Logan Christopher- Advanced Bridging


Logan Christopher- Advanced Bridging

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Logan Christopher- Advanced Bridging

Logan Christopher- Advanced Bridging

“The Bridge” – Not Just For Wrestlers or Gymnasts Anymore

The spine is the most important part of your body. If it is not in good shape then you are not in good shape. Anyone who has ever thrown out their back or tweaked their neck knows just how much these injuries can debilitate your life.

Now you can take advantage of all my work in testing in how to amplify your results when bridging. You’ll discover:

* How to Build Thick Columns of Muscle across the Back like Steel Cables Without Making You as Stiff as a Board.
* How to Develop a Neck capable of Withstanding the Greatest of Shocks. Hopefully you’ll never need it, but its good to know its there in case you do.
* Never again sleep wrong and wake up with neck pain or pick up a box and throw out your back.

You might be thinking do I really want to get a book that’s only on bridging. The answer is yes and let me tell you why. These exercises do a lot more for you then just give you a strong neck and spine. You’ll also:

* Gain Complete Mobility and Stability in the Shoulders along with Strength Coursing Down Your Arms.
* Increase Whole Body Coordination as you shift from one position to another along with Strong Abs to keep you from collapsing to the ground.
* Boost Power and Explosiveness in your Legs.
* Discover how a good bridging workout will tire out your entire body and leave you sopping with sweat.
* Be able to amaze your friends and family with Incredible Stunts that very few people can do.
Considering how I started so inflexible and weak many years back, its amazing some of the things I can do now. And now you can do it to. This video shows a few moves in the course that are within your reach

First let’s talk about the Wrestlers Bridge.

The famous strongman George Jowett once said, “In both man and the other male beasts, the neck has always been the true indication of the quality and quantity of his concentrated nerve power. A strong healthy man always has a powerful neck, and he always will have one.”

The wrestlers bridge is a full body exercise. It is not just a neck exercise but it is the best way to build a strong neck, bar none.

I started bridging and worked my way up until a could hold one for over 5 minutes without much effort. A great start but this only got me so far. Plus I was always interested in cutting down the amount of time I needed to spend.

A bodyweight bridge will become easy for you like it did for me. So I began to add resistance.

Bridging needs to be progressive just like any other part of your body. It’s a simple concept that almost everyone neglects. Time is one method but not the only one.

I quickly found out a few things that no one was teaching. Such as where the weight sits having a dramatic impact on the difficulty of the exercise.

But adding weight is only half of it. There are a number of ways to add resistance or otherwise make bridging harder without adding weight of any kind.

Now the Gymnastic Bridge.

If anything I would say this one more difficult. Not often do you find one move that requires great strength and amazing flexibility.

How would you like to develop the agility of a gymnast?

In my gymnastics class all the girls would perform back walkovers, but our teacher had men do something else like front headsprings. Why was this? Because men aren’t as naturally flexible as the women.

Because of my bridging experience I was able to do this move after some practice. After all it is just a quicker version of falling into a bridge and kicking over. I may never be as graceful as a woman but I was able to figure this one out.

There are so many different moves the combinations are endless. You don’t need to be a contortionist to get started.

You can also grab the full course with DVD’s at www.advancedbridging.com