Light Watkins – Meditation For Anxiety | Instant Download !

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Light Watkins – Meditation For Anxiety | Instant Download !

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Light Watkins – Meditation For Anxiety | Instant Download !



Who Is This Class For?

This Class Is Perfect For You If:
  • You’ve been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.
  • You’ve been experiencing levels of anxiety you find uncomfortable.
  • You don’t sleep well at night.
  • You’ve wanted to start meditating in a way that feels easier and more doable.
  • You have a busy mind and antsy body.
Meditation For Anxiety
By enrolling in this class, you’ll gain imperative knowledge on how to:
  • 1.Meditate to ease the draining effects of anxiety.
  • 2.Utilize powerful, guided, anti-anxiety meditations any time to help diffuse future anxiety attacks.
  • 3.Naturally restore balance to your mind and body.
  • 4.Use a regular meditation practice as a means of living a happy, healthy, anxiety-free life.

Class Outline


Getting Started On Your Journey

Get to know Light Watkins, the world-renowned meditation teacher who will be guiding you on this journey! He’ll tell you all about what you’ll be learning in this class, and how you can start to conquer panic attacks and general anxiety for good.

  • 1. Meet Light
  • 2. How To Use This Class

Meditating For Anxiety

Light explains where anxiety comes from, how it can sometimes be a good thing, and why meditation is such a useful tool for managing it. He’ll then guide you on three separate anti-anxiety meditations, focusing on starting your day off anxiety-free, calming down in the evening to promote proper sleep, and stopping panic attacks in their tracks.

  • 1. How Meditation Helps Anxiety
  • 2. A Meditation To Do Every Morning To Manage Anxiety
  • 3. A Meditation To Do Every Evening For Calm & Restful Sleep
  • 4. A Meditation To Stop Panic Attacks In Their Tracks

Meet The Instructor

Light Watkins
Light Watkins

Light Watkins is a Santa Monica–based Vedic Meditation teacher, a TEDx speaker, and author of The Inner Gym, and Bliss More, How to Succeed in Meditation Without Really Trying. Visit his website at


Learning to meditate is a skill that I value almost equally as much as learning to read and write. Meditation has completely changed my life, I used to be on anti-anxiety medication daily and still struggled with anxiety. I have been off of anxiety medication since 3 months after learning to meditate with Light and have been 99% anxiety free ever since.

— Lex L.

It’s hard to imagine someone making meditation simpler, easier, and more appealing than Light.

— Tap M.

I decided to try mediation (albeit skeptically) because of high stress and lack of sleep. It has 100% helped me and meditation has become critical to my day, it’s up there with eating and breathing.

— Nikki B.

Through meditation, I learned that I can live without anxiety and angst. Meditation took away my senseless worries and gave me a deeper more peaceful meaning and way of life.

— Torrey D.

What’s Included

Secure your spot in Meditation For Anxiety for these enrollment benefits:
  • 2 modules and 6 video lessons, filled with all the information you need
  • Daily guided mediations to manage your anxiety on an ongoing basis
  • A meditation to stop panic attacks in their tracks
  • Lifetime access to stream from your computer, phone or tablet

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