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Igor Ledochowski – The YES Decks | Instant Download !

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Igor Ledochowski – The YES Decks | Instant Download !


Now you can finally discover… completely RISK-FREE… why

the world’s best hypnotists admit these “under-the-radar”…

Secrets of Stealth

Hypnotic Influence

…are the KEY to quickly convincing almost anyone to say “Yes!” to nearly every covert suggestion, direct suggestion and outrageous request you make from now on!


From: Igor Ledochowski

December 23, 2019

Dear Friend,

Would you like to finally discover what master covert influencers (who easily get others to comply with their every request) have known for over 2,400 years…

… about harnessing the spellbinding power of these stealthy, shockingly simple…

… and highly-effective hypnotic influence secrets?

If so, this just might be the most exciting web page you will ever read.

Here’s why:

Athens is the most famous city in Greece.

The first settlement of Athens was established on the rock of Acropolis circa 3,000 B.C. That means this famous city is more than 5,400 years old!

It is considered by historians as the birthplace of modern theatre, sculpture, art, philosophy and democracy.


This City Has A Secret That Can Unlock

And Supercharge Your Powers Of

Hypnotic Influence Almost Immediately!

Here’s the story: 

One of the most famous people in history made Athens his home. He is perhaps best known as being instrumental in the development of Western philosophy.

Socrates Invented The

Socratic Method

His name was Socrates and he lived circa 469 B.C. to 399 B.C. He is credited with making major contributions to almost every facet of modern day life.

More importantly (to those of us interested in getting compliance from others), he pioneered the concept known as the Socratic Method.

Basically, the Socratic Method is a process of inquiry.

Asking the right questions to elicit responses that lead someone to agree with you.

The way Socrates applied this concept was first described in Plato’s (he was an apprentice under Socrates) Socratic DialoguesThe influence of this approach has endured for over 2,400 years.

The Socratic Method is used as the basis of the scientific method.

It is a mainstay in modern science, law, ethics and politics.

How well does this process work at getting people to agree with your point of view? I’m glad you asked. And, as they say, the answer is simple.

In Gorgias (one of the Socratic Dialogues) Plato describes a shocking scene.

Socrates is speaking with and questioning his friends.

And within a short time he gets them to agree that a criminal who is caught, punished and jailed is happier than one who gets away with a crime.

Which, of course, sounds outrageous! But the mesmerizing power behind Socrates’ strategic questions leads people to believe almost anything.


However, despite the effectiveness of this method, it works even better as part of what I call…

“The Most Powerful Stealth Hypnotic

Influence Formula In The World!”

Who I am & WhyI Can Help You

Igor Ledochowski is a world-renowned hypnotist, author, lecturer, teacher, coach, Fortune 500 consultant and…

The world’s leading authority on covert conversational hypnosis.

Accredited & certified master hypnotist & trainer. Accredited and certified NLP master practitioner and trainer.

Certified success life coach and trainer, black belt martial artist and former International lawyer.

Preferred trainer for hypnosis organizations such as the London College of Clinical Hypnosis and the Hypnotherapy Association.

Creator of the No.1 best selling hypnosis course in the world, as well as over 70 other hypnosis training programs, including the most powerful stealth hypnosis formula ever developed as revealed on this page…

This formula was developed by me, Igor Ledochowski. I am a widely acclaimed Master Hypnotist & Trainer, and run an international hypnosis training organization.

This formula I developed adds three extra “proven psychological x-factors” Socrates did not know about.

They exponentially boost your covert influence powers. Working well beneath the surface. Getting people to positively respond… without… being consciously aware you’re subtly directing their reactions.

So they willingly accept your suggestions… and… allow you to influence their decisions.

And to prove the above statement is true, I would like to send you (with your permission) two breakthrough new influence-based card decks and a 7 hour associated training (delivered to you on your own USB Flash Drive) that can unleash your hidden influence powers… and… get almost anyone to say yes to you from now on!

All you need to do is listen to the training and use the cards included.

And, armed with the easy and fun skills you discover, I believe that you too can quickly get others to enthusiastically accept your ideas, proposals, requests, sales pitches and anything else you ask of them.

Even if you’re a naturally shy introvert who hates asking for favors.

Plus… if you act right now… for the next 60 days…

You Can Program These Secrets Into Your Mind And Change Your Life Completely RISK-FREE!

Yes! I Want To Get Started Now!

“Massive Improvements”

“These Decks are an awesome way to improve your language skill and ability to influence others.

“I can read these on the train and have found massive improvements in my persuasion skill from using these decks.”

 Paul Eliseo

Trainer of NLP & Hypnosis

Eden Hills, South Australia

You won’t struggle to get others to see your point of view any more.

You won’t fear rejection or fight objections.

You won’t have to cram your ideas down someone’s throat.

… because rejection, objections and disagreements will be a thing of the past!

… because the usual stress, struggle and frustration you may now encounter will vanish as if by magic!

…. because you will finally command the respect, wide-eyed admiration and quick agreement from almost anyone you want to influence!

A Word Of Warning!

This is definitely not for anyone who is uncomfortable with getting their way. Because you’ll discover how to get inside people’s minds… and… without their conscious awareness… ethically influence them to follow your suggestions.

And that’s also why if you are not someone with a STRONG ethical and moral compass then this is most definitely NOT for you either.

Wouldn’t that be a power you’d like to have at your fingertips?

If you fulfill the criteria above then these cards (and the training) are going to be a revelation to you!

By the way, I call this the… “YES Decks! Hypnotic Influence Package.”

In it I reveal the secrets of getting just about anyone to say yes… and mean it… to almost anything. These are the little-known techniques few people will ever discover about how to be ‘in charge’ of every situation.

In fact here’s a small taste of the secrets revealed in the 105 Cards & 7 Hours of Training:

  • The one root principle from which all influence springs. (Anyone who wants to live a happy, rewarding and successful life needs this without a doubt. It has the power to vaporize all limitations – self-imposed or otherwise – and transform you into an unstoppable motivating force!)
  • The most simple and direct explanation of what “influence” really is. (Write these nine words down and read them daily! They are that important!)
  • How to master the art of unconscious influence faster than you ever thought possible. (You’ll notice a mindset shift the first day you try this!)
  • How to improve every area of your life by getting others to say “Yes” to you. Almost no one understands the startling psychological effects developing this mindset creates!
  • If you get nothing else from this program… your life will improve by leaps and bounds from now on. You’ll begin to “magically” attract the right people and situations. You’ll look and feel better. Your positive outlook will magnetize all the good things you want in life. Better health… rich relationships… abundant wealth will naturally flow your way.
  • How to convince the most stubborn and resistant people to agree with your conclusions… even if… they don’t really want to at first. (These are the most powerful hypnotic influence secrets known to man… and now… they’re in your hands!)
  • Secret language patterns that hypnotize others to agree to your requests. Best part: You’ll mesmerize people without them noticing… and… guide them to follow your suggestions without any resistance
  • The secret to getting a yes almost every time. (It’s a covert psychological tactic that works deep inside someone’s mind – below the conscious level – to make them want to comply with your requests!)
  • Why developing the yes mindset within yourself is crucial… if… you want to influence the maximum number of  with ease!
  • Simple and easy exercises that – if you do them – are guaranteed to skyrocket your ability to influence (Practice these exercises daily and in no time flat you’ll find people “flocking” to you wanting to be under your leadership. It’s almost spooky how fast these work too!)
  • How combining the “Yes Deck” cards with other hypnotic principles puts you in total control of any situation. I show you how to “mix and match” certain techniques to “tease” the deep-seated agreement hot buttons nestled inside the mind… and…

Put People In A Waking Trance Practically

At The Snap Of Your Fingers!

Yes! I Want To Get Started Now!

  • Plus:How to program your mind so using the most effective and sophisticated covert hypnotic influence strategies in the world becomes “second-nature.” You may know about a couple of these techniques… but doing them correctly is almost impossible without an experienced guide. Like what you’ll find on in this exciting program.
  • And a whole lot more!
    For example: If you’ve ever had trouble getting someone to see your point of view… then… the “salami tactic” is the answer you’ve been searching for.
    Because once you focus their attention on these “agreement guarantees”, you can expect inevitable consent to whatever you ask in no time.
    And this works on even the most rigid and negative people.
    You’ll see… right before your eyes… as they melt like putty in your hands.
    Their constricted resistance to you evaporates into thin air as they’ll gladly believe and respond positively.
    Listen closley: No matter how “in charge” you think you are…
    And no matter how influencial you’ve been before…
    The stone-cold truth is: Unless you’re one of the lucky insiders who discovered these closely-guarded secrets of my proprietary formula…
    … then you’re only tapping into a small portion of your full natural ability to induce others to listen and follow your lead and suggestions.
    This program helps you dig into the deep reservoir of hypnotic influence and irresistible magnetism lying dormant within you.
    Here’s more:

    • The only two things you must do to increase your hypnotic influence powers. (Note: One “force-feeds” your mind the secrets revealed in my formula. The other lets you try out what you’ve learned in the real world. This is an unbeatable combination if you want results in no time flat!)
    • What “state-dependant” learning is… and… why it holds the key to shaping people’s behavior and getting them to do what you want when you want it!
    • How to kick open the doors to the “yes rooms” buried far inside someone’s psyche. (Once this is revealed to you… then… you’ll have people – the closed-minded ones too – wrapped around your finger… cheerfully doing what you tell them… and… eating out of the palm of your hand! It’s amazing!)
    • How to lock people into a “yes pattern” that they naturally don’t want to break free of!
    • Why some people find it almost impossible to agree with others. (You’ll never guess… but… it’s the real reason so many dwell in a state of mental, emotional and physical misery! It’s easy to fall for this too!)
    • How to turn on the brain’s natural tendency to agree… even in… the most disagreeable people. (Armed with this information you’ll help people find reasons to agree with your ideas… rather than… reject them outright!)
    • Why getting a “yes” out of someone on an unrelated subject eventually forces them to say “yes” to your proposal. You’ll learn the neurological reason this happens… and… how to ethically turn it in your favor!)
    • How to mentally “warm up” the mind and build an unstoppable positive momentum until you get exactly what you want. (It’s under the radar and works like crazy!)
    • The dark secret of the “hidden no!” Pay careful attention here because if you apply these strategies the wrong way they can… and do… backfire!
    • 3 types of “yeses” and why all are important to get agreement! If you’ve ever wondered how “silver-tongued” sales people close deals without hard-selling… this is a big part!
    • Three tools at your disposal (everyone has them) that prevents you from annoying people while trying to convince them you’re right! Get past this hurdle (it’s easy once you know how) and people will find it impossible to say no… even when… saying no is the obvious choice!
  • Yes! I Want To Get Started Now!
    Listening to my simple instructions will massively boost your ability to grasp these secrets. And… just as critical… to apply them in your life.
    And implemeting these secrets is your…
    Fast Track Shortcut To Good Fortune… And An Exciting Life Full Of Adventure!
    You see, an overlooked… but unexpected and wonderful… side benefit to becoming a stealth hypnotic influence expert is that your entire life improves.
    Here’s a true story of what developing the “yes mindset” can do for you:
    Danny Wallace, a British journalist and comedian, had lost his zest for life after finding himself single. Day after day he was caught up in the same boring routine.
    Lonely and isolated, he soon realized he was shutting the world out. He turned down invitations… invented wild reasons to get out of meeting others… and… generally became a morose and negative person.
    Then a chance encounter on a London bus changed his life forever. A stranger he sat next to made a three-word suggestion to Wallace…
    “Say yes more.”
    Wallace challenged himself to say “yes” to every offer, request, invitation, and challenge – no matter how outlandish – for the next year. He began saying “yes” to people handing out pamphlets on the street… credit card offers… and online solicitations.
    He embarks on a year-long adventure of exciting discoveries. He says “yes” to strangers who invite him on trips… gives spare change to anyone who asks… and… furthers his career by saying “yes” in meetings at his job.
    This simple paradigm shift quite literally improved his life in ways he had never imagined. For example…

    • He wins a $48,000 windfall…
    • He becomes a television executive…
    • He takes up the “cloak” as a minister…
    • He invents things and travels around the world…
    • He finds romance and his smile once again…
  • … and he writes a book about his adventures (Yes Man copyright © 2005 by Danny Wallace. Published by Simon Spotlight Entertainment – a division of Simon & Schuster, Inc., 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020. ISBN-13: 978-1-4169-0066-5.) that becomes a best seller…
    … and a major Hollywood motion picture in 2008. Directed by Peyton Reed and starring Jim Carrey, Zooey Deschanel, Bradley Cooper, John Michael Higgins and Rhys Darby.
    So there…
    The Power Of “Yes” Can Change Anyone’s Life…
    Starting As Soon As Today!

    Yes! I Want To Get Started Now!
    If that’s not enough to get your blood pumping… here are even more secrets revealed in the YES Decks! Package:

    • Why developing a yes mindset allows you to live a fuller and richer life filled with wonderful experiences and opportunities you’d never have otherwise. (You may never be bored again!)
    • How to become contagiously optimistic. (Your positive energy will “rub off” and attract swarms of people ready, willing and able to be influenced by you! All it takes to engineer this “magical effect” is following my simple step by step instructions.)
    • Why your personal state of mind dictates how easy… or difficult… it is for you to get agreement from others. (Perhaps the biggest secret of all when it comes to effortless influence! If you’re struggling to get agreement from family members, friends and co-workers… this… above all others… is the reason why! I reveal how to remove the stress and frustration out of your life for good!)
    • How to “train” the people closest to you to almost never say no when you make a request. (By the way, this will help them get more out of life too!)
  • How To Get Full Cooperation When Asking For Big Commitments From Reluctant People!

    Yes! I Want To Get Started Now!

    • The core influence principle highly influential people have relied on since the dawn of time. (This is the key to eliminating rejection… while at the same time… enjoying the success you richly deserve!)
    • How to get a yes from a “hard case” even when they think they’re refusing your proposal. (You won’t believe how easy it is!)
    • Why you must neverever ask for too much too soon. (Maybe the biggest “rookie mistake” people make when trying to get others to agree. Here’s what to do instead to practically guarantee you’re never turned down again!)
    • The 4-Step Hypnotic Influence Formula that never fails. Follow these simple steps and everything your heart desires really can be yours for the asking!
    • The power of setting “frames.” (The Greek philosopher, Socrates proved that by setting frames you could get anyone to agree to anything. This strategy allowed him to get agreement from people even on bizarre ideas!)
    • How the consistency principle makes it almost impossible for a person to reject your ideas no matter how absurd. (Plus… a real example of this powerful principle in action. An actual experiment was conducted by behavioral psychologists. You won’t believe how easily they persuaded a high percentage of “suburbanites” to put up a huge billboard on their lawns. Many of these people didn’t even believe in the cause advertised. Yet, due to the unrelenting and innate pressure of having to be consistent in their minds they “caved in” to ridiculous demands!)
    • A key concept you must embrace to boost your powers of influence! (People will gladly expect to be “sold” and like it too! But when this is missing it’s one of the biggest reasons others find it easy to turn you down flat without giving it a second thought!)
  • Yes! I Want To Get Started Now!
    Can my secret formula really help you become more influential? I absolutely believe it can. Because I’ve spent a large part of my life teaching others this same formula with fantastic results. So I know…
    It Can Work Wonders For YOU Too!
    Your entire life will be easier and more fun.
    Friends, neighbors, family and co-workers will look to you for leadership. The more “in control” you become the more they will want to be around you.
    Amazing things will begin happening. Opportunities – ones you’d normally miss – will pop up all the time. You will be in the “flow”… in th
  • So what is NLP?
    NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Neuro refers to your neurology;
    Linguistic refers to language; programming refers to how that neural language functions.
    In other words, learning NLP is like learning the language of your own mind!NLP is the study of excellent communication–both with yourself, and with others.
    It was developed by modeling excellent communicators and therapists who got results with their clients.
    NLP is a set of tools and techniques, but it is so much more than that.
    It is an attitude and a methodology of knowing how to achieve your goals and get results
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