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Marisa Peer – I Am Enough | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !


Marisa Peer - I Am Enough

Marisa Peer – I Am Enough

What if you could live the life you always wanted?

What if it didn’t take years of therapy to obtain it but it can be achieved entirely from this program.

There is a gross misconception that getting what you want costs you a lifelong struggle that having it all means you pay the price of exhaustion, frustration, overwhelm and sacrifice.

In fact, we all hear the words, if you want to have everything, something’s got to give. The truth is, you can have it all and all at the same time too simply by following Marisa’s I Am Enough program.

Changing Your Life Can Happen Fast

What if getting what you want could be simple, easy, and would last?

As one of the world’s leading therapists with over 30 years of experience with thousands of clients, one of the biggest issues I help them with is understanding how easy getting everything you want can be.

Our minds are programmed to recreate what is familiar even if what is familiar is painful and stressful. This means if you have never had love or money, you are wired to reject that very thing even whilst desperately wanting it. This is why so many lottery winners unconsciously get rid of all of their money and why people sabotage the loving relationship they desperately want.

You only need to understand three things about your mind in order to locate and overcome any blocks you have to health, wealth, love and happiness.

Once you have uncovered your blocks you are then able to rewire your mind so that instead of avoiding success, you go strait to it and you stay there feeling a sense of purpose and empowerment.

Without it feeling like “work”, you immediately construct new positive beliefs. Rewiring your mind for success in all the key areas of your life. You can become amongst the world’s successful and fulfilled people.

The Biggest Emotional Block To Your Happiness

The biggest emotional block in my experience is the belief that I Am Not Enough.

The common denominator of all our emotional issues and the number one thing that blocks us from happiness and success is the belief or a feeling that we are not enough.

When you irrevocably change this to I Am Enough, everything changes permanently. Your confidence levels will soar, your relationships will dramatically improve and you will be wired to attract wealth and abundance. I have been using this principle for over 30 years and get constant feedback that it has entirely changed someone’s life when everything else failed to do so. I know this works for anyone and everyone because I have seen the results thousands of times.

Are You Ready To Live Everyday Knowing ‘You Are Enough” And Seeing The Benefits?

I was named Britain’s best therapist and have spent over three decades treating a client list that includes international superstars, CEOs, Royalty, and Olympic athletes.

I have helped thousands of people to overcome profound personal issues often in just one session. After being labelled the “Therapist’s Therapist” because of getting results with clients that other therapists gave up on and being asked numerous times to teach my method to other therapists, I developed my own method of cutting edge therapy named Rapid Transformational Therapy.

What Is Rapid Transformational Therapy?

I created Rapid Transformational Therapy and became an award winning RTT Therapy Trainer to help people overcome profound personal issues including severe trauma, acute depression, overcoming addictions, fears and phobias, weight problems, infertility and all kinds of health issues.

I created some simple and highly effective techniques which time and time again produced dramatic and life-changing results that last.

What makes RTT so incredibly effective is it produces results that can be measured and are always sustained different.

The winning principles of the phenomenal RTT therapy underpin my I Am Enough Program.

It has proven to be so effective that Tatler magazine featured me in its “Guide to Britain’s 250 Best Doctors and Practitioners” and Men’s Health dubbed me a “great British pioneer”

I have also appeared on major media outlets including Sky News, ITV News, BBC News and Celebrity Big Brother, Celebrity Fit Club in the UK and USA, Supersize vs Superskinny; and I have featured in publications including The Daily Mail, The Sunday Times, Elle, Marie Claire, Men’s Fitness, The Guardian and many others.

I am not telling you this to impress you but to impress upon you how effective this program is.

The “I Am Enough” 8-Part Program:

Highlights from the video…

  • 1:01 – How to finally overcome lifelong negative emotions…
  • 3:55 – Why treating this one issue instantly impacts everything else…
  • 8:51 – What surprisingly stood out to people from my first TED talk…

For years people have been asking me to create personal development program that would be on a par with my therapy training program and after years in the making, it is finally ready. I have now compliled everything I know from Rapid Transformational Therapyinto my award winning* ‘I Am Enough’ Program.

*I Am Enough recently won five awards for the favourite new health product and best new health and pharmaceutical product due to its ability to powefully impact the lives of so many.

Delivered in 8 modules over 8 video and audio tracks, to download and play at your convenience, the program gives you the same stunning turnaround results experienced by all my clients.

Designed to radically and permanently improve every key area that impacts your life.

What You Will Learn In This Program

For years people have been asking me to create personal development program that would be on a par with my therapy training program and after years in the making, it is finally ready. I have now compiled everything I know from Rapid Transformational Therapy into my award winning* ‘I Am Enough’ Program.

*I Am Enough recently won five awards for the favourite new health product and best new health and pharmaceutical product due to its ability to powerfully impact the lives of so many.

Delivered in 8 modules over 8 video and audio tracks, to download and pay at your convenience, the program gives you the same stunning turnaround results experienced by all my clients.

Designed to radically and permanently inprove every key area that impacts your life.

  • Discover your purpose in life. The feedback we have on this module says that this alone is worth the investment in this program.
  • Why we often fail at finding and living our purpose and how you can avoid this.
  • The great secret of quickly finding out what you are meant to do and what you love to and then having the confidence and ambition to do it.
  • When you know you are the best in your chosen field, other people will know that about you too without you ever having to tell them.
This module alters your financial beliefs and limitations at a deep, subconscious level, so that you can finally attract and maintain wealth and abundance.

  • How you can overcome negative beliefs about money in order to unlock financial abundance!
  • Why “money problems” are rarely solved with more money…
  • How to identify and release traumatic events which have consequently shaped your relationship with money.
  • How to activate your sense of high self-worth so that you never “undercharge” for your services again…and consistently attract more wealth
In this module, Marisa teaches you how to precisely collaborate and dialogue with your mind so that you get extraordinary results with ease. Your mind’s job is to do what it believes you want it to do.

Your job is to dialogue with your mind using Marisa’s precise method that leaves no room for misinterpretation. Once you do this, success comes to you more easily.

  • The “Cheerleader Method” for making your mind your most loving, supportive, and powerful ally. Imagine having a coach in your ear all day long installing in you powerful self belief.
  • 3 things you must know about your mind and implement in order to have your mind work with you in achieving all your goals faster than you imagined.
  • What Olympic athletes do to be unstoppable and how you can implement that in your career.
  • How you can command your mind for success and impact your levels of accomplishment, fulfillment, happiness and well being.
In this module, Marisa will show you how to wire the success habits and thought patterns that high achievers naturally have into your mind so that it feels natural to you and rapidly becomes part of you. Once you have rewired your mind, you will own the same success habits and keep them for the rest of your life.

  • The #1 common denominator in all of my massively successful clients and how to instill this same trait in yourself to ensure your success.
  • A foolproof way to install the 4 most important “success building” habits into your life forever.
  • How uplevelling your success using counter intuitive techniques will propel you to success super fast.
  • The one action you must take everyday in order to achieve success.
In this module Marisa will reactivate and regenerate the same healthy relationship with food that you were born with. This means effortlessly leaving food, making better choices naturally and receiving immense pleasure from exercise until it becomes a part of you.

  • How to once and for all cure your toxic relationship with food and finally feel in control and on track!
  • What babies can teach you about being 100% in-tune with your body without being run by cravings.
  • How to maintain good health and slow down ageing for the rest of your life.
  • All bad habits including overeating are run by emotions. Since emotions always overrule logic, diets and punishing routines don’t work and never last, they are doomed to fail.
Marisa shows you how to powerfully remove any blocks to finding and maintaining love.. With the blocks removed, you will attract a healthy, loving relationship and maintain it for the rest of your life. This also benefits your relationships with friends, family and colleagues and yourself.

Even if you are in a loving relationship, it will vastly improve it so you have the kind of relationship that others envy.

  • How to wire in feeling and knowing you are “loveable” from “unlovable” super fast
  • Why your minds need to recreate what is familiar keeps you you attracting bad relationships
  • The only one thing you must change in order to attract and maintain love
What lies beneath so many of our issues including self sabotage, depression, anxiety, addictions and destructive habits is always a belief that we are not enough. Marisa’s skill is in locating why we still hold onto this belief and removing that reasoning along with the destructive beliefs themselves.

Marisa rewires your thinking leaving you within you an unshakeable certainty and conviction that that you are enough and will always be enough.

When you know you are enough, it makes you strive to do more and be more because you now believe you are worth it.

  • Why even people who have it all still feel that they are not enough inside and go into self destruct.
  • How to understand the core belief that runs all of your issues and change it so you can lead a happy remarkable life.
  • Methods and techniques to rapidly and permanently help you overcome your issues and the issues that originate from family members, colleagues or friends.
  • How many of my clients saw no results from conventional therapy despite persevering with it for years only to find complete transformation with a 90 minute RTT session (the same techniques you will be using in I Am Enough).
Marisa will show you how you can powerfully transform your sex life. She teaches you how you can easily become super orgasmic and how you can retain that throughout every stage of your relationship, regardless of your age, the length of your relationship or your previous sexual response.

Orgasms, particularly for women, are incredibly anti-aging, they fight illness and depression, while increasing our bond with our partner.

  • The inability to orgasm doesn’t mean anything is wrong with your physiology. The sexiest organ in your body is your mind. By making a few metal tweaks you can become super orgasmic and have multiple orgasms and full body organsms.
  • Learn how orgasms produce Natural Killer Cells that fight illnesses including cancer, have an incredibly anti-depressant effect especially in women while increasing bonding because they release Oxytocin.
  • Why orgasms are nature’s proven formula for anti-aging.

  • Quit Smoking Today: Using this ‘quit smoking today‘ audio program allows you to stop smoking easily, whilst programming your mind to repair your body. Physical, mental and emotional cravings are ended without gaining weight or becoming irritable.
  • Free Yourself From Depression: Marisa Peer’s Freedom from depression audio helps your body free yourself from depression, using direct suggestions and commands, restoring a belief and certainty that you are good enough exactly as you are.
  • Improve Memory & Concentration: Using the power of the mind, you can dramatically improve memory and concentration, so you have a reliable and foolproof memory and an ability to concentrate and absorb information. This audio download will give you fantastic powers of concentration, comprehension, retention and recall.
  • Perfect Relaxation: Using the power of the mind, you can dramatically reduce anxiety, so you have a reliable and foolproof method to relaxing on demand, rendering the most complex and demanding of life’s challenges as manageable moments that you can easily overcome with a calm mind.
  • Perfect Deep Unbroken Sleep: Using the power of the mind, you can dramatically improve your sleep, so you wake up more rested and energized for your day.

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