right “hot buttons”

    And that’s even without…

    • A big problem with psychometric testing and how the forgotten wisdom of the Ancient Greeks can guide you to be more effective
    • Beware of “Junk Science” and other fallacies that might seem “logical” but in fact will lead you astray and could make you look very foolish
    • How to create your own psychometric tests – 5 steps to creating a system that will best meet your specific purpose
    • 7 widely used psychometric tests and how you can make use of them to sharpen your own insights and assessment
    • The famous Myer-Briggs type indicator and the link to a pioneering Swiss psychiatrist
    • What major corporations like General Electric know about personality styles
    • An unusual kind of psychometric test that you can apply to discover unique insights
    • The widely used “DISC” assessment and a common drawback to these type of tests
    • 5 simple characteristics that have been proven to be highly effective in predicting behaviour

    …PLUS a comprehensive reference guide to the main psychometric tests and how they relate to the elemental character types. You’ll find this invaluable in developing your skills and ability to read people like a book.And that’s not all. Because you also get…Remember that you get. Click Here To Get Started 
    “If You Have To Deal With People…And Who Doesn’t…This Is 
A Must Have!””If you are a fan of the show “The Mentalist” this is straight up learning how to read people/see through them.

    I learned so much from Igor in this Master Class that is applicable to so many different areas of life.

    If you have to deal with people…and who doesn’t…this is a must have!”

    Shaju Jacob
    Northville, MI USA

  • Instant online access to: 5 Hours And 23 Minutes Of In-depth Training + An Exclusive Hypnotic Induction + Executive Quickstart Manual
  • A Special Hypnotic Induction To Make You A Master At Reading People Like An Open Book
  • Now, as well as the 7+ hours of in-depth training, you also get an “Executive Quick-Start Manual” on PDF that recaps the key points from the class. It also gives you an easy way to refer back to a particular section at any time.
  • Part 3: How To Create Your Own
    Psychological Personality Test
  • After all, every individual is unique. In this session, you’ll discover how to build on the primary personality types and create unique profiles to describe (and understand) the diversity in people’s characters that you see in the real world.
  • Part 2: How To Make The Four Elemental
    Profiles Match The Real World
  • Here’s just some of what you’ll discover…
  • It’s all about understanding and recognising different types of personality and the corresponding different types of behaviour.
  • Part 1: The Four Elements Of Hypnotic Profiling
  • To Come To The Conclusion That Your
    Idea Is Their Idea
  • But with my profiling secrets you will be able to run a kind of “intuitive MRI scan” through the mind of the person you are communicating with – and get a very good feel for their pattern of thinking.
  • You won’t literally be able to know every thought going on in someone else’s head.
  • Parallel Realities “Discover The Secret Hypnotic Art Of Hiding Commands Within Parallel Realities So Your Conversations & Ideas Quickly Change People Forever.”Click Here To Learn More
  • Here’s what you’ll discover (and be able to use) when you have this masterclass:If you want to be a master of Reframing then you need to start with a thorough understanding of how Frames work and how they come about in the first place.Credit for discovering how to use embedded commands, and how astonishingly effective they can be, goes to hypnosis legend Milton Erickson. Early in his career he found that he could hide suggestions inside what otherwise seemed ordinary conversations.
    • How the legendary hypnotist Milton Erickson discovered the secrets of embedded commands and 2 classic hypnotic routines that he used to great effect
    • What Tomato Plants have to do with influence (the answer may very well surprise you)
    • The best way to use an embedded command (follow these 5 simple steps and you commands will work like a charm)
    • A simple exercise using what you already know to quickly master the art of embedded commands
    • 6 ways to disguise your commands so that they effortlessly bypass resistance and are readily accepted
    • Tips and techniques from a master on how to best to phrase and present commands
    • What you need to know about how embedded commands work so that you can be a more effective covert hypnotist
    • 4 common mistakes people make with embedded commands. Follow these simple tips and you’ll avoid embarrassing failure and looking like an amateur

    …PLUS some simple (but effective) ways to become polished and confident with embedded commands very quickly.Part 2: How To Develop Parallel Realities
    And Be More Hypnotically Influencial…but as you’ve discovered it’s simply using puns, word play and metaphors to talk about the “real world” indirectly.You’ll discover…

    • A practical guide to creating parallel realities (and the 2 key components you’ll need to get results you want)
    • How you can use stories as a special kind of parallel reality and a journey with Milton Erickson inside a “Boiler Factory”
    • A simple way to tell captivating stories with embedded suggestions woven throughout
    • How to combine Power Loops with embedded commands to achieve breakthrough results
    • The secret to taking ordinary, everyday situations and…without anyone having a clue what you’re doing…transform them into a powerful hypnotic experience and solve common problems
    • What you can learn from Forrest Gump and the secret hypnotic power contained within a box of chocolates
    • Stories aren’t the only way to disguise your embedded commands. Introducing the “Hypnotic Monologue” and 4 ways to grab attention and weave in your suggestions and commands in a way that’s sure to slip under people’s defences

    And that brings us to…In the previous section we touched on the idea of the “Hypnotic Monologue” – simply a description of something or a reasoned logical argument.Now I share exactly how I create stunning hypnotic monologues that will have people eagerly lapping up your suggestions…

    • The 5 step plan that makes creating a compelling hypnotic monologue child’s play
    • Hypnotic Monologue Example #1 – How to install the mindset and habits of self esteem (with 117 examples of embedded commands)
    • The secret to delivering any hypnotic monologue with effortless ease and authority so that the listener can’t help but follow your directions
    • How “less” usually is “more” when it comes to getting results and how to make sure you only include what’s really needed
    • What all great hypnotists know about these kinds of hypnotic sessions (and it’s easy for you to apply these tips)
    • The remarkably effective free training session for hypnotists that’s just a phone call away
    • Hypnotic Monologue Example #2 – How what seems to be an innocent discussion about the benefits of meditation is really a cover for unleashing personal power that listeners never dreamed they had

    You’ll now know exactly how to conjure up a parallel reality at will and be able to add potent hypnotic commands completely undetected.And that’s not all. Because you also get…Remember that you get.Click Here To Get Started
    “Really Sound Advice And Excellent Working Principles”“This masterclass was full of really sound advice and excellent working principles.

    “I really enjoyed it and daily use some of its content in my practice.”

    Alexander McAllister,
    Dublin, Ireland

  • Instant online access to: 5 Hours And 2 Minutes Of In-depth Training + An Exclusive Hypnotic Induction + Executive Quickstart Manual
  • A Special Hypnotic Induction To Make You A Master At Weaving Spells Inside Parallel Realities….
  • Now, as well as the audio sessions, you also get a “Executive Quickstart Manual” that recaps the key points from the class. It also gives you an easy way to refer back to a particular section at any time.
  • In fact, it’s a highly effective vehicle to deliver compelling, embedded commands.
  • Part 3: Your Ultimate Parallel Reality Demonstration
  • And when you do this, your powers of influence and your ability to create beneficial changes in people increases.
  • A “Parallel Reality” might sound like something from the “Twilight Zone”!…
  • And that’s just the beginning. Next…
  • There are some simple principles (plus a few special tips) that will guarantee you can use embedded commands like an expert…
  • As you’ve seen Frames, are the way we make meaning of things. That happens through the Law of Associations…
  • Part 1: The Real Secrets To Using
    Embedded Commands
  • Rapid Reframing “Instant Hypnotic Influence” “How To Combine The Irresistible Power Of Pattern Interrupts, Rapid Re-Framing Tactics & Mind Bending Language Into An Amazing Persuasion Formula”Click Here To Learn More
  • Here’s a quick run-down of this powerful masterclass…If you want to be a master of Reframing then you need to start with a thorough understanding of how Frames work and how they come about in the first place….we make sense of things by referring to other things that we know about.
    • The 2 primary ways the unconscious mind creates frames and the principles to rapidly reframe any position, idea or belief that is causing harm
    • How reframes bring about change and the secret to finding the “Magic Bullet” that will work in every situation
    • What you MUST have to reframe successfully and the 3 steps to get you there
    • When it’s OK to be confronting and how to do this without alienating the other person
    • What a seemingly dumb TV detective can teach you about reframing
    • The 4 step reframing cycle that you can use in any situation PLUS a simple way to put it into practice
    • How to know exactly WHAT needs to be reframed. Sounds obvious, but it’s not always clear what needs to be changed to get the desired results
    • Discover how to use emotional leverage to create the real change that people need
    • Making change is often difficult and uncomfortable for people. Here’s how to keep them involved and avoid triggering defensive reactions

    …PLUS you get a copy of a classic piece of literature called “The Gorgias”. This work from Ancient Greece is an elegant example of reframing in action. Even after 2,407 years, it contains valuable lessons for you in persuasion and subtle influence.Part 2: How To Use These Simple Reframing Processes For Instant SuccessThere’s…

    • The 4 magic questions that will get you out of a jam if a reframing session hits trouble
    • Introducing the amazing “Meta Model” for exploring the mind – 12 rules for asking great questions that give you the power to analyse someone with forensic accuracy
    • Rapid Reframe #1 – The Classic Meaning Reframe. Simplest of all reframes, you’ll find this surprisingly useful and get great results
    • Rapid Reframe #2 – The Classic Context Reframe. Similar to the “Meaning Reframe” you can use this to add variety and breadth to the resources at your command
    • Rapid Reframe #3 – The Redefine Reframe. Add some sophistication to the basic reframes with this simple formula
    • Rapid Reframe #4 – The “Change The Topic” Reframe. Beloved of politicians in a jam, this works best when you follow this simple rule
    • Rapid Reframe #5 – The Meta Model. Not just a powerful analysis tool, but a potent reframe in its own right (PLUS the “pocket” version of the model that’s easy to remember)
    • Rapid Reframe #6 – The Big Picture Reframe. A single question that’s surprisingly effective in shattering limiting beliefs and dissolving problems

    And that’s even without…In this final session, you’ll discover the rest of the 19 reframes to complete your repertoire…

    • Rapid Reframe #7 – Purpose And Intent. Someone might seem crazy but there’s usually a method to the madness! Here’s how to make use of that to help that person get what they really need
    • Rapid Reframe #8 – Values. Another deceptively simple question that has a powerful and positive impact
    • Rapid Reframe #9 – Identity Clash. An interesting reframe that makes use of a profound psychological principle. Used correctly, it’s impossible to resist
    • Rapid Reframe #10 – Consequences. 2 approaches to creating an almost unstoppable need to change for someone
    • Rapid Reframe #11 – Reality Strategy. Turn someone’s world completely upside down and dissolve problems with one simple question
    • Rapid Reframe #12 – Model Of The World. Another way to shake the foundations of seeming certainties and free someone from pain and woe
    • Rapid Reframe #13 – Meta Comments. A subtle way to address a loaded issue without stirring up resentment and ill feelings
    • Rapid Reframe #14 – The Wizard Of Oz Reframe. No need to go to Kansas, but this will take a person to a different (and better) place
    • Rapid Reframe #15 – The Mind-Bending Reframe. Shatter rigid thinking and break through problems by making a deliberate mistake. Very powerful (and fun) when used the right way
    • Rapid Reframe #16 – Double Standards. People are often unaware that they hold inconsistent beliefs. When they become aware of that, the results can be dramatic
    • Rapid Reframe #17 – Exaggeration. Here’s the right way and the wrong way to use this powerful technique
    • Rapid Reframe #18 – Counter Examples. Destroy a rigid, damaging belief with just one innocent sounding observation
    • Rapid Reframe #19 – Analogy And Metaphor. Another fun reframe that takes success in one part of someone’s life and let’s them use that success to smash through obstacles

    At the conclusion of this session, you’ll have everything you need to be able to rapidly use reframing to perform dazzling feats of persuasion and transformation.And that’s not all. Because you also get…Remember that you get.Click Here To Get Started
    “Helped Me A Lot With A Lot In My Career And In My Daily Life”“I really want to congratulate you for this masterpiece, because it’s very effective and powerful in the term of influences and reframing, and it helped me a lot with a lot in my career and in my daily life.

    Thank you so much.”

    Adel Wail

  • Instant online access to: 6 Hours And 15 Minutes Of In-depth Training + An Exclusive Hypnotic Induction + Executive Quickstart Manual
  • A Special Hypnotic Induction To Make You An Expert At Hypnotic Reframing
  • Now, as well as the audio sessions, you also get a “Executive Quickstart Manual” that recaps the key points from the class. It also gives you an easy way to refer back to a particular section at any time.
  • Part 3: More Secrets Of Mind-Bending Reframes
  • In this session, you’ll discover some troubleshooting tips, be introduced to the highly useful “Meta Model” and get started with the 19 Rapid Reframes that will solve pretty much any situation you’re likely to encounter.
  • And that’s just the beginning. Next…
  • Here’s…
  • As you’ve seen Frames, are the way we make meaning of things. That happens through the Law of Associations…
  • Part 1: Discover The Real Foundations of
    Effective Rapid Reframing


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Igor Ledochowski – 21 Advanced Hypnosis Masterclasses

Igor Ledochowski – 21 Advanced Hypnosis Masterclasses

Igor Ledochowski – 21 Advanced Hypnosis Masterclasses

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