Mark Cunningham – Essential Renegade Hypnosis | Instant Download !

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Mark Cunningham – Essential Renegade Hypnosis | Instant Download !

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Mark Cunningham – Essential Renegade Hypnosis | Instant Download !


Mark Cunningham – Essential Renegade Hypnosis

Mark Cunningham - Essential Renegade Hypnosis


Who Else Wants To Use
The Power Of Pleasure
To Build Better Girls?

When You Give A Woman The ‘Gift’ Of Becoming Fully Orgasmic
And Free From Emotional Pain, She Will Move Heaven And Earth
To Make YOU Happy!

I Lead Women Through The Best Sex Of Their Lives While Sitting In Two Chairs Fully Clothed!

Women having the best orgasms of their lives while sitting in my hypnosis chair was just another day at the office for me. Sounds crazy right? But after my first thousand hours of doing Clinical Hypnosis with middle class housewives, two things became ridiculously obvious…

  1. Women are sexually frustrated
  2. Women carry emotional pain from their past.

It’s no secret that women are more emotional than men, yet you might be surprised at how much impact negative memories have on a woman.

Past breakups, broken hearts, negative comments from her boss, boyfriend, or father. These have a powerful effect at a SUBCONSCIOUS level and show up as behaviors that baffle and frustrate men.

So I developed a process that ALWAYS  did two things. Clear all her stored up negativity, and unleash her ability to be fully sexually responsive.

No matter if she came to my office to lose 20 pounds, to quit smoking, or stop biting her finger nails… I did negativity clearing and offered her the option to become fully orgasmic (not one ever refused).

During these hypnosis sessions women would reveal their inner-most secrets to me. Turns out the average suburban housewife has the kind of hot kinky fantasies that would make the author of 50 Shades Of Grey blush.

This is why when you offer them the opportunity to become Fully Orgasmic… they say “Hell Yes!”

Combine that with freedom from emotional pain and my experience has been she will be so eternally grateful, she’ll walk through fire for you!

Imagine Being With A Woman Who Is Happy And Fully Orgasmic!

After I retired from my clinical practice, I formed the Renegade Project to teach men how to use my methods to make women happy and fully orgasmic.


Because so many women NEED this and I can’t do it alone.

So… What does a man get out of doing this for women?

Ecstatically Happy
Highly Sexual
Very Grateful Women!

Most guys have NEVER experienced a woman like this. A woman who is full of joy, fully orgasmic, highly sexual, and constantly thinking of new ways to make you happy.

Enter your text here…

With These Methods You Can Turn Any Woman Into The Perfect Girlfriend For You Or For  Someone Else!

But if for some reason having a happy, highly sexual woman focused on you and making you happy isn’t enough, here’s what men get out of the Renegade Project…

  • Confidence: Women find confidence sexy and irresistibly attractive!
  • Hypnotic Influence: You can influence people using only your words and your voice!
  • Primal Masculinity: You get in touch with your natural desires and going for what you want!
    • Poise: You don’t lose your cool when shit hits the fan!

And you can do this without any major changes to yourself. With one exception…

You Must Become Comfortable With Power Because You Will Become Very Influential!

Once you learn my methods of combining cutting edge hypnotic technique with the power of pleasure you will discover is surprisingly simple to have hypnotic influence all throughout your life.

The Renegade Hypnotic Process Is Based In Science On How Humans Are Wired…

The techniques and methods used in the Renegade Hypnotic Conditioning Process have been refined during my 40,000 hours of clinical hypnosis and are based on the latest cutting-edge scientific studies of well known researchers like Masters & Johnson and Barry Komisaruk PhD, the author of the Science Of Orgasm.

So “it” works, no matter what age she is, no matter if she’s rich or poor,  or even what country she’s from. I’ve had students use these techniques in countries all around the world such as Sweden, Mexico, and Thailand.

The 7-Steps Of The Renegade Hypnotic Conditioning Process

  • Step 1: Learning To Love Trance
    Using the Foolproof Hypnotic Induction your subject experiences their first trance. Trance already feels good, but we make sure they love being in trance and LOVE being hypnotized by YOU, so we add in extra pleasure. Your subject will then be excited to be hypnotized by you again.
  • Step 2: Clearing Negativity & Enhancing Imagination
    This is where we take out the head-trash by removing negativity of past memories while keeping the valuable lessons learned. Then we turn up the volume on her positive experiences, so anytime she looks into her past… only happy memories! This process also trains the subject to how to use her imagination to create vivid sensory hallucinations.
  • Step 3: Playing With Sensations
    This is where you create, change, intensify, and anchor sensations. While that might sound challenging it’s actually quite easy because sensations are a product of the mind, not the body. Best part… By using this process and increasing the intensity of pleasure sensations over time… This is how you condition her to have Hypnotic Orgasms on Command!
  • Step 4: The Inception Induction
    This is a technique I invented using what I call Stacked Realities… multiple scenarios all going on at the same time inside her mind. (My students named this Inception after the movie of the same name.) This is a very powerful technique because by manipulating time inside of trance, an entire lifetime of perfect rehearsal becomes possible! Sounds impossible, right? Yet I have rooms of beginners successfully doing this on the 2nd day. We do the clearly impossible before dinner time!
  • Steps 5-7: Unique Transformations
    These sessions are done by design. Now that she is a highly responsive hypnosis subject, you can take her from ordinary to extraordinary. At this point you have all the Renegade Tools & Techniques to give her insane self-confidence, make her feel smart & sexy, help her achieve her biggest dreams in life… Ask her what she wants and make it so!

It’s Easy To Learn And Easy To Do…

Hypnosis is easy. I teach kids and ordinary people off the street how to do this stuff all the time.

When I retired from my clinical practice I was widely considered one of the top hypnosis trainers in the world. This is because of the rapid results my methods get, and my proven method for turning beginners into highly effective hypnotists.

Using My Proven System For Training New Hypnotists

Thousands of people worldwide have learned how to hypnotize humans using famous Marknosis blend of solid theory, to-the-point demonstrations and exercises, Real True Stories, and set-piece inductions that hammer the points home and Change Your Mind Forever!

Now You Too Can Use The  Power Of Pleasure To Build Better Girls With My New Program…


Up till now the only way to learn how to do this was to travel to one of my 3-day seminars. Now for the first time you can attend ‘virtually’ and learn from anywhere on the planet as long as you have an Internet connection.

Essential Renegade Hypnosis was recorded in HD during one of my recent live trainings for new Renegade Hypnotists. This particular event featured a wonderful demo subject by the name of Cecilia.

Cecilia is fearless, very responsive, and does a great job of explaining what it’s like for a woman to experience each step of the Renegade training process.

  1. Designed For Newbies: Starting with the basics of how to lead any human into trance to the Inception Induction every technique you need is demonstrated and explained step-by-step.
  2. All 7-Steps Mapped Out: You get complete descriptions and demonstrations of the critical first four sessions. Plus how to do sessions 5-7 (remember these are unique to each subject).
  3. All The Tools And Techniques You Need To Be Successful: I want to insure that you become competent and confident hypnotist, so I hold nothing back and provide everything you need to be successful in this training program.

What People Are Saying About Renegade Hypnosis…

People Paid $1,200 To Attend This Seminar, But You Don’t Have To…

If you added up the all the costs to attend this seminar it would be at least $2,500. In some cases much more as people traveled from Sweden, Belgium, and the UK to attend.

But you’re not going to have to spend that much. Or pay the $1,200 registration fee for the seminar, or even pay  $600.

Get Instant Access Now
Only $497!

Order now and get:

* Instant access to my proven system to take you from novice to Renegade Hypnotist
* Step-by-step instructions on how to do the 7-Step Renegade Hypnotic Condition Process
* How to use these tools to train any woman to be fully orgasmic!
* 24/7 access on any device
* 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

No More Normal Days!

This program is designed for men who want to jump out of bed every day and feel masculine & strong. Men who know life is too short to be average or normal. Men who want to ask “what is the world going to give to me today?”

Our goal as a Renegade Hypnotist is for our subjects to go from ordinary to extraordinary. The same should be true for your own life as well!

This Is ONLY For You If…

  • You LOVE women! You love everything about women.
  • You want to have profound positive influence on people.
  • You aren’t afraid to be masculine and in touch with your primal sexuality.
  • You are ready to be comfortable with power.
  • You truly believe life should be extraordinary! No more normal days!

This is NOT for you if…

  • You have anger or a grudge against women.
  • You want a way to covertly hypnotize women without them knowing it.
  • You are timid or like to make excuses about why ‘it’ won’t work.
  • You are afraid of having hypnotic influence and power.
  • You are afraid of having hypnotic influence and power.

Here’s What You Get

  • 14 Demonstrations – Including First Trance – how to hypnotize, how to take people into trance instantly, Drug Of Choice, and much more…
  • 5 Complete Sessions – How to do each of the essential sessions 1-4 step-by-step. Plus an in-depth demonstration of a sample session 5.
  • New Techniques not taught before! Including the Inception Induction, Thought Stopping techniques, and Infinite Rehersal.
  • New Topics not taught before! Including Stacked Realities, Trance Within Trance, and Infinite Perfect Rehearsal.
  • Multiple Hypnotic Orgasms Demonstrations!
  • How to use PLEASURE for powerful positive influence.
  • How to use Taboo Violation – A critically important training tool.
  • Storytelling Skills – How to use sensory rich language to create vivid imagery during trance.
  • Over 35 Clinically Proven Hypnotic Techniques – You need techniques which are 100% effective and can be replicated

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