Peter Titus – Perfect Strategy – SPX Daily Options Income | Instant Download !

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Peter Titus – Perfect Strategy – SPX Daily Options Income | Instant Download !

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Peter Titus – Perfect Strategy – SPX Daily Options Income | Instant Download !


Salepage: Peter Titus – Perfect Strategy – SPX Daily Options Income

Get Paid Three Times Per Week

SPX index options have three expiration dates every week. That’s potentially three pay days per week. I’ll show you exactly how it’s done. This course will reveal every secret I’ve discovered for trading this setup successfully.

Diversify Your Trade Strategies

We all want additional trading income. We don’t want additional risk. If you have multiple positions that all lose in a market crash, then you’re not diversified. The strategy you’re about to learn has no overnight risk because we’re selling options that expire at the end of the day. If you already have a portfolio of stocks and some options positions, this is a great strategy to add to your arsenal.

Rapid Time Decay

Time decay is extremely rapid on expiration day. This allows you to make a profit even when price moves against you. You don’t have to wait a few weeks for time decay to work it’s magic. All premiums have to go to zero at the close of trading- that day.

Higher Accuracy

It’s much easier to predict where the markets will be one day out than three or four weeks into the future. Markets tend to have momentum through the day and support and resistance become your biggest factors. I’ll show you the methods I use when picking direction, when to be neutral, and when to avoid trading altogether.

Great fill prices. No early assignment.

SPX index options give you great order fill prices, low fees, and there are no dividends to worry about. They are cash settled which means if they do expire in the money, you will get a cash debit or credit, no share assignments.

Pay For This Course With Your First Trade. In one day.

After you finish the course, you can start trading this strategy right away. Your first trade will most likely cover the cost of this course the first day.

Course Curriculum

Options Basics
PreviewCourse Preview (3:00)
StartDisclaimer (1:25)
StartOptions Basics (5:38)
StartWhy Index Options Are Superior (2:50)
One Day SPX Options Trades
StartWhy sell options on expiration day? (4:03)
StartTrade Setup (5:39)
StartSpreads vs. Naked Option Selling (5:08)
StartEntry Rules (5:34)
StartWhen NOT to trade (3:55)
StartExit Rules (4:49)
StartPattern day trade rule (1:48)
StartTrade examples (3:51)
StartConclusion (2:13)

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