Peter Titus – The Big Volatility Short – The Best Trade On Wall Street | Instant Download !

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Peter Titus – The Big Volatility Short – The Best Trade On Wall Street | Instant Download !

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Peter Titus – The Big Volatility Short – The Best Trade On Wall Street | Instant Download !


Salepage: Peter Titus – The Big Volatility Short – The Best Trade On Wall Street

A Winning Strategy Every Trader Should Know

The core of this strategy involves making a protected bet against volatility when it’s high. This is the only kind of bet that has worked every single time in the history of the stock market. Why? Because high volatility always goes down, given enough time. That’s what makes this such a powerful strategy. The ETFs that track volatility also have extremely steep decay profiles. Since we’re betting against volatility, this gives us an additional edge. That gives us a strategy with 2 extremely powerful factors working in our favor.

Maximize Leverage And Safety

This course will take you from beginner to expert on volatility, the VIX, and the ETFs that track it. We’ll also go over what to watch out for and some of the techniques I use for setting up volatility trades the right way. If we plan our trade setup properly, and manage our risk aggressively, we should be able to win every single trade we make. I’ll show you how.

What You’ll Get From This Course:

  • Why this trade is nearly impossible to lose money on (when set up properly)
  • The most important aspects of how the VIX works
  • The best times to enter and exit the trade
  • Learn how to make money every single year consistently
  • Learn how to use ETF decay to your advantage
  • Use the VIX ETFs to put 2 extremely powerful fundamental factors in your favor
  • Take advantage of profitable situations when the stock market presents them
  • Learn how to tell the difference between short term pullbacks and recessions
  • Learn effective risk management techniques
  • Understand examples of past volatility events and compare them to new situtations
  • All students can follow my trades in real time and get my exact entry and exit points for each trade for no extra cost, for the life of the course!
  • All students will get trade announcements so you’ll never need to worry about missing a trade

Course Curriculum

Volatility Basics
PreviewThe Best Trade on Wall Street (1:45)
PreviewIntroduction (3:02)
PreviewWhat You’ll Learn In This Course (2:30)
PreviewDisclaimer (1:25)
StartShort Selling and the Cost to Borrow (3:10)
StartOptions Basics (5:38)
StartVolatility (2:07)
Trade Setup and Execution
StartTrading Volatility Events (9:36)
StartThe VIX Index (4:00)
StartETF Components and Mechanics (6:00)
StartImpact of Contango and Backwardation (4:17)
StartTrading Strategies For Bull and Bear Markets (11:04)
StartMargin Considerations and Getting Maximum Leverage (10:34)
StartThree Trading Strategies To Consider (8:02)
StartDetailed Gain and Loss Profiles (5:11)
StartHow To Hedge For Less (6:04)
StartSummary and Conclusion (1:12)
StartCompanion Course: A Perfect Strategy For Options Income
StartCourse Discussions
Bonus Section
StartAccess All Areas

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