Jordan Steen – The Digital Marketing School | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !

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Jordan Steen – The Digital Marketing School | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !

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Jordan Steen – The Digital Marketing School | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !


Jordan Steen - The Digital Marketing School

Jordan Steen – The Digital Marketing School

The ALL-IN-ONE Course for Digital Marketing and Starting a Marketing Agency
What if I told you that building an online empire is an attainable goal – not a pipe dream? Or, what if I told you that you’re only 90 days away from launching your own digital marketing agency, signing your own clients, and building wealth and stability for yourself? With the Digital Marketing School, you are. This comprehensive course gives you all the tools you need to successfully launch your own digital marketing business in just 90 days – all you need to do is get started!
What Will You Learn?
Module 1: Starting Your Business
First well cover the essential information all business owners need to understand before they get their businesses up and
running – from legal considerations to managing finances.
Module 2: Social Media Marketing and Ads
Establishing your business legally is only the first step. Next,you’ll need to deliver the results that will keep clients coming back time and time again. This module is all about social media marketing campaigns and making sure you have the right tools to
design and run a top-notch campaign for all your clients.

Module 3: Email Marketing and Website Marketing
Building a successful email marketing campaign has a lot of moving pieces – from selecting the best automations to writing subject lines that are guaranteed to convert. Module three covers everything you need to know to set up the perfect email marketing campaign and offers expert insight into marketing a website and getting one built for your customers.
Module 4: SEOand PPC
I bet you’ve heard these acronyms before, but if you haven’t – don’t worry. This module gets you up-to-date on best practices for SEO and PPC marketing campaigns, putting you on the right track to get your clients (and yourself!) on that coveted first page of
Google results.
Module 5: Marketing Strategy and Content Marketing
Module five covers everything you need to know about building customer profiles, and then planning keyword strategies to form the foundation of creating compelling content that drives engagement.
Module 6: Landing Pages, Analytics, Tools, Templates, and Third Party Services
A successful business owner takes advantage of the best tools around to gather leads, analyze reports for customers, and run great marketing campaigns – and you’ll learn all about these tools in module six.

Module 7: Selling, Landing Clients and Pricing Your Services
By module seven you’ve learned all the skills necessary to deliver awesome results to your clients – and now its time to find them. This module teaches you everything you need to know to build and maintain a client list – from prospecting to building
proposals and overcoming objections and on-boarding new clients.
Module 8: Outsourcing and Building Your Team
As your client list grows, your team will need to grow with it. This module prepares you to expand your team through outsourcing – from knowing when its time to grow to hiring and training your virtual assistants.
The Digital Marketing School is a concentrated, eight-module course full of the actionable insider tips and expert knowledge you need to launch your own successful digital marketing company. If you sign up today, you’re only ninety days away from
launching your own business…so, why wait?


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