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An underactive thyroid is not uncommon by any means.

Yet doctors have little time to provide support beyond the thyroid pills.

A new diagnosis tends to unfold like this:

  • Sue explains to the doctor that her hair is thinning, she’s had unexplained weight gain for months, and always feel like a tired zombie.
  • Upon review of her blood test, Sue is diagnosed with a type of hypothyroidism called Hashimoto’s disease. She is given a script for thyroid hormone, with instructions to take it for two months and return.
  • No other recommendations are given about diet or lifestyle, so Sue carries on with her life as per normal.
  • Upon return, Sue explains that symptoms have not improved. Her dose is doubled and she is sent on her way. The doctor may mumble something about “eat less and move more…”
  • This goes on and on for an entire year, until the doctor is secretly convinced that Sue’s symptoms are imaginary.
  • Her symptoms are very real of course, and Sue lives miserably ever after…

She continues to wake up exhausted, even after sleeping for 12 hours.

She continues to feel like a zombie after meals.

She is unable to lose any weight, despite cardio exercise 4 times per week.

And she never learns what to ask the doctor at each check-up.

Sound familiar?

The sheer amount of newly diagnosed patients who walk out of the clinic – clueless as to what diet and lifestyle changes to make – is the crux of the problem.

Unfortunately, Google doesn’t provide the answers either.

In fact, Googling medical conditions presents a whole new set of questions:

  1. Which website or source is reliable?
  2. How do you know the information is accurate and updated?
  3. Two different sources say the opposite thing, which one is correct?
  4. If you still have more questions, who can you ask that is trustworthy?

The list goes on, and you end up down a rabbit-hole of conflicting and overwhelming articles, blog posts and user comments.

Then you eventually hit your limit, flick the screen off in frustration, and go to bed.

We’ve ALL done it.

Problem is the next morning you’re still no better off, which is when you might start to feel a bit desperate…

Diet and exercise won’t help if hypothyroidism is left unmanaged…

When we don’t feel good about something, we try to fix it.

When we really don’t feel good about it, we desperately try to fix it.

If your thyroid has left you feeling like a zombie every morning, and your waistline is growing at a record rate, you’re definitely going to try and do something about it.

Unfortunately, you’ve discovered that the expensive quick-fixes and “miracle” diets don’t work, especially after you stop them.

I’m talking about:

  • diet pills
  • weight loss shakes
  • juicers
  • exercise equipment sold on TV
  • alkaline diets
  • detox products and programs
  • weight watchers
  • fitness DVDs…

The list goes on, and on…

… and on.

Every single person in this situation has tried one or more of those. Sometimes more than once.

And yet nobody reached their health goals with them. Did you?

But if you’re determined to bounce back and start fresh…

The first and most important thing to do is forgive yourself.

It’s totally okay that you didn’t reach your health goals.

It’s normal.

But more importantly you must understand…

It WASN’T your fault.

Generic Health Advice Let You Down…

Let me ask you something…

Do you think advice to “cheer up” would help someone with depression?

Do you think advice to “drink less” would help someone with alcoholism?

No, of course not. That is ridiculous.

Yet for 99% of those with hypothyroidism, the only advice they receive is to “eat less, move more”.

This is quite possibly the most useless health advice in existence. Especially for hypothyroidism- a hormonal disorder.

This type of unspecific blanket advice is what drives patients to google their condition and splurge on those diet fads and quick-fix promises.

– It’s the reason you accept that ALWAYS feeling tired is normal.

– It’s the reason you hope and rely on cardio exercise for weight loss.

– It’s the reason you have made no meaningful changes to your diet.

– And it’s the reason you still DON’T know what to ask the doctor each check-up…


That’s why I created Tireless With Hypothyroidism

This is a program made with you in mind.

It’s a step-by-step online video program and weight loss meal plan designed for those with Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism.

Think of it like a roadmap for a fresh start, to finally take back control of your health.

The program covers:

  • How to stop feeling like a zombie and maintain your energy all day long
  • How to sustainably lose weight with hypothyroidism, and keep it off… “eat less, move more” won’t work for a hormone disorder!
  • How to correct your slow metabolism… without over-priced supplements you have to splurge on every 30 days
  • What to eat to optimise thyroid health and not make things worse… and no, organic and other expensive recommendations are not the only solution
  • Actionable strategies for diet and lifestyle changes that will actually stick long-term.

But that’s just the beginning…


Course Curriculum


Welcome to the program!
  •  **Start Here!** + Tech Tips (2:28)
  •  Let’s Get Real: Setting Expectations (0:44)
  •  Access This Program in the New App! (0:54)
Hypothyroidism 101: Fundamentals
  •  What Is Hypothyroidism and What Causes It? (1:38)
  •  The Best Thyroid Hormone Medication (4:38)
  •  For Hypothyroid Patients Without Hashimoto’s (4:12)
Meal Plan – week 1
  •  Meal Plan, Recipes and Shopping List – week 1 (1:42)

Meal Plan – week 2
  •  Meal Plan, Recipes and Shopping List – week 2
Unit 1: Creating Habits and Staying Accountable (Do This Unit First!)
  •  How to Create New Habits Successfully (6:40)
  •  Why and How to Keep a Food Diary (1:43)
  •  Measurements and Photos (6:50)
Unit 2: Nutrition Recommendations and Myth Busting
  •  Key Nutrients For Thyroid Health (4:13)
  •  What About Gluten? (3:42)
  •  What About Goitrogens? (3:18)
Unit 3: How To Lose Weight With Hypothyroidism
  •  How Hypothyroidism Slows Metabolism (2:01)
  •  Why Does Weight Loss Take So Long? Your “Set Point” (3:24)
  •  Planning For Weight Loss Success (5:09)
  •  How To Boost Metabolism (2:32)
  •  Counting Calories and Organic Foods (3:36)
Unit 4: Hypothyroidism and Exercise
  •  Is Exercise Really That Important? (3:25)
  •  How to Start and How Much to Do (6:48)
  •  Exercise Bliss: Free Mini Habit Week (1:17)
  •  Does Yoga and Meditation Help? (1:06)
Unit 5: How To Overcome Chronic Fatigue and Tiredness
  •  Why Does Hypothyroidism Cause Fatigue? (2:04)
  •  What to Check at the Doctor: A List (5:48)
  •  Thyroid Support Supplements (5:15)
  •  10 Quick Hacks to Sleep Better
Unit 6: Willpower and Strategies To Maintain Momentum
  •  Willpower Is Limited! (2:02)
  •  8 Proven Healthy Hacks For Home
  •  7 Healthy Hacks For Work and Restaurants
  •  Healthy Snack Ideas
Unit 7: Frequently Asked Questions
  •  Should I eat 6 meals per day for metabolism?
  •  I am experiencing hair loss, what should I do?
  •  Doctor says tests are normal, but I know something is wrong. What should I do?
  •  Is ultra low carb/ketogenic diet beneficial for hypothyroidism?
  •  Levothyroxine causes headaches, what should I do?
  •  Does anything change during or after pregnancy?
  •  Do weight loss supplements work? (3:15)
  •  Does alcohol affect thyroid health?


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