Jess Dang – CookSmarts Nourish 2017

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Jess Dang – CookSmarts Nourish 2017

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The kitchen can be a stressful place because chances are, no one over taught you how to cook.

Home ec wasn’t an option in school.

Your parents taught you how to ride a bike, read your first words, but never got around to teaching you how to fix a healthy dinner, a life skill that so often gets overlooked.

You know that a home cooked meal is the better choice for you and your family, so you search for recipes. You pick up groceries. But once you’re in the kitchen, it never quite goes as planned.

Chopping takes forever cause you just don’t feel comfortable using your knife. You finally start cooking and follow the recipe to a T.

An hour and a half later, your meal is done(!). You give it a taste only to be disappointed . . . it’s dry, not that flavorful but you don’t know where you went wrong or how to fix it.

Does this sound familiar?

Well it doesn’t have to be this way. Nourish is here to transform your kitchen experience.

In the course of 6 weeks, our lessons will give you the cooking knowledge and teach you the skills you need to cook confidently in your kitchen.

Recipes will just be your inspiration. You won’t be attached to every step because you’ll be able to just wing it with your new understanding of how different ingredients cook.

Your knife will become your best friend. Chopping an onion? No problem. You’ll be able to do it while sipping a [insert beverage of choice] and chatting with a friend (who by the way is watching in amazement).

But best of all, you’ll know how to cook, a skill that will change your entire approach to food, to your health and to how you nourish yourself and your family.

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