Marlenea Johnson – 123 Manifest It | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !

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Marlenea Johnson – 123 Manifest It | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !

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Marlenea Johnson – 123 Manifest It | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !


Marlenea Johnson - 123 Manifest It

Marlenea Johnson – 123 Manifest It

  • In order to fully receive the maximum benefits of life transformations, we first must be open to having the experiences cleared, deleted and the repeat mode “shut off.” That means, you will have to invest in yourself by taking action.
  • Are your Chakras blocked or shut off? Are you tired of struggling through life?
  • You will benefit greatly from using these Golden Chakra modules daily.
  • First, you’ll go through a process that will prepare you to manifest your heart’s desires. Eliminating the blocks and core beliefs hindering your progress.
  • Secondly, I’ll be bringing My Golden Activations, Guided meditations, harmonizers, Subliminal Affirmations, High Vibrational Music, plus My Magical Clearing Processes.
  • Each Chakra will be cleared, washed, reopened and receive My Manifestation Boost Activation.
  • Are you having a hard time giving or receiving prosperity in any of it’s forms?
  • I have your Divine Solution! Afterall, I am the “Prosperity Princess”
  • Once I Grace you with My Magic Wand and say, “123 Manifest It!” You’ll be on your way to seeing results!
  • 13,000 PEOPLE AND INCREASING DAILY-Have each come forth to receive assistance from me. It is my true passion to help others thrive and live the life of their dreams!

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In This Package You Will Recieve

Congratulations! Now You Have the right tools to Manifest Your True Desires. They Are Finally Within Your Reach! Magical Marlenea Presents Her

“123 Manifest It!”

  • Track 1 : Preparation For Manifesting
  • Track 2: Golden Foot Activation
  • Track 3: Root Harmonizer
  • Track 4: Solar Plexis & Sacral Chakra Boost
  • Track 5: Here’s to your Heart
  • Track 6: Throat Chakra Boost
  • Track 7: Golden Eyes, Awake
  • Track 8: Wearing My Crown Chant
  • Track 10: My Golden Magic Wand

The Right Tools to Manifest Your True Desires Are Within Your Reach!

Track 1: Preparation For Manifesting – 13 mins

Marlenea brings you into a state of relaxing bliss. Clearing all stress from your energy fields. Preparing you to enter into the authentic vibrational match field specifically designed for you!

Track 2: Golden Foot Activation

*Guided meditation to clear, balance and harmonize our feet. This process eliminates the past traumatic energy residues, chords, attachments and negative patterns our feet have that led us in the wrong directions.
Replacing the negative patterns with our Divine Source’s Direction leading us into Golden destinations.

Track 3: Root Harmonizer – 16 mins

*Guided Meditation which clears, balances and harmonizes the root chakra. The root chakra is our main energy center for manifesting. When it becomes blocked manifesting positively becomes difficult. Using my Root Harmonizer will clear and open the root chakra making manifesting a more pleasurable and positive experience for you.

Track 4: Solar Plexis & Sacral Chakra Boost – 17 mins

Guided Meditation to energize our body.
Process to clear all struggle energy, fear, knotted up stomach energy. Running Subliminal Messages as I do the clearings. Bringing freedom to your body, mind and spirit. Replacing the negative energy with a wild new energetic flow specifically aligned for you!

Track 5: Here’s to your Heart – 1 hour long

This hour long process is to clear traumas, BROKEN HEARTS, fear, grief, anger, loneliness, heartwalls, chords, attachments, hooks, entities, restrictions, negative patterns, and heart conditions. WE WILL BE DIGGING DEEP-Do this when you feel you are ready to release all that bottled up toxic energy.
We will be restoring the flow of love in the proper balance and divine order appropriate for you.
When you use this track, set the intention of receiving your true heart’s desires. A better relationship with your partner, more true friends, or perhaps meeting your Divinely ordained Soul mate.

Track 6: Throat Chakra Boost – 15 mins

Running an energetic spiral clearing through your throat chakra. Clearing all the dark negative energy, from held in words, feelings and emotions. Opening your throat chakra to speak freely, not holding nothing back. Being fully aligned with your authentic self. Restored back to your original power. Able to stand up for yourself. Having your boundaries in place.

Track 7: Golden Eyes, Awake! – 20 mins

Relax and unwind as I play my magical instruments. Infused with the healing frequencies to open the third eye clearing all stuck energy to your clarity.
I am adding in a healing frequency to regenerate the eyes as well. My intention is to restore the eyesight with ease and grace.

Track 8: Wearing My Crown Chant – 15 mins

This is my Royalty Chant. Listening to this module brings clarity and balance back. Clearing all negative thoughts and blockages from your crown chakra. Reconnecting you to Source Light and your true idenity. For you are Royalty and Yes! You do wear a crown.


Guided Meditation which flows into Subliminal Magical music. My Golden Hand Activation clears your hands from all negative energy of the past experiences. Bringing the Golden Source Light Empowerment back into play. Your hands will be tuned into the vibration of giving and receiving in a harmonious rhythm. You’ll be able to allow manifestations easily now. Be drawn to your wealth, your right contracts, clients, and deals.

Track 10: My Golden Magic Wand –  9:26 mins

*Guided Meditation “Can wear headphones”
Clearing the energy, our minds, energy centers and fields. Aligning us to manifest that heart’s desire now!
I am using My 24K Gold Magic Wand.

About Marlenea Johnson

Magical Marlenea, says it all! When she waves her 24k Gold Magic Money Wand and says, 1,2,3 Manifest It; Money and miracles really do begin Manifesting! She’s the real deal.

Self taught, Internationally known; Master Manifestor, Abundant Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Light worker, Intuitive Energy Healer, and a Clairvoyant Angel Channeler.

Magical Marlenea has assisted over 12,000 people worldwide. She meets them on the level they are at and elevates them at the speed they are ready to experience. The goal is to empower them to easily “manifest their hearts desires and thrive” living a life of infinite possibilities!

Dealing with years of abuse and financial ups and downs, Marlenea knew that she had to break free from the stress and fear money issues were causing her. Her healing journey began in her teens. Reaching out to God in urgent prayer, she was miraculously healed many times. On several occasions, Angels have appeared bringing messages, sprinkling Golden stars upon her, and saving her life.

Given the Golden Key that unlocked her Magic Money Manifestations from Source, she now teaches others what she’s learned. Using an array of energetic processes given to her by Source, she has manifested free cars, a new home, thriving businesses, free gifts, jackpots, miracle money; just to name a few. Many of her clients have experienced the Magic results as well. She’s been called “The Prosperity Princess.” And Yes, she does wear a Golden crown. Come experience the MYSTERY and Magic of 24 k Gold Activations and Financial Freedom for yourself.


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