OptionPit – The Option Pit VIX Primer

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OptionPit – The Option Pit VIX Primer

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OptionPit – The Option Pit VIX Primer

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The Option Pit VIX Primer

If you want to learn to trade VIX and VIX etp’s its best to learn from the best in the world. Look know further than this course. The Option Pit team is the best group of VIX traders that are willing to talk about the subject. If you want to learn about UVXY, VXX, VIX options and Futures, and of course the VIX cash itself, this course is a can’t miss. No other place can provide the pieces of the VIX puzzle…and put it together like the traders at Option Pit. Traders will learn:

The major VIX cycles and zones
How to trade VIX options for income
How to take advantage of weakness and strengths of VIX ETNS
The not so secret secrets to buying and selling XIV and VXX
Safe trading of UVXY and VXX that know other company in the world understands
The approaches only a professional VIX trader can apply to trading VIX.
When traders finish this course they will understand how Option Pit traders make money trading these products habitually

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