Kate Swoboda – Courageous Living Program

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Kate Swoboda – Courageous Living Program

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Kate Swoboda – Courageous Living Program

Kate Swoboda - Courageous Living Program

Let me guess: You’re tired of the stress.

There’s stress about what’s happening in the world, about money, about relationships, parenting, about your to-do list–and this cocktail of worry, overwhelm, and self-doubt has gotten old.

You’re also smart–you’ve tried things to combat the stress. Problem is: those things just haven’t worked.

Why is that?

  • Because behind stress, worry, and overwhelm is a fear pattern–like perfectionism, people-pleasing, self-sabotage, or pessimism. You’ve certainly heard of those labels before, but you might not realize that they’re running on auto-pilot.
  • You see the stress. The fear-based pattern behind the stress is what’s harder to see. The fear-based pattern is hiding out behind the scenes, at the root of the stress.
  • When your fear-based patterns run on autopilot, they control your life. There’s more stress, less presence, and it all feels out of control. Over-thinking and analysis paralysis take over, until it seems easier to just Netflix and chill (while that book doesn’t get written, the business doesn’t get built, the fun and adventure get pushed to the back burner).

Once you see the pattern clearly, you are empowered to change.

With the Courageous Living Program, you will:

For some reason, you’ve habitually held yourself back from living bigger. Get clear on the patterns and find out why. Again, it’s science. Your behavior patterns are habits that have wired in the brain. You need to see them clearly, to unhook them.

Create a bold vision

It’s time to remember your Most Courageous Self. You’ve met her, before. She says, Why not? She’s righteous about justice at the same time that she calls forth her laughter. She’s energized by people who tell the truth, she delights in the senses, and she’s a helluva lot of fun to be around–so she’d really love to come out, more often.

Learn the habit of courage

The life you want is waiting. Anyone can build new behavioral habits that have them feeling less stressed and more resourced and capable. The key is understanding how habits work in the brain, so that you can interrupt the old loop and create something new.

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