Johnny Soporno – Seductive Reasoning

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Johnny Soporno – Seductive Reasoning

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Johnny Soporno – Seductive Reasoning

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Johnny is founder of the ?worthy playboy institute? and has dedicated himself to battling
cultural misogyny and rekindling the sexual revolution. He burst onto the scene in 2006 at the
Cliffs List convention where he gave the closing keynote address to a very receptive crowd.
Johnny has since worked to course-correct hundred of lives, and now offers his own mentor
coaching program for men and women to help them conquer the game of life.

– What the seduction reasoning paradigm is
– The negative beliefs that we?re raised to believe that absolutely not true
– Social conditions that are present in every interaction
– The two categories all women are divided into, and how you should identify which one they are
before you build a relationship with her
– The rule all women are raised to follow
– When you should be making changes in your life and how to identify what those things are
– What a women means when she says ?just be yourself?
– How pretending to be someone you?re not will alway result in failure
– What a mans primary craving is and how it is very attractive when you?re able to overcome
– Why men believe they?re good in bed, even if they?re not
– Sexual body language cues from women that you need to learn to read
– How to perform with her in bed so you make sure you?re welcome back
– A quick sexual technique to drive her wild in bed
– How to read her body language when having sex and encourage communication
– Why women fake organisms, and how to make sure she doesn?t need to with you
– Why performing sexual techniques the same way with different women doesn?t work ? and how
to read what she likes
– Sexual misconceptions that most men have about women
– Where to find the G-Spot on a woman, and how to stimulate it

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