Margaret Gill – Practice Building Success System

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Price: $495
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Margaret Gill - Practice Building Success System

Margaret Gill – Practice Building Success System

Price: $495
You Just Pay: $57
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If you are like many therapists you started out with a dream but the reality of the dream is becoming a little daunting…….

Like many, you probably have friends and family encouraging you to get a “real” job to make ends meet……….

Maybe family and friends might have lent you money or their resources to get the dream and you are embarrassed you can’t achieve even close to your dream…

But you don’t want a real job that sees you completing boring unfulfilled tasks that don’t make your heart sing.

What you want is a practice that will allow you to make a deep and long lasting difference to your clients and to the planet.

I know this because it is my story.

I had read about doing work I was passionate about and when I found that passion, I knew I had to find the right formulas to make it happen.

What I found is that the most gifted people are not the ones who are the most successful – the ones who are successful have business knowledge.

So the cold hard facts are that if you currently aren’t getting the results you desire, you are probably only missing one thing ……. which is the right business information that will see you successful.

When you trained they taught you a modality but what you need to build a practice is solid business information that works quickly and effectively.

If you are missing business knowledge you’ll be pleased to know it’s easy to get and easy to implement if you are prepared to take the right actions.

I know you will if you are truly committed to what you want to achieve, which for most is the freedom to run your own business on your own terms and help people at the same time.

Having a successful health and wellbeing business is no accident……. 

Are you tired of getting no results from the hours of effort you are putting in?

It will always be this painful and heartbreaking if you don’t have the right know-how.

I’m finally ready to reveal to you the no nonsense secrets to building a natural therapy practice using my proven system so you can finally feel empowered to attract the numbers of clients you need to supercharge your practice.

What is included with the system?

My Practice Building Success System is a self paced home study system that puts you in the drivers seat.

In this revolutionary system you will discover how to build a natural therapy business that builds physical wellbeing as well as financial wellbeing and is easy to run.

The system is simple to follow and tells it like it is.  The modules are purposely written in plain English with no hype.

The system is a six step process and contains 16 modules which you work through at your own learning speed.

Each module contains audio MP3 files to help you integrate the knowledge in the modules.

This is a tried and true system where all the hard work has been done for you, you just need to apply these simple low or no cost strategies in your practice, then watch your client list grow.

The cost of the 16 modules is $495

Yep – I’m ready to grab my copy right now!

My Practice Building Success System is a 6-step tested and proven approach to working with clients, where each step represents a different aspect of your business.

Step one is

Building a Strong Mental Foundation where I help you get crystal clear about your vision and build your belief that you can achieve what you want.  You identify and release limiting beliefs about who you are and what you can achieve.

Step two is

Learning the Core Marketing Essentials including determining WHO you work with, WHAT you do for them and HOW you help them, creating concise statements that quickly turn prospects into satisfied clients. Some call this finding your target market and niche – I call it the WHO and WHAT because this system is in plain English.

Step three is

Pricing for Profit and Maximum Exposure which helps you determine the right pricing and packaging alternatives to best meet the needs of your prospective customers.

Step four is

Mastering the Sales Process where you learn how to turn interested prospects into clients.

Step five is

Handling Objections………..with ease!

Step six is

Creating your Ongoing Marketing System which includes seven marketing strategies that have been proven effective in producing interested prospects.

You will learn how to:

•  Use speaking to become better known

•  Form powerful strategic alliances

•  Get people you know sending you clients

•  Use networking more effectively

•  Produce an ezine to grow your business

•  Make your website work for you

•  Make More Money Running Teleclasses

•  Get current clients sending your even more clients!


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