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Mike Hardenbrook – Cold Email Academy

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Mike Hardenbrook – Cold Email Academy

Get Mike Hardenbrook – Cold Email Academy right now!

Learn The Sales System Used to Collect 260k+ Leads & Generate $1.2m In 18 Months

Over 5,316 businesses use Knowledgely trainings to grow their revenue.

Over 5,316 businesses use Knowledgely trainings to grow their revenue.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

7 Modules of The Cold Email Academy System ($499 Value)
Easy Step-by-Step Video Lessons On Any Device
Lifetime Membership to Growth Hacker TV ($179 value)
Join 5,316 businesses using Knowledgely trainings
Software, Tools, and Lead Discounts ($1800 Value)
Boost Your Business with Cold Email
Here’s How This System Will Work For You
Nothing is cheaper, faster, or easier than cold email.

Cold email is the perfect marketing strategy for small businesses and solopreneurs on a budget – You don’t have to risk an ad budget upfront, setup ad campaigns, watch them like a hawk, and hope for ROI.

Cold email will transform your business with the least risk. I’ve taken the same fundamentals I teach my clients and have transferred them into a simple step-by-step system anyone can apply to their business.

Proven strategy to convert sales on a tiny budget or zero budget
Works for 99% of products in the business-to-business space.
Anyone can learn, no coding or rocket science needed.
Skip expensive traffic generation. Jump straight to sales conversions.

Most people just waste time and money on blogging, social media, and crossing their fingers paid ads have ROI.

With cold email it’s possible to tap into an unlimited amount of targeted leads in places that refresh monthly (without a big budget or lot’s of risk). Not only is it possible to target your customers, but it’s very possible to build a “lead generation system” that creates reliable results.

Find thousands of leads every month
Automate the entire leads system (for little to no-cost)
Target your competitors customers and turn them into your prospects for free.
The irresistible “Thank You Formula” for writing emails.

When you do cold email “The Right Way” people thank you for emailing them. It’s very possible to learn exactly how to be a welcomed guest in people’s inboxes with proven techniques. Then how to turn those new relationships into quick sales.

Think about what email could do for you…generate sales, grow your list, recruit affiliates, form partnerships, and secure investor money, to name just a few.

Writing emails that have people thanking you is very LEARNABLE.
Expect 50% to 70% open rates when you get the “insider eye” on these methods.
No need to invent the wheel by using templates, follow-ups, and email scripts to automate your results.
Automate your entire email process to save time + scale.

Do you need to send all these emails one by one? Of course not. Over the years I’ve gone from sending each and every email from my gmail…. to automating it all with a VERY simple tech setup

If you’re like me, you’re hustling “on” your business, you have no time to spend “in” your business. This system makes that possible.

Look over my shoulder at the exact tech setup I used to drive 1.2M in 18 months
Send at scale with complete compliance. There is right and a wrong way to use automation, I make it super simple.
Access to the little-known automation tactics I’ve gathered over the past 4 years.
Get Mike Hardenbrook – Cold Email Academy on right now!

The Cold Email Sales Blueprint


It’s possible to have limitless leads (highly targeting leads) being dropped into your funnel daily.



Deliver the perfect message to those highly-targeted leads automagically without ever having to compose new emails or hit send.

Traffic & Conversions

You leads will find value in your targeted outreach, visit your site, schedule calls, and turn into paying customers.

Scale & Automations

Every process of cold email can be automated, optimized, and scaled to grow you sales and revenue predictably.

Cold Email

Uses Real Name
Uses Real Email
Clear Subject Line
Uses Clear Messaging
Address Shown
Option to Opt-out
The Step-by-Step Cold Email System Anyone Can Use to Drive More Sales, Partnerships, Press, & More.

What’s Inside the Course

How to Build A Lead Generation System
I’ll show you exactly where and how to target your ideal prospect and setup a system to replenish those leads on autopilot.
How to Write Emails People Love
After sending millions of cold emails, I’ll share all I’ve learned and exactly how you can craft the perfect email. It’s a simple process anyone can follow…and you don’t need to be a copy genius.
My Exact Sending Setup and Automations
I’ll give you my exact tech setup that I use to automate, track, and scale my email campaigns. No coding or rocket science needed, simple and straightforward
A Proven Track Record

Mike has sent millions of cold emails and generated millions in revenue.
He’s the founder of,,, among others.
He consults companies around the world on Business Development, Strategic Partnerships, Cold Email, and Paid User Acquisition.
Mike is an alumni and mentor at the world famous Techstars Accelerator, Northwestern-Kellogg MBA, Baylor University, Accelerated Ventures, and Dreamit Ventures.
Easy to Follow, Step-by-Step Course Format

Module 1: Cold Email Bootcamp
Module 2: Email Success Principles
Module 3: The ‘Done’ Leads System
Module 4: Brokerage Leads System
Module 5: Irresistible Email Scripts
Module 6: Follow-up Automation
Module 7: Tech Setups for Scale
BONUS #1: Lifetime to Growth Hacker TV
BONUS #2: Email Scripts and Templates
BONUS #3: Lifetime Access & Upgrades – For FREE
Get Mike Hardenbrook – Cold Email Academy right now!

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