John Overdurf – Training new trances | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !

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John Overdurf – Training new trances| INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !

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John Overdurf – Training new trances| INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !


This audio is a four day version of My 8 Day Training New Trances & Beyond training. Lots of new patterns and exercises. Outstanding Demos and Inductions. I revised the classic Training Trances material with newer processes I developed in attention-shifting, directionalized ambiguity, principles from my Linguistic Alchemy material as well as other processes drawn from new neuro-scientific research.

Advanced calibration of verbal and non- verbal unconscious processing

How to use underlying principles and conditions which create the context for hypnosis

Facilitating direct communication with unconscious processing

Critical elements in delivering hypnotic language patternas

How to use elements of the problem to create the solution or outcome

Simultaneous resolution of multiple issues using hypnosis

Utilization of uncertainty, confusion and not-knowing for significant change

and deeper trance phenomena

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John Overdurf – Training new trances

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