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Melissa Pharr – Master Your Money Mini Course

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Melissa Pharr – Master Your Money Mini Course

Have you ever felt afraid to really run your numbers and become super conscious of whether or not your business is built on financial solid ground?

I used to feel the same way! I was terrified to get transparent with my money and take a look at what was coming in and what was going out!

I’m passionate about financial literacy, and I know in my heart that sharing how I’ve mastered my finances will serve many women in feeling financially empowered, protected, and supported!  

That’s why I’m completely pulling back the veil and sharing:

  • What I did that allowed me to start doubling, tripling, and quadrupling my income over and over again
  • What I do each month that has me hitting my high financial goals and majorly increasing my net worth
  • My take on debt, how much I save, and where I invest my money as a business owner to grow exponentially in my business each and every year
  • My EXACT numbers (That’s right! Revenue, expenses, investments and more!)
  • How my husband and I do our money separately and together (We keep some things separate, but we’re looking at our finances as a team, even more, since we became married)
  • My EXACT business model structure for 2016, and how I planned to generate 1.4 million in revenue

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