Hello friends,

If you want to experience health, you have to first reveal the consciousness of health within yourself.

If you are experiencing conditions that seem difficult to resolve, it is because the consciousness of healing has not yet been fully revealed within you.

There are still doubts, there is still old karmic programming, there are still inner barriers.

In order for healing to manifest, you have to get more in tune with Spirit Within You as the Source of your healing.

This doesn’t mean begging some spiritual being or angel to heal you.

We all know that doesn’t work.

In Spirit, in the Truth of Who You Are, all healing has already been given.

It is actually already your essence right in this moment, whether you’re aware of it or not.

It is we who have to cut through the karmic clutter, and awaken to the deeper Reality of what Spirit-as-you is already doing.

As your relationship with Spirit Within grows and deepens, the path of health and healing is spontaneously revealed to you.

Your body and mind is lifted into a more receptive vibration of healing simply by continuing to do your inner work of awakening.

Healing is what Spirit wants to do in your life, just like Prosperity and Success and Fulfillment and Harmony are what Spirit is wanting to also express as YOU.

This is our work in the group clearing I will be facilitating in the afternoon of Sunday November 4.  This date was chosen because astrologically the stars and planets have aligned in such a way that, in the East, they consider this day to be the “birthday of the consciousness of health”, so the potential for deep health karma release in increased.

So taking advantage of this energetic opportunity is very important for releasing health conditions of all kinds, and also for ensuring blessings of health into the future.

If your soul is awake and in higher connection to Spirit, healing becomes available to you.

All healing is ultimately spiritual healing, because healing always involves an awakening of inner consciousness in some way.

In this clearing, we are going to clear old limiting health karma of all kinds, lifetimes in which you have been sick, plans to experience challenging health in this life, and any desires to limit your self-expression through more suffering and pain.

We are also going to help reveal within your being more of your Innate Divine Essence of Health, and many Divine Qualities of wholeness and healing.

So join us for this clearing.  Be sure to include your family.