The Neuroscience Training Summit [webrip 19MP3]

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The Neuroscience Training Summit [webrip 19MP3]

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The Neuroscience Training Summit [webrip 19MP3]

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Welcome to
the Neuroscience Training Summit

In the last few decades, there has been a revolution in the field of neuroscience that is changing the way we live, love, and work. For many, it’s been difficult to keep up.

We created this summit to bring you up to date with the latest discoveries that have immediate application in your life—in a straightforward and practical way that does not require a background in neuroscience or previous study of the brain.

The Neuroscience Training Summit is your chance to learn directly from the world’s leading experts about their groundbreaking discoveries and, most importantly, how you can start to apply this wisdom to your life right away.

These experts will share with you the details of their research AND provide you with practical, experiential exercises and tools that you can use in your personal and professional lives.

To go even deeper with your exploration of this incredible wealth of information, we’re offering a special upgrade package that gives you lifetime access to the teaching sessions of each of our 20 presenters, plus much more.

Thanks for signing up. We look forward to being with you on The Neuroscience Training Summit.

Changing the Future of Humanity
OR Why Advances in Neuroscience Will Power Advances in Every Human Field

Neuroscience is having a deep impact on and changing how we understand the following fields:

Neuroscience and Spiritual Growth: What is actually happening in the brain when we engage in contemplative practices such as mindfulness, prayer, self-compassion, and meditation? What is “enlightenment” or “spiritual awakening” from the perspective of neuroscience?

Neuroscience and Psychotherapy: From a clearer understanding of trauma, attachment theory, and infant brain development to the role of the body in healing and the nature of the therapy relationship itself, research in neuroscience is changing the way we practice as therapists.

Neuroscience, Parenting, and Education: The field of neuroscience offers incredible potential for parents, family members, and caretakers of all kinds to learn how we can plant the seeds of self-worth, empathy, compassion, and creativity in our children.

Neuroscience and Leadership and Business: The field of neuroscience is changing the way we understand interpersonal connection, conflict, and productivity in the workplace. Neuroscience has a lot to say about the nature of leadership, business, and creating a life of meaning and value.

Neuroscience and Relationships: Based in the groundbreaking research on adult attachment, the neurobiology of relationships is an exciting new field for those interested in creating and sustaining healthy, fulfilling, and meaningful interpersonal relationships.
What You’ll Learn About in
the Neuroscience Training Summit

The true meaning of neuroplasticity and how you can learn to take advantage of your natural ability to change your brain for a better life
How you can parent and take care of your children in a way that supports healthy brain development and secure attachment
How to use the latest findings in neuroscience to reduce stress, cultivate greater levels of health and energy, and break through destructive behavioral patterns and longstanding addictions
How to improve your memory and overall brain health as you age with simple, easy-to-learn exercises you can practice daily
How to work with and transform the experience of difficult emotions such as shame, rage, jealousy, and fear
The power of mindfulness and self-compassion to “disrupt the default state” and generate new levels of awareness, love, kindness, and acceptance
The latest, groundbreaking ways of working with trauma in your own life and in the work you do with others
What neuroscience has to teach us about leadership and business, and tools we can use in the workplace to improve communication as well as profits
And much more . . .


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