Keith J. Cunningham – How I Do Business

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Keith J. Cunningham – How I Do Business

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Keith J. Cunningham – How I Do Business

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Course Description
In This Video Series

Master the Key Principles of Growth
Learn the 5 Characteristics of Success
Avoid the 6 Big Mistakes
Arm Yourself with Real Financial Mastery
Learn How to Hire Great Talent
Find the $$$ You Need for Your Deals
67 Video Lessons from World-Renowned Business and Financial Expert Keith J. Cunningham

Who is this course perfect for?
Anyone who wants to learn!
People who want to better themselves through learning.
Individuals who have a strong desire to invest in themselves and their future.
What’s the requirement to take this course?
You need a computer, the Internet, and speakers so you can hear the lessons. If you’re a super student, then grab a pen and paper to take notes.
What you’ll get from this course?
You will learn How I Do Business and become a rockstar! You’ll have access to hours of quality content, online resources, and much more.
The 6 Big Mistakes Part 1
Lesson 1: Introduction

Lesson 2: Statistics

Lesson 3: Characteristics of Success

Lesson 4: Mistake #1 – Obsession with the Product

Lesson 5: Mistake #2 – Speed

Lesson 6: Mistake #3 – Technical Skills

The 6 Big Mistakes Part 2
Lesson 7: Mistake #4 – Irrational Exuberance

Lesson 8: Mistake #5 – No Second Idea

Lesson 9: Mistake #6 – Run out of Cash

Lesson 10: Recap – The Big 6

The 5 Characteristics of Success
Get Keith J. Cunningham – How I Do Business on right now !

Lesson 11: Characteristic #1 – Love What They’re Doing

Lesson 12: Characteristic #2 – Business Not A Job

Lesson 13: Characteristic #3 – Optimistic

Lesson 14: Characteristic #4 – Willingness To Make Mistakes

Lesson 15: Characteristic #5 – Willingness To Pay the Price

Lesson 16: The Path to Mastery

Lesson 17: A New Day

Growth: Growing A Business
Lesson 18: Introduction

Lesson 19: The Real Issue Is Growth

Lesson 20: Growth Occurs in Stages

Lesson 21: Business Lifecycles

Lesson 22: Business Growth = Success

Lesson 23: Failure?

Lesson 24: High Growth

Lesson 25: Growth Is…

Financial Literacy Part 1
Lesson 26: Introduction

Lesson 27: Understanding the Scoreboards in Business

Lesson 28: The First Scoreboard – The Balance Sheet

Lesson 29: The Second Scoreboard – An Income Statement

Lesson 30: The Third Scoreboard – A Cash Statement

Lesson 31: Transactions

Lesson 32: The Financial Rosetta Stone Example

Lesson 33: Transaction #1

Lesson 34: Transaction #2

Financial Literacy Part 2
Lesson 35: Transaction #3

Lesson 36: Transaction #4.1

Lesson 37: Transaction #4.2

Lesson 38: Transaction #5

Lesson 39: Transaction #6

Lesson 40: The Complete Financial Rosetta Stone

Lesson 41: Cash Defined O, I or F

Lesson 42: The Real World

Lesson 43: Wall Street

Lesson 44: The Rest of the Story

Lesson 45: The Ramsey’s Story

Hiring The Talent
Lesson 46: Introduction

Lesson 47: Job – Business

Lesson 48: Finding The Talent

Lesson 49: Huge Hiring Mistakes

Lesson 50: Mistake #1 – Interviewing Poorly

Lesson 51: World Class Interview Questions

Lesson 52: Mistake #2 – Hiring Someone Like You

Lesson 53: Mistake #3 – Hiring Too Fast

Lesson 54: Mistake #4 – Lack of Clarity

Lesson 55: Rules of the Game

Lesson 56: Retaining the Talent

Lesson 57: OOPS!

Lesson 58: Rules of the Game Revisited

Lesson 59: Business Success

Capital Unlimited: How to Raise Money For Your Business
Lesson 60: Introduction

Lesson 61: Money Available

Lesson 62: Deals

Lesson 63: Sources of Capital

Lesson 64: Investor Questions

Lesson 65: Hot Buttons

Lesson 66: Finding the $$$

Lesson 67: Money = Fuel

Get Keith J. Cunningham – How I Do Business right now!

Keith J. Cunningham – How I Do Business

Keith J. Cunningham – How I Do Business

Keith J. Cunningham – How I Do Business

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