Nathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan – Cracking The VA Code | Instant Download !

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Nathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan – Cracking The VA Code | Instant Download !

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Nathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan – Cracking The VA Code | Instant Download !


Are you tired of working with the wrong individual?
Turn over can squash an organisation and also slow it down actually fast. We understand from experience. When we were scaling as well as hiring for our initial eCommerce business, we invested years working with the incorrect person. Time and time again, we would certainly employ somebody, they ‘d get started, and after that they ‘d go away. Or their attitude as horrible. Or the job high quality simply wasn’t there. Hrs of job down the tubes. Each time it happened, it set our company back. We disliked it. Has this ever before occurred to you?
Do you do not have a reliable hiring system?
Hiring is complicated. It’s not a simple job to handle as a company owner and it requires the right playbook to obtain you A+ hires. If you’re struggling to work with the right people, it may quite possibly be since you don’t have the best hiring system in place yet. That’s 100% fine. We went years employing without a good system in place … and we paid for it. Through taking this program, you’re going to get our specific hiring playbook so you have a solid structure moving forward. Hiring without an efficient system can and also will bring about bad hires. Do not make that error again.
Do you dream of passing jobs off to a VA?
The number of jobs do you carry your plate today? Probably a lot of to even count, right?! Scaling a company calls for constant delegation. If you don’t, you wind up functioning 10+ hrs each day IN business on menial and also recurring jobs. You never ever have time to work with business thinking about approach, growth, and also scale. A reliable VA can turn the tables. A trusted VA can take little, time consuming tasks off your plate so you can concentrate on the bigger picture. They can communicate with you each day concerning their jobs, they can handle brand-new jobs as you have them, and also they can be a solid backbone to your company.
When we started building our first service, we did EVERY LITTLE THING. Bookkeeping, inventory management, customer service, item listing, sales, marketing, layout … you name it and one of us did it. We loved establishing every little thing up, yet then we were stuck. We could not think about how to expand due to the fact that we were so wrapped up in the procedures and nitty-gritty of the business. Audio acquainted? We knew something had to alter which’s when we were introduced to the concept of digital assistants. It would be one of one of the most game altering explorations we ever made. As well as it set us on a new course in the direction of being actual company owner and also not simply business doers.
A lot more, do you desire you had a rock star group of VAs?
Imagine a team of 10+ VAs functioning perfectly with each other running the whole operations of your company. Is that a desire or what ?! As soon as you have the system to work with and onboard the very first VA, you have the power as well as knowledge to build a trusted team of VAs to manage your whole company. Rather than being the one that produces new procedures and gets stuck within them, you become the proprietor who quickly passes the brand-new procedure off to one of your VAs. In time, you also established levels of management within your team of VAs so even less depends upon you.
If you have a group, do you have a hard time to communicate with them?
Interaction is every little thing when handling individuals. Whether in an office or remote, a group can not reach their highest capacity without efficient communication. Without established communication channels as well as check ins established, groups can separate as well as lose concentrate on expanding business. We’ve seen it happen lots of times with our companies and with clients we have actually collaborated with. It absolutely can not be something that you forget. It can make or break the future development of your business. We’re below to make certain that you do not make that essential mistake which you have a tried and tested communication playbook for handling your team. You prepared?
Could you scale quicker with a better group?
Is your group all A players? Is there anyone on the group that holds the entire team back? One bad egg can poison the entire team as well as sluggish development. In our 10+ years of working with, we have actually seen plenty of black sheep and their instant effect on the remainder of the group. If you’re imagining expanding a dream team and also scaling quicker, you need to be essential in your meeting as well as onboarding procedures. Looking at just one’s return to and also abilities isn’t sufficient. You require to take a look at their social fit, their interaction practices, and also their general attitude. With these criteria, you can choose the A players out of the haystack as well as build a group concentrated on driving development for your company. Don’t you wish you had all A gamers?
Could you utilize someone for even 10 hrs per week?
Working with an online aide does not need to be full-time. I duplicate, you do not need to hire a digital aide for 40 hours weekly. Digital assistants are impressive hires because you can start them at 5 or 10 hours weekly after that gradually raise their hrs as your service expands as well as you can afford them for even more time. If you’re believing that this training course is only for individuals employing full time VAs, please recognize that you can work with virtual assistants for just 5 to 10 hrs per week as well as still utilize the systems as well as procedures from the training course.
Are digital aides qualified for your organisation?
100%. Virtual aides do not just benefit one type of organisation. They can work with sellers, Shopify shopkeeper, realty agents, SASS companies, agencies, dining establishments, coaches, as well as lots of various other organisations. If you have repetitive tasks that you require to remove your plate so you can concentrate on more crucial points in your service, a digital assistant is precisely what you require. In the training course, you’ll learn everything about the systems and also approaches that you can put on your service (regardless of what it is) so you can conserve even more time and money every day.
What can you expect to spend for a virtual assistant?
Excellent inquiry! We get this one all of the time. Virtual assistants vary in between $5 to $10 per hour depending upon their experience as well as the skill set that you’re aiming to hire them for. We go into this in more depth in the course as well providing you a great baseline of what to expect when it concerns rates for digital aides and just how it can alter slightly when you’re aiming to employ somebody extra specialized like a web programmer or expert copywriter.
Is this course for you?
If you responded to “Yes” to any one of the above questions, this program is perfect for you. We have actually spent 10+ years hiring, talking to, employing, as well as managing numerous online aides while scaling our 2 companies, one which was offered with a team of 45+ VAs. We had the exact same exact battles working with and also we never can find a reliable source of information online that could offer us the playbook we required. So we went out as well as constructed it ourself. This training course will certainly provide you the exact steps you can require to develop your dream organisation with a trusted as well as experienced team of VAs. You owe it to on your own to take this training course so you can truly scale your company exactly how you want to.
Should you purchase the program if you’re thinking about working with in the future?
Absolutely! The systems as well as procedures that are described in the course are skills that you’ll need while growing your business now and in the future. The crazy point … you’ll probably require these abilities faster than you can picture right now. The day that you get diminish with too many repeated tasks is the moment that you’ll desire this info so you can quickly and also promptly pass it off to a digital assistant. Wouldn’t you rather gain the abilities now rather than scramble to discover them as soon as you’re already bewildered with work?
What will you leave the program?
By the end of the course, you’ll have a system and also collection of procedures that you can make use of over and over again to remove work from your plate and pass it off to a trustworthy online assistant. You’ll get the liberty to work on what is essential in your company to ensure that you can keep expanding without stopping briefly because of way too much work with your plate.
Presenting Breaking the VA Code 1.0
All the understanding you’ll require to scale your organisation with VAs. A tried and tested hiring system. A meeting process. An onboarding approach. An in-depth training overview. Examined monitoring strategies. Therefore a lot more. All readily available with a thirty days warranty.
Nathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan – Cracking The VA Code
A Proven System for Hiring and Scaling with VAs
Section 1: The Introduction
Module 1: Meet your instructors for the course, Nathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan.
Learn how the course will change your outlook on hiring and business.
Module 2: Get introduced to the IOTM System
Module 3: Complete an activity evaluating your business and setting goals for where you want it to be by the end of the course.
Section 2: Interviewing (The CARE Interview Process)
Module 1: What is a virtual assistant and what traits make a really good one?
Cheat sheet: Traits to Looks for & Traits to Avoid
Module 2: Where can you hire VAs from and important things to know about hiring from the Philippines.
Cheat sheet: Things to Remember about Filipinos
Module 3: How to decide what task to hire for first in your business.
Activity: Decide which task that you’re going to hire for first.
Module 4: How to conduct an interview using just chat (Skype/Slack) and the CARE Interview Process.
Activity: Find and interview at least 2 virtual assistants for the task you want to take off your plate using our unique CARE Interview Process.
Section 3: Onboarding (The SICC Method)
Module 1: How to set up a working schedule with your VA
Activity: Create a schedule with the VA that you’re hiring for your first task
Module 2: How to deal with Internet issues, power outages, and disappearing VAs
Cheat sheet: Questions to Ask to Identify Possible Red Flags
Module 3: How to Set Up Communication Channels with your VA
Activity: Download the communication apps you’re going to use.
Module 4: How to onboard for company goals and culture
Activity: Create your own company culture doc
Full Section Activity: Hold a meeting with the VA to go over monetary compensation and all parts of the SICC Onboarding Method.
Section 4: Training (The SSS Technique)
Module 1: What is a SOP and how do you build your own?
Cheat sheet: SOP examples
Activity: Make your own SOP for the task that you’re hiring the VA for
Module 2: How to train with a SOP using the SSS Training Technique. SSS stands for study, sample, show.
Activity: Set up a meeting and train your newly hired VA on the task’s SOP
Section 5: Managing your VA (The BARF Method)
Module 1: The BARF Method (Buying in, Appreciation, Relationship, Family)
Cheat sheet: 1 Activity to Perform Each Week from the BARF Method
Module 2: How to manage your VA on a weekly basis with daily checkins, weekly meetings, and quarterly check-ins.
Activity: Set up the meetings in your calendar and invite the VA to them. Clearly explain your expectations for daily checkins to the VA.
Module 3: How to use a task management system like Trello to manage your VA
Module 4: How to set up bonus and raise policies
Activity: Create your own bonus and raise policies and share them with your VA
Module 5: How to fire someone when it’s not working out
Module 6: How to scale your team past 1 VA, 5 VAs, 10 VAs.
Cheat sheet: Organizational charts for each level of scaling a business with VAs.
Section 6: Outro
Module 1: Special thanks from Nathan and Connor.
Module 2: Give your feedback on how the course was and where it can be improved.

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