Jorge Escobar – From Zero to Flask The Professional Way | Instant Download !

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Jorge Escobar – From Zero to Flask The Professional Way | Instant Download !

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Jorge Escobar – From Zero to Flask The Professional Way | Instant Download !


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This course will teach you, assuming no prior coding knowledge, how to develop back end web applications the way professional coders do in the top internet startups. How do I know this? Because I’ve been leading tech teams in both large enterprise as well as startup companies in New York City for the past 15 years.

I have seen a lot of courses and free tutorials and I can tell you 90% of them just teach bad habits while promising to turn you into a real “web developer”.

This course doesn’t promise to turn you into a professional back end developer after you complete it — it takes much more than the 4 hours of of this course (and probably hundreds of hours of self-practicing) to do that, but it will give you a solid foundation from where to start and continue your training, knowing the right path to become a real professional backend web applications developer using Python.

The course goes through a step by step process of setting up your environment, introducing Flask. It then moves to explore SQL databases, using MySQL and finally showing you how to develop a blogging application using all these learnings.

Best of all, you don’t need to own a computer to take this course, if you don’t own one. You can complete this course from an internet or cyber cafe, as we teach how to to use both locally installed files or an online coding platform.

At the end of the course students will be challenged with a final project where all the course material will need to be used to complete it. Students that finish the final project will be eligible for special future promotions.

If you are interested in learning how to code from zero and without prior knowledge, but do it using best industry practices towards becoming a professional backend web developer, this is the course for you.

The course is divided in 7 sections:

  • Introduction
  • Your Development Environment
  • Say Hello World
  • Setting up our Database
  • A Visitor Counter
  • Flogger: A Personal Blog Application
  • Final Project

The course has more than 4 hours of video tutorials as well as the source code of all the lessons, so that you can see exactly what the whole project looks like in each stage.

The course can take anywhere from 7 days to a month to complete based on how much material the student completes daily.

Additionally we’re constantly updating the course, adding contents thanks to the feedback of our students.

Course Curriculum

PreviewIntroduction (1:31)
PreviewRoadmap and Requirements (1:53)
Your Development Environment
PreviewYour Python Flask Development Environment (0:38)
PreviewInstalling Python3 on Mac with Homebrew (1:04)
PreviewInstalling Python3 on Windows 10 with Chocolatey (1:32)
PreviewThe Cloud-based Python Development Environment (1:17)
StartVirtual Environments (0:38)
StartWindows and Mac Virtualenv Setup (4:18)
StartPythonAnywhere Virtualenv Setup (1:06)
StartInstalling Flask (2:07)
Say Hello World
StartThe Code Editor (0:43)
PreviewHello World (5:00)
StartRunning the Application (Windows and Mac) (1:53)
StartRunning the Application (PythonAnywhere) (3:14)
StartDebugging our Application (1:08)
StartDebugging on Windows and Mac (0:53)
StartDebugging on PythonAnywhere (1:26)
StartThe Debug Stack (1:00)
StartRouting (3:14)
StartTemplates (6:38)
StartThe url_for() Function (2:24)
StartThe Static Folder (2:18)
StartTemplate inheritance (4:24)
StartIntroduction to Forms (9:36)
StartCookies and Sessions (5:46)
StartConfiguration Management (2:52)
StartPython Dot Env for PythonAnywhere (2:12)
Setting Up Our Database
PreviewAn Introduction to Databases (5:07)
StartInstalling MySQL (0:11)
StartInstalling MySQL on Mac with Homebrew (3:09)
StartInstalling MySQL on Windows with Chocolatey (2:45)
StartSetting up MySQL on PythonAnywhere (1:45)
StartMVC and the Object Relational Mapper (1:56)
A Visitor Counter
StartOur First Data Driven Application (0:36)
StartInitial Application Setup on Mac and Windows (1:25)
StartInitial Application Setup on PythonAnywhere (2:17)
StartOur Application Libraries (1:02)
StartThe Environment Settings (1:47)
StartThe Application Factory (2:41)
StartBuilding Modules with Blueprints (1:24)
StartOur First Blueprint (2:22)
StartThe Counter Model (2:27)
StartAn Introduction to Migrations (5:29)
StartDatabase Operations from the Shell (5:59)
StartThe Page Views Counter Application (2:16)
StartSetting Up Our Test Infrastructure (8:14)
StartOur First Test (3:49)
Flogger: A Personal Blog Application
StartFlogger, a Simple Flask Blog (1:02)
StartInitial Application Setup on Mac and Windows (1:02)
StartInitial Application Setup on PythonAnywhere (1:42)
StartOur Application Libraries (1:32)
StartThe Core Application (1:55)
StartSetting up the Database (1:41)
StartCreating the Author App (1:10)
StartThe Author Model (1:04)
StartThe Author Model Migration (1:36)
StartTesting the Author Model in the Shell (1:37)
StartThe Author Registration Form (3:25)
StartThe Author Registration Template (4:05)
StartAuthor Form Validation (4:32)
StartA Better Looking Application (2:48)
StartProcessing the Author Registration Form (2:44)
StartChecking the Record Creation on the Database (1:37)
StartUsing PDB (3:08)
StartCustom Form Validators (1:47)
StartThe Author Login (1:07)
StartChecking the Login Credentials in the Database (2:08)
StartAuthor Session (2:04)
StartLogging Out the Author (0:44)
StartFlash Messages (2:09)
StartUnit Testing the Author App (3:50)
StartLogin Tests (1:21)
StartThe Nav Bar (1:34)
StartThe Blog Post and Category Models (8:09)
StartThe Blog Post Form (1:37)
StartBlog Create Post Template and View (2:01)
StartBlog Post View Database Processing (4:47)
StartThe Login Decorator (3:27)
StartBlog Article and Markdown (2:28)
StartBlog Post Tests (1:23)
StartBlog Home Page and Pagination (7:34)
StartUploading Images (7:34)
StartEditing Posts (5:42)
StartDeleting Posts and Writing the Edit and Delete Tests (1:45)
StartBlog Tags and Tests (7:27)
StartFilter by Category or Tags (4:42)
The Final Project
StartThe Final Project (1:04)
StartConclusion (0:23)

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