Paul Scheele – Resiliency


Paul Scheele – Resiliency

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Paul Scheele – Resiliency

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Resiliency; The Power to Bounce Back

Al Siebert, Ph.D. With Paul R. Scheele

This course is designed to be your personal coach for becoming stronger,
smarter, and more skillful at handling life’s difficulties. Use it to be
highly resilient in a world of constant change and to gain strength from
adversity. Convert emotionally toxic situations into emotionally
nutritious experiences.

You get the following with this package;

1) Tape 1: Sides A&B-Becoming more resilient

2) Tape 2: Side A-Taking control
Side B-Building a strong foundation

3) Tape 3: Side A- Paraliminal session
Side B-Left brain problem solving

4) Tape 4: Side A- Right brain problem solving
Side B- Developing strong inner “selfs”

5) Tape 5: Side A- Paraliminal session
Side B- Three essential attributes

6) Tape 6: Side A- Mental and emotional flexibility
Side B- Paraliminal session

7) Tape 7: Side A- Learning in the school of life
Side B- Synergy and empathy

8) Tape 8: Side A- Developing your serendipity skills
Side B- Paraliminal session

9) Course Manual: The resiliency Personal Learning Course

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