LearnPentest – Complete WiFi Hacking Course 2017 | Instant Download !

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LearnPentest – Complete WiFi Hacking Course 2017 | Instant Download !

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LearnPentest – Complete WiFi Hacking Course 2017 | Instant Download !


Sale page: LearnPentest – Complete WiFi Hacking Course 2017

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This course aims to teach you in depth WiFi Hacking and Security. After completing this course you will be confident with breaking all types of WiFi encryption methods.

In this course you will start as beginner without or with low knowledge about WiFi security and Kali Linux.

This course is separated in 7 main sections:

  • Introduction & Outline – In this section you will see what you will be introduced to course outline and requirements for this course.
  • Preparing Environment – During this section you will learn how to properly prepare your working environment to work in safe way.
  • Network basics – Since every student have different skills background, we decided to put this section in the course to teach you some basics of the network and how it works.
  • Pre-connection Attacks – This section will teach you every possible attack you can perform on target network (and It’s clients) without even being connected to it.
  • Gaining access – During this section you will learn how to crack and bypass security mechanism of the network and successfully gain access to the network.
  • Post-connection Attacks – As we have Pre-connection section, here is Post-connection where you will learn how to anonymously stay on the network without being noticed-
  • Securing network – Last section is all about reducing risk of being hacked. Since you can never be 100% safe, we will do everything we can to secure our network.
  • Course Curriculum

    PreviewIntroduction (1:02)
    StartCourse Outline (3:48)
    Setting Up Our Environment
    StartKali Linux Installation – Virtual (7:27)
    StartKali Linux Installation – Live (5:51)
    StartKali Linux Installation – Dual Boot (8:12)
    StartTesting WiFi Adapter (2:16)
    Network Basics
    StartTCP/IP (4:04)
    StartMAC Addresses (3:03)
    StartNetwork Fundamentals (2:03)
    Pre-Connection Attacks
    StartPassive Network Client Discovery (4:31)
    StartDeauthentication Attack (Targeted Client) (3:21)
    StartDeauthentication Attack (Multiple Clients) (3:55)
    StartCreating a Fake Access Point (Wifiphisher) (4:15)
    StartCreating a Fake Access Point (5:13)
    Gaining Access
    StartWEP Cracking (3:00)
    StartWEP/WPA/WPA2 Automated Attack (2:17)
    StartWPA / WPA2 – Capturing Handshake (2:41)
    StartWPA / WPA2 – Dictionary Attack (2:21)
    StartWPS – Cracking (2:18)
    Post-Connection Attacks
    StartHost discovery (1:48)
    StartPort & Service Scanning (1:27)
    StartOperating System Enumeration (3:22)
    StartMetasploit Framework (2:25)
    StartMetasploit Modules (4:11)
    StartArmitage (5:35)
    StartMalicious Backdoor (9:49)
    StartExploiting Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 without user ineraction (7:41)
    StartFile Control on Exploited Machine (4:55)
    Securing Network
    StartBest practice (1:21)

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