Mike Mandel – Advanced Hypnotherapy Techniques | Instant Download !


Mike Mandel – Advanced Hypnotherapy Techniques | Instant Download !

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Mike Mandel – Advanced Hypnotherapy Techniques | Instant Download !


The ultimate advanced hypnotherapy toolbox for agents of change! Mike Mandel delivered this incredible training over a weekend in Toronto. It was professionally recorded, and is available as a digital video course for your benefit.

This course is suitable those with prior hypnosis training. It presupposes you have a working knowledge of establishing hypnosis in clients.

There are 4 major modules:

  • Establishing and using ideomotor signals
  • Working with ego states
  • Working with NLP Timelines
  • Regression

Total video duration is approximately 10 hours.


Video ​Chapter Titles:

  1. Introduction, Pre-Frame and Six Step Tapping
  2. Open Frame (Q&A) on Six Step Tapping
  3. Introducing Ideomotor Signals and the Bilateral Method
  4. Ideomotor Signals on Same Hand and Repressed Memory Protocol
  5. Ideomotor Debrief and Chevreul’s Pendulum
  6. Hellstromism Demo and Lunchtime Metaphor
  7. Second Open Frame (Q&A)
  8. ​Introducing and Eliciting Timelines
  9. Discussion of Timeline Exercise and Phobias
  10. Timeline Positions and Demonstration
  11. Morning (Day 2) Open Frame (Q&A)
  12. ​Timelines for Addressing Anxiety
  13. Ego State Therapy Part 1
  14. Ego State Therapy Part 2
  15. ​Ego State Discussion
  16. Open Frame and Inner Active Cards
  17. Ego State Therapy Demonstrations
  18. Discussion of Ego State Exercises​
  19. Healing Hand and Healing Childhood Ego States
  20. Using Ego State Cards and Closing Metaphor

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