Julie Renee – Quantum Success Activations

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Julie Renee – Quantum Success Activations

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Julie Renee – Quantum Success Activations

Julie Renee – Quantum Success Activations

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Finally the “How To” directions for using the Quantum Field to clear hidden blocks to success ~ fast and efficient. Quantum Success Activations: clearing hidden blocks that are killing your business with master activator, Julie Renee.


Hi, I am Julie Renee and I mentor ambitious individuals just like you who won’t take no for an answer, but are being taken out of the game because of exhaustion and fatigue. I help you get back to being fully energized and playing your mission and purpose! I came to this expertise because I, possibly just like you, was taken down and unable to get my gift and blessing out in the world due to illness and injury. Once I was back on my feet, I felt empowered to deliver a message of health and hope and a vision of a future where we could change the way we think about health and energy.

After 3 years of non-stop going, I found myself crashed and miserable. I was committed to getting my mission out so I kept attending events and maintained a rigorous teaching schedule. How could I teach taking good self-care and possibility if l was waning myself? I would go to these big weekend events continuously, with a big heart wanting to connect and serve, truly wanting to help others yet I was finding myself so exhausted I would spend hours up in my room resting in bed, and appear strategically at breaks and meal time to keep the communications and conversations going. I stopped teaching audiences other than my own and slowed down on the media events. I wouldn’t quit, I wouldn’t say uncle but I needed to find a better way to regenerate, maintain and sustain my energy and my mental clarity.

The training I bring to you now, Quantum Success Activations Program, is a large part of my journey back into fulfilling my mission, and I hope you too will be as thrilled as I am with the effectiveness of this system.


If you are ready to break through the invisible barriers holding you back and powerfully move into the magnetic resonance of your own quantum success: the Quantum Success Activations Program is designed just for you! This program teaches you the fundamentals of using the quantum field for clearing millions of blocks to success guiding you easily off the hamster wheel of overworking and underachieving to your mission mastery and dreams made manifest! I want you to be fully self-expressed and for you to live out your soul calling now! Together let’s set you free to deliver your message and your gifts out in the world for big time success.

Getting clear of blockages in your business and becoming magnetic to your true nature are the natural wins that come from doing this program!

I created this program and clearings out of my own need to grow my business and expand my work out on a bigger scale. What I realized was that I was chasing my tail doing everything I could to be relevant and learn the new marketing and branding, but it wouldn’t take. I was frustrated to tears that I wasn’t getting my big break, that I was stuck in a six figure cycle that looked like I may never break through.

Well my break though did come…and my gifts to you in this program are the secret steps I took to clear the programs and soul contracts that would not allow me to move ahead.

I am committed to you getting your blessing and message out without struggle, effort or self-sabotage. Let me assure you, if you are struggling, it’s very likely not your fault. We clear business-killing programs from a place you didn’t know existed. This program teaches you about the field we call ‘Perception’. Perception is an important aspect of your divine human blueprint. It is made up of thought forms that inform your being how things will play out in your life. These programs affect how you feel about things and how others feel about you. You may have overworking programs running and un-valued programs running at the same time.

In this program I will mentor you into the way of the Master. You will have the opportunity to remove these hidden obstacles like a Samaria warrior defeating his opponent. Lets face it, who wants to struggle a minute longer? I sure don’t and I know you don’t either.

I really love this program and what Julie Renee teaches.

All the meditation are amazing even though I didn’t manage to download them all yet.

I think Julie Renee is an amazing and special person and I feel privileged I have taken part in this program.

– Alex Durrell

Every topic has been right on the spot for me !! Thank you very much !! I need to come out and be successful, and have a great relationship with someone just for me!

– Liyako



ONLY $197



In the Quantum Success Activations Program, we will progress you through a series of energetic shifts that will cause your inner game to shift – big time!

  • Your right vocation is becomes an easy next step as you become clear and focused
  • You are able to stop the overworking, over-striving and have your efforts make maximum impact
  • You shut down the inner struggle, stop fighting against yourself and get in sync with your mission

If you want to learn how to use the quantum field to clear all the blocks to your success and full self expression, and develop a spiritual tool for clearing you will use the rest of your life.



  1. Broad and narrowband telepathy ~ Being really understood by one person or the entire audience very well
  2. Virtual & Technology – clearing for easier flow with sending newsletters getting emails, teleconferences and managing your own technology system
  3. Owning your mission, getting ready of the ‘shoulds’ and getting on with YOU and YOUR VISION
  4. Fulfillment getting things complete and out in the world.
  5. Celebrity, Fame and fan blocks. This is super helpful when you are looking to build your list.
  6. Owning and living in your body and life you’ll find it easier to move your body, workout and be on a meal plan that works without effort.
  7. Feeling fully supported, whether with staffing help or the right teacher ~ mentors in your life fully supported your happiness and full self expression go through the roof.


I am enjoying your Quantum Success program immensely! One day after enrolling and opening myself up to any possibility of abundance – just after the telesummit call – I got a cool job offer by a longtime friend from New York. I wasn’t even looking for that, being an energy healer and living on small retirement income, I had only hoped for a handful of clients. Yeah!

– i.spillmann, Berlin, Germany

I completed Module 1 and cleared millions of blocks. I cleared some from all 4 categories as you suggested to begin with but then I got enthusiastic and wanted to clear more so I did! Knowing how to muscle test helped enormously and I was surprised that the quantum pumping action came so naturally. It does make sense. Reading your books while doing this program is also very helpful. Thank you again for bringing all this to us!

– Gita, Melbourne Australia

This program is wonderful. I now have some tools to use every day, and I already feel more centered and prepared to meet my successful life!

– Pat


Lori Thayer

Although my quantum transformations were not critical health concerns, better vision, healed cornea and teeth sensitivity improved have definitely made a difference in my day to day experience. And what’s most valuable — and appreciated — is that I know quantum pumping works! I know I can use this technique to heal many aspects of my body. Now that my body is feeling better I am hoping to  work on my life! New goals are attracting wealth and healthy relationships, and so much more! Using the quantum pump is amazing. I have a powerful and all-encompassing healing tool! I’m very grateful to have learned it.

Although I haven’t directly used the Quantum Activations techniques for weight or wealth issues, since taking the breast health class both areas have improved considerably. I recently relocated and after being in Germany for just 2 months, I have already got 3 new clients!

Miraculously I am also feeling so much safer and calm around being able to create sustainable income and just the idea of ease with money. Clarity and gratitude have grown exponentially. I use the quantum clearing techniques for everything I struggle with that needs healing with great success. They are super easy to learn and so effective!

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