Mind of Mystery PUA; Venusian Arts The Vault Collection | Instant Download !


Mind of Mystery PUA; Venusian Arts The Vault Collection | Instant Download !

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Mind of Mystery PUA; Venusian Arts The Vault Collection | Instant Download !

Important: The DVDs are an adjunct to reading the Revelation eBook, not an either or. TheRevelation eBook is sold as part of any of the packages you buy with these DVDs and should be read first. You should also read that review first to give you the context for these DVDs.

First Impression

I wasn’t expecting much in addition to the previous Mystery DVDs I’d seen from this product, but there was a silver lining. Mystery and his accomplices have grown over the last years, through their life experiences and teaching, and it comes through in some of the content recorded in these videos. Having said that 50% of the material is more or less reiteration of content from previous seminars DVDs.

Improvement on Past DVD Content

This product has been created from Venusian Arts seminars, showing an upgrade since the originalMystery Method DVDs from 2006, and from Mind of Mystery which was produced in 2007. The upgrade comes down to:

1. Focus on the subtleties instead of the content: Since you get the Revelation eBook with the package which contains a thorough explanation of the Mystery Method, the content of the DVDs focuses on teaching you subtleties – assuming that you know all the basics of MM.

2. Mystery and his partners Matador and Lovedrop have obviously learned A LOT from the many students they’ve had. There is a great focus on the typical ‘sticking points’ of students using MM through-out.

3. Not afraid to integrate good material from products that aren’t theirs. It integrates notably material from Real Social Dynamics’ The Blueprint Decoded and places it into the context of MM, so that people studying MM get the benefits of that valuable content.

4. It’s not just Mystery anymore – it is now Mystery, Matador and Lovedrop. All of them are very comfortable explaining the content, with their experience in the field and running seminars showing through. Matador comes across as an individual character, bringing his own perspective on game, and a caveman like ‘killer instinct’. Lovedrop, brings across a softer approach. He is the weakest of the three, but comes across well. Seeing the three, versus just Mystery, is beneficial as it demonstrates that characters that are very different and have come from very different places have taken MM and become successful with it in their own way.

Lovedrop’s Input

It’s great to see that Lovedrop has come a lot more into his own on this DVD set, versus previous ones. His content on DVD 2 (Marrying inner game with Mystery Method) and DVD 8 (kino escalation) are some of the high points of this product.

Note: At first his image on the DVD can be a bit ‘off-putting’ as he wears sunglasses throughout which comes off a little strange. I expect that could be the case in particular if you haven’t seen any ‘seduction community’ originated footage before. Don’t let that put you off watching or detract from how much attention you pay to what he says – it is good stuff.

Integrating Mystery Method with Normality and Inner Game

There is a lot more content relating MM back to being normal and into your lifestyle. The Venusian Arts guys have obviously learned a lot from teaching students, about what to emphasize in the content, and where to point out the traps students may fall into. For instance Lovedrop’s presentation on DVD 2 talking about negativity and good emotions and how to deliver content covers many sticking points of students.

Lovedrop’s narration relates tightly to the work on inner game espoused by products like The Blueprint Decoded. He places MM into this context, which enhances the value and effectiveness of the method. It is a welcome upgrade to MM, and Lovedrop’s direct references to TD and his content from the Blueprint show they aren’t shy about revising things to incorporate new valuable knowledge that enhances their approach.

Mystery brings another reality check in DVD 3 which is dedicated to developing your identity and lifestyle. This has been an aspect of Mystery’s game that he has been building for a number of years, but this is the first time I’ve seen him dedicate so much time to teaching and emphasizing its importance. Good stuff.

More Value in the Detail

The level of detail that is explained is also higher than in previous DVD packages. Matador for instance, goes in to detail about ‘locked in positions’ and where you should sit to make things easiest for you. DVD 5 is dedicated primarily to him demoing routines in class and talking through their subtleties. This is helpful practical detail for anyone who is new to MM and hasn’t seen it done in-field. Lovedrop also provides some very useful kino escalation detail in DVD 8, which is dedicated to the topic, as well as some less useful routine demoing in DVD 7.

The Challenges of Learning MM for the Beginner

MM is not an easy method to learn. The level to which Mystery takes it is very advanced, to the point of being ‘strategic’. Having used the tools for so many years, he clearly articulates a strategic approach to pick-up which is fluid which will be way beyond the vast majority of students just due to lack of field experience and practice. You don’t become Bruce Lee in a day, it takes time. So some of Mystery’s discourse is irrelevant to students except for showing how far you can take it.

There is a bit of conflict between the mindsets and approaches of the three instructors that comes across in the DVDs. This could become confusing for some students. In particular Lovedrop takes a laid back approach to pick-up, espousing letting go of control. In contrast, Matador and Mystery are more about control and making things go your way. This may reflect their different success levels in field, and how well they have mastered MM themselves. I have never met Lovedrop or seen him in field so I can’t comment. The plus of this, is that you again see mystery method applied in different ways – so for smart learners you can take the approach that fits best with you currently. For some, Lovedrop’s approach will be easier.

Beware if you have Bought an MM Product Before

If you have bought MM based products before there is a risk that you will just be reviewing existing content in the form of some of the detail in routines in particular that are demoed in the product. Some of the rhetoric on Survival and Replication will be redundant to you, and there is a considerable amount of time spent discussing this.

If you have been using MM and attempting to apply routines, but they are not working for you, the detail and demos of explanation in these videos may help – however, I’d recommend that if you have this issue a bootcamp would be a much better investment if you can afford it – there is only so much you can learn from a video vs. seeing it for real in-field and having that person point out where you are going wrong. In this case a Venusian Arts Bootcamp would be more suitable.

The Bottom Line

MM remains without a doubt a very strong approach to pick-up, and it has been upgraded with some of the latest inner game tech in this product. If you are ambitious in the quality of women you wish to meet and date, you have to study this at some point. This product contains slightly newer content than previous ones, although at a slightly higher price point. Nonetheless, I think it is worth it because some of the additions on inner game and how it works with MM are valuable

If you are a previous student of MM there is less value to be extracted from this product. If you are not cash shy, why not, but consider that a bootcamp could have more impact at this point. However, if you don’t have ‘cash to splash’, put your dollars elsewhere for the time being. Venusian Arts still has some way to go to make this a really good/ professional product and they clearly aren’t disappearing anytime soon, so hopefully that will happen shortly.

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