John Grinder – Training Trainers | Instant Download !


John Grinder – Training Trainers | Instant Download !

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John Grinder – Training Trainers | Instant Download !


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The Essential Skills Group Inc. (ESG) is a national leader in the development of innovative, integrated web applications that test and build essential skills, in both English and French.

To date, our web applications have delivered over 265,000 online assessments and customized learning plans, making ours the most widely-used online essential skills solution in Canada.

Over 800 organizations are current users of our web applications. Our clients include governments, sector councils, associations, First Nations, NGOs and private sector companies from across Canada.

ESG is led by Michael Herzog, MBA and Divona Herzog, MCE and backed by a solid team of IT experts and other specialists.

The need for ESG


There are approximately 12 million Canadians who lack sufficient essential skills. These people face real challenges coping with the demands of a knowledge-based economy. They generally earn less money, are unemployed more often, have more accidents at work and have greater difficulty learning new skills, as compared to those with higher essential skills.We want to make a difference in the lives of these individuals.



Percentage of Canadians who have

insufficient reading skills



Percentage of Canadians who have insufficient document use skills



Percentage of Canadians who have

insufficient numeracy skills

Skills we assess and develop



The ability to understand reading materials in the form of sentences and paragraphs. We use this skill to scan information, skim for overall meaning, evaluate what we read and integrate information from multiple sources.


The ability to use numbers and think in quantitative terms. We use this skill when doing numerical estimating, money math, scheduling and budgeting math and analyzing measurements or data.

Working with Others

The ability to work with other workers to carry out tasks. We use this skill when we work as a member of a team or jointly with a partner, and when we engage in supervisory or leadership activities.

Thinking Skills

The ability to engage in the process of evaluating ideas or information to reach a rational decision. We use this skill when we solve problems, make decisions, think critically, and plan and organize job tasks.


The ability to write text and documents. We use this skill when we organize, record, document, provide information to persuade, request information from others and justify a request.

Computer Use

The ability to use different kinds of computer applications and other related technical tools. We use this skill when we operate cash registers, use word processing software, send emails and create spreadsheets.

Oral Communication

The ability to use speech to give and exchange thoughts and information. We use this skill to greet people, take messages, reassure, persuade, seek information and resolve conflicts.

Document Use

The ability to perform tasks that involve a variety of information displays such as technical drawings, lists and tables. We use this skill when we read and interpret signs, labels, lists, graphs and charts.

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